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Thinking about purchasing a home...Don't be NERVOUS! If you have been watching the news or reading newspapers, you are constantly bombarded by a variety of perspectives on the status of the Washington DC real estate market. Keep in mind, that the real estate market fluctuates on a monthly basis d...
This is my first YouTube video and I've decided to start with a tour of my Logan Circle neighborhood. This is the debut of my directorial career...James Cameron here I come! Please join me and subscribe to my new YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jtrotmangroup Hopefully you found this ...
It's graduation season across the country and undoubtedly you've racked up quite a sizable amount of debt. The premise behind amassing student debt is to improve your quality of life. As you're considering your options and prepare for the inevitability of moving to another city, you've probably w...
LOCATION The Whitman, developed by Faison and Associates LLC and designed by Esocoff & Assoc in 2006, is a 12 story building located at 910 M Street NW in Washington DC 20001. The condominium is located across from the new Convention Center and the Mount Vernon Metro Station in the Logan Circle ...
Many colleges and universities are facing room shortages.  Rising admissions means few on-campus rooms available for incoming freshmen.  Shrinking operating budgets does not permit upgrades or construction of other housing units.  Many parents are making the decision to invest in real estate for ...
Personal finance is an important factor in homeownership. Your credit rating and history impacts your interest rate, monthly mortgage payments, and insurance rates. The most common reasons for a financial downfall are medical fees and change and/or loss of employment. Everyone experiences difficu...
Paint can definitely transform a living space. Maybe you're planning on selling your home or want an easy do-it-yourself project over the summer. Either way, painting is a great idea. A fresh paint coat can do a lot to enhance the appearance of a drab room. It's the most affordable way to express...
A few days ago, I ran across an interesting article in the Washington Post about Good Faith Estimates. The article stated "After receiving the disclosure, 56 percent of buyers say they did no comparison shopping among lenders." I decided to answer this common question from first-time homebuyers, ...
Over the past 7 years of being in real estate, there is a common question that is asked by the purchaser at every settlement without fail, "What is the difference between APR and Interest rate?" This question comes up when the buyer is reviewing the Truth-In-Lending disclosures with the settlemen...

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