florida: Spanish Trails 55+ - 2 bdrm/1 bth furn. mobile home for sale w/lot. - 04/30/20 01:42 PM
Stop your searching! This great furnished 2 bedroom/1 bath mobile home could be just the winter retreat or year round home you're looking for. It is situated near the recreation areas of Spanish Trails Village, a popular registered 55+ community in Zephyrhills, Florida, where one owns the land under the homes.
The front section of the dwelling has an open layout with easy flow from the living room to eat-in the kitchen. The kitchen is well organized and any cook will love creating meals here. In the living room you will find plenty of room to entertain family and friends. Both … (0 comments)

florida: Christmas Dinner 2019 at Spanish Trails Village in Zephyrhills, FL - 12/26/19 08:31 AM
Christmas Dinner at Spanish Trails Village in Zephyrhills, Florida. Nice turn out and most of our "snowbird" residents have returned now. Those that have not, will soon be arriving now that the holidays are nearly over. I pity those driving down on Interstate 95 or 74. Those are typically one 1,000 mile parking lot that moves very slowly. I was in it twice and said never again. Wonderful weather though. Sunny and mid 70's during the day!
Many of our 55+ subdivisions have these dinners on Thanksgiving and Christmas so that those residents who can't be with their families up north can … (0 comments)

florida: Spanish Trails Village, Zephyrhills, FL has 2019 Xmas Golfcart Parade - 12/22/19 01:29 PM

Yesterday evening Spanish Trails Village in Zephyrhills, Florida held its annual golf cart parade. Many of the residents decorated their carts with flashing lights, tinsel, ornaments and even music to help usher in the holiday season. My mom and her little dog Daisy in her festive red coat rode along on a tour of all the streets. The people who did not have carts sat out to watch the parade go by. And those of us in the carts got to drive by all of the homes, many of which were elaborately decorated with lights.
After the parade, everyone retired to … (0 comments)

florida: Reduced! 3/2 Home For Sale in Pasadena Shores, Dade City, FL. No HOA! - 11/12/19 01:10 PM

Sit on your terrace in a lounge chair and watch the sun set over the canal! What better way to end a day! This home is on a roomy lot at the end of a cul-de-sac with no thru traffic. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, plus 1,308 sq ft of heated/cooled living area.
The center of the home has an open floor plan containing the kitchen, a dining area, a breakfast bar and a spacious living room with twin ceiling fans. Lots of room to enjoy and entertain friends in. At the south end of the home are the … (0 comments)

florida: Last Post on Hurricane Dorian - Florida Bids the Storm "Good-Bye" - 09/04/19 09:32 AM

This will be my last post concerning Hurricane Dorian. As of 11 AM today, Wednesday, 9/4/2019, Hurricane Dorian is continuing its northern trek and is no longer a threat to most of Florida. It will pass by our northern border soon. The experts now say that it will likely stay just off shore in the Atlantic as it moves more northeasterly in the days to come. From what I hear on the Weather Channel, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina are preparing their coastal areas for high tides and possible flooding. With North Carolina being the most probably landfall site. 
From … (1 comments)

florida: Hurricane Dorian Finally on the Move Northward along Florida Coast - 09/03/19 08:28 AM

As of 11 AM today, Tuesday, 9/3/2019, Hurricane Dorian's has finally begun to move away from the Bahamas where it has set and battered them for over a day with winds of over 150 mph. Though it is moving very slowly, its direction is no longer to the west but to the northwest. Just as the experts had predicted. The experts now say that it will likely stay just off shore in the Atlantic as it moves more north and northeasterly in the days to come. Its track will likely become more NORTH. From what I hear on the Weather Channel, … (1 comments)

florida: Hurricane Dorian will Likely Miss Most of Florida! Nice!!! - 08/31/19 02:30 PM

As of 5 PM today, 8/31/2019, now Hurricane Dorian's projected path has changed drastically since my post of yesterday. The experts now say that it will pass us out to sea in the Atlantic on Monday and Tuesday of next week. If you look at the "cone" you will notice that most of Florida, including Zephyrhills, Pasco County and Tampa are no longer included.
One of the reporters on the Weather Channel said that the storm would likely pass Cape Kennedy while 100 miles out into the Atlantic. That is a pretty good buffer zone if it comes true. Most of … (2 comments)

florida: Hurricane Dorian Headed Straight for Florida - For now at least! - 08/30/19 08:55 AM

As of today, 8/30/2019, now Hurricane Dorian continues its west northwest track with a predicted landfall in south Florida early Tuesday morning. It is over open warm water and that only adds fuel to the storm's strength. It is now considered a major storm, and they say it will be the same when it comes ashore. Once it reaches land, normally its strength will diminish somewhat as the friction of the land and the lack of warm water saps some of its power, normally. That is not to say it cannot be dangerous.
From the current predictions it looks like it … (0 comments)

florida: Storm Dorian Changes Path & Strengthens - Hurricane Could Hit Florida - 08/28/19 08:58 AM

As of today, 8/28/2019, Tropical Storm Dorian's has changed. As you can see above it has shifted to the north and now appears to just barely brush the eastern side of Puerto Rico before heading over mostly open water east of the Bahamas. This warmer water looks like it will add strength to the storm since now it is predicted to become a MAJOR hurricane by Sunday morning, September 1st. Nice Labor Day gift, right?? However, the change that took place last night changed things a lot. And changes could take place again between now and Sunday. Below you can download … (1 comments)

florida: Tropical Storm Dorian enters the Caribbean August 27, 2019 - 08/27/19 03:28 PM

As of today, 8/27/2019, Tropical Storm Dorian has passed Antigua and Barbados and continues on a projected northwest path. We are still several days away from any Florida landfall, if it makes it as far as here. But if you look at its trajectory, you will note that the National Hurricane Center is predicting that it will remain a tropical storm for now. However, as in the past, these storms can be unpredictable and can strengthen quickly. It does appear to go over Puerto Rico and they certainly don't need more problems from the weather. I hope they are luckier this time … (1 comments)

florida: 2019 Truth in Millage Notices Arriving at Homeowners Properties Now - 08/20/19 04:47 PM

When I opened my mailbox today (8/19/2019), I found a letter from Gary Joiner, the Pasco County Property Appraiser of the county where I live, telling me what my proposed property taxes for 2019 would likely be. Probably most of Florida's residents are also receiving these notices, also called Truth in Millage (TRIM). notices. It is worth your while to closely examine the one that pertains to the property(s) that you own.
The notice will show you 3 main things:
What your property taxes were last year. What they will be this year if proposed budget changes are not made. What they will be if … (0 comments)

florida: Love getting good recommendation from great clients! - 05/09/19 03:49 PM


florida: Easter Seals Yard Sale - CENTURY 21 in Zephyrhills, FL on Mar. 2, 2019 - 01/29/19 05:21 PM


florida: Thanksgiving Dinner 2018 in Spanish Trails Village in Zephyrhills, FL - 11/22/18 11:51 AM
Here in Zephyrhills, Florida, many of our winter residents have now returned. Often their families are back in northern states. This is also true for our permanent residents. So many subdivisions like Spanish Trails Village, a 55+ subdivision, have potluck dinners on special occasions and holidays. For Christmas and Thanksgiving they have a traditional turkey dinner with all of the fixings. Residents contribute a dish to the feast and for the past 4 years, I have purchased the turkeys/hams for the dinner. I also do this for Colony Hills, South Hill and Zephyr Shores subdivisions. As you can see by the … (3 comments)

florida: The 2018-19 School Year has Begun in Pasco County, Florida - 08/15/18 05:27 PM
Florida's students and teachers have returned to their classes in the public schools of Pasco County, Florida for the 2018-2019 academic year. I suspect that this will be the case in nearly every county in the State of Florida.
When I was teaching here two decades ago, we started after Labor Day. And many schools around the country still do. But several years ago, statewide exams were created and it was felt that more time was needed to prepare for them. So the beginning of the school year was moved up by several weeks.
In any case, there will be more children and school … (0 comments)

florida: Easter Seals Yard Sale at CENTURY 21 Bill Nye Realty, Zephyrhills, FL - 01/09/18 08:01 PM


florida: Hurricane Irma Set to go All the Way up the Florida Peninsula - 09/08/17 05:04 PM

As of today, 9/8/2017, Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm, is about to skim over the northern coast of Cuba and then take a right turn and head directly up the Florida peninsula in a northerny trajectory. It had been thought that it would go up along the eastern coast of the state, but this afternoon the projections show it going further west. Now it appears that the eye will go up the middle of the state. Warnings and watches are up all the way to Tampa, mostly for storm surge and flooding. However, they say that very high winds will … (1 comments)

florida: Floridians need to keep a close watch on Hurricane Irma! - 09/05/17 04:46 PM

As of today, 9/5/2017, Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm, is projected to move along the northern Caribbean Sea touching the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. If it continues along this path it looks like it will go directly over the Florida Keys and then move into the Gulf of Mexico. As you can see in the above image, its projected path has it moving in more or less a westerly direction, with its center going over the Keys on Sunday afternoon. That is still a few days off and its path could change. The most northern fringe of … (1 comments)

florida: Truth in Millage (TRIM) Notices are out in Florida for 2017 - 08/27/17 11:47 AM

Not long ago I opened my mailbox and found a letter from Gary Joiner, the new Pasco County Property Appraiser where I live, telling me what my proposed property taxes for 2017 would likely be. Probably most of Florida's residents are also receiving these notices, also called Truth in Millage (TRIM) notices. It is worth your while to closely examine the one that pertains to the property(s) that you own.
The notice will first show you 3 main things:
What your property taxes were last year. What they will be this year if proposed budget changes are not made. What they will be if … (0 comments)

florida: Sparklebration 4th of July 2017 in Dade City, Florida is nearly here - 07/03/17 11:07 AM

This annual event is very popular and draws a large crowd in Dade City, Florida. Especially now that the schools are out for summer. They not only have a fireworks display after dark. But they also have tons of activities for the whole family to enjoy. These include: 
bounce houses Elvis tribute Karaoke watermelon eating contest pony rides petting zoo food court hotdog eating contest and more Activities begin at the Fairground at 4 PM. 
To get full information, including driving instructions, click on the following link: Sparklebration 2017 Information
The weather is great so get out there and enjoy our nation's birthday. … (0 comments)

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