ohio home inspector: My Top 9 Home Inspection Finds in 2009 - 01/08/10 11:15 AM
These are a sample of some of the top finds found during inspections in 2009.  Please feel free to comment on the site itself and here on the active rain blog.
This link gos to my website where all the images have been placed.
 Have a great 2010

ohio home inspector: Water Heater Warning - 01/07/10 11:45 PM
Check your water temp.  While driving back from a family trip to Florida, I heard on the radion of a child burned in the bathtub.  It motivated me to create this message.
A one-second exposure to 160° F water will result in third degree burns.
When the water is 130° F, an approximate half-minute exposure will result in third degree burns.
The CPSC suggests that water heaters be set to a maximum temperature of 120° F
However, an approximate ten minute exposure to this temperature can result in third degree burns so even go a little lower on the temp.
So check … (5 comments)

ohio home inspector: Dryer Duct Dangers - 12/13/09 06:04 AM
In this image is a duct for a clothes dryer. As you can see it is in desperate need of being cleaned.Having too much lint build up is not only slows the flow of air, increases the drying time and increases the costs of drying your clothers. A build up of lint such as this is also a fire hazard. This is just one of the things I come across while doing home inspections.
If you wish use this information as a reason to keep in touch with your clients (past and current),

ohio home inspector: Real Estate Agent Referred Inspectors - 11/02/09 01:30 PM
Home inspectors are in an odd position when it comes to the home buying process.  Many believe that the home inspector can be the pickiest, most thorough inspector in the area, yet as a result of his thoroughness he can have several people irritated at him.  The real estate agent(s) and the home seller.   
This position has led some to believe that any inspector that your real estate agent recommends is secretly working for the real estate agent and will overlook or minimize concerns found during a home inspection.  It is believed that the inspector will do this so as to get referrals in … (3 comments)

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