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Here are the latest statistics for Nichols Hills as of 1/24/2010: This year is off to a good start with 5 closed sales in the first 24 days of 2010. I know these charts are not too exciting but I will have some better ones coming.    Nichols Hills > $300K - 1.24.2010        Active Listings 64 Ave...
The GOP hit another Home Run tonight with Bob McDonnell, the Govenor of Virginia, speaking from the state capital with a large group of people cheering his comments. This was so much better than last year when Bobby Jindal spoke into the camera alone in a room. Who ever thought up this deserves a...
     I was minding my own business a couple of Saturdays ago when my wife called me to observe the Animal Channel. They were showing this dog called a Labradoodle that I had never heard of.      She has been pushing for a dog since we lost our beloved Lab Shephard to old age seven years ago. Becu...
After listening to Scott Brown I can see why he won. He got out and met the people while his oponent was spending time in Washington. Who's making fun of his pickup now? Here we have another common sense candidate and hoepfully other Republican candidates will use his campaign as a bluepprint to ...
Well this is my first post since 2008 and I am kicking myself fo not getting started sooner but I was busy putting together a Property Management company and didn't see or understand the need. During the the last holidays I decided to take a close look at AR and see what it could offer. After rea...


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