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For the past several months, we’ve seen hints that the Charlotte real estate market was finally edging toward more balance between buyers and sellers. The latest figures strongly suggest those hints were not flukes, but were instead the first indicators of a much-needed correction.The numbers for...
Of all the factors affecting the Charlotte real estate market, the most significant are currently the rising cost of building materials, higher interest rates, and persistently low inventory. We’ve been reporting on the steady rise of home prices for some time now, and this long-term trend shows...
Nothing succeeds like success, and it’s certainly true for Charlotte, NC homes. But lately we’ve been seeing that too much of a good thing – growing consumer demand – can be a bad thing. The buyer’s side of the equation is strong, with high demand and strong wage growth. Yet, inventory is so depl...
Thanks to the Charlotte metro area’s robust economy, low unemployment, and quality of life, the demand for Charlotte homes keeps growing. Mortgage rates remain low. And many sellers, motivated by a market promising substantial returns on their biggest investment, would like to sell. So why have t...
While the market for Charlotte real estate has been heated for several years, trends among both buyers and sellers have pushed the competition for homes to an entirely new level. Call it a case of both ends against the middle.Buyer demand continues to grow, buoyed by a strong economy fueling posi...
The latest numbers on Charlotte, NC homes seem to echo the same unyielding trends we’ve been reporting on for some time: slim inventory, rising prices, and limited options for homebuyers. However, we’re seeing strong hints that change is coming.The latest numbers indicate that homebuilders are re...
Beginning in late 2011, and gaining momentum in early 2012, the market for Charlotte homes staggered to its feet and steadily recovered from the “Great Recession” of 2008. That’s the good news. The bad news is that demand has exceeded supply, to the point where shrinking inventory is a growing co...
The long-term trends we’ve been reporting on in Charlotte real estate are beginning to have their affect on the market. Lenders and builders are feeling the pressure, and the future implications appear positive.  Real estate analysts are now seeing indications that the steady growth in demand and...
If Charles Dickens were to evaluate the market for Charlotte, NC homes in 2017, he’d say it was the best of times and the worst of times.  Sellers would certainly agree 2017 was the best of times.By almost every benchmark in every month for the past two years, we’ve seen a nearly airtight seller’...
After several years of energetic growth, the Charlotte real estate market is as challenging as ever, with no sign of cooling down. While new listings are up, inventory continues to plummet. The competition for the best deals on homes can only be described as fierce. The stakes are high for Charlo...

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