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Buyers, buyer’s agents, and real estate analysts are scratching their heads over the ongoing pace of home sales. For the last two years, and especially here in Charlotte, NC, we’ve witnessed a steady decrease in the inventory of homes for sale alongside a steady increase in the median sales price...
Despite the continued surge of relocations to the Charlotte, NC area, sales growth has slowed down. While home sales have cooled nationally, it’s puzzling for a region with such strong job creation and excellent overall economic trends.The mystery has been solved: it’s all about inventory and the...
Regular readers are well aware of how much Charlotte real estate has appreciated in the last few years. Home prices continue to soar, creating a seller’s market that has given no indications of slowing down. And what’s happening in Charlotte is reflected throughout much of the country, with home ...
Charlotte NC Real Estate Report – April 2017 The vitality of Charlotte real estate depends on the health and vitality of several offshoots of the overall Charlotte economy. The good news — actually, the GREAT news — is that the Charlotte economy is at full steam, chugging along, and pulling ever...
Winter’s over, and 2017 is off to a great start for Charlotte real estate. Spring flowers aren’t all that’s blooming, as the latest numbers show.Concerns about how the new administration would affect the overall economy have given way to optimism for the future, and the demand for Charlotte homes...
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, but for homes, too! And there’s a lot to love about the Charlotte real estate market.Some of the reasons buyers love their homes includes a healthy stock market, a rise in take-home wages, and a robust home sales environment. And with unemployment levels now...
Why the issue of dual agency is a perfect storm that could transform businessKey Takeaways:Realtors refer to themselves as agents, but when it comes to the agency law, the brokerage is the “agent,” not the individual salesperson. A dual agency situation can occur when the brokerage (not necessari...
Yes, Groundhog Day has come and gone, but you can’t help but think about groundhogs when reading the latest numbers on Charlotte real estate. Not only is the Charlotte area enjoying the early spring the groundhog predicted, the January sales numbers give the impression home buyers think the spri...
It’s easy to summarize Charlotte real estate for 2016, because every month was pretty much like the others. Overall, the inventory of homes for sale dropped, the number of days on the market shrank, while the economy surged. All of which added up to an energetic housing market that’s still going...
The rush is on for Charlotte homes! With the Federal Reserve board of governors seriously considering rate hikes, plus volatility in the financial markets which corrected to even greater heights, the word is that it’s time to stake that claim in Charlotte real estate. For everyone from first-time...

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