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It’s dry here in Charlotte, and though we might grumble about the lack of rain, we can’t gripe about the Charlotte real estate market. It’s a downpour! Let’s look at the numbers. As of 7-31-2015, the average sales price was $255,125, an increase of 5.6%, or $13,626 over last July. This resulted ...
Almost everywhere you look you see the real estate market in Charlotte is enjoying a long, healthy boom, as new home construction continues to try to keep up with demand. But the latest figures tell me the demand is outpacing the builders’ best efforts. As of 6-30-2015, the inventory of existing ...
Charlotte buyers’ agents and their buyers have been very busy, as the latest numbers for the Charlotte real estate market show. As of 5-31-2015, the average sales price for a Charlotte home was $245,197, which is an increase of $9,874, or by 4.2% compared to May, 2014. The percentage of homes tha...
Spring continues to blossom here in Charlotte, NC, as the April 2015 home sales numbers confirm. As of 4-30-2015, the average sales price increased $19,038, or by 8.6% compared to last spring. The percentage of homes that sold for the original list price received grew by 1.1% to 94.9%, which furt...
Winter is here, but the market data for December 2014 tells us the dropping thermometer hasn’t slowed down the sales of Charlotte homes. As of 12-31-2014, the average sales price was $229,427, and increase of $5,423, or 2.4% from last year. The average percentage of original list price received n...
Once again, all indicators for Charlotte home sales add up to a robust market. As of 3-31-2015, the average price sales price grew to $234,351, an increase of $19,459, or by 9.1% compared to March, 2014. Another reliable indicator of the vitality of Charlotte home sales is the percent of the orig...
You can feel spring in the air, and the Charlotte real estate market is starting to bloom. As of 2-28-2015, the average price sales price grew to $218,673. That’s an increase of $12,328, or by 6% compared to February, 2014. The percent of the original list price received is a very spring-like 93....
The weather is cold (okay, at least by Charlotte standards!), but Charlotte real estate is still hot. Numbers don’t lie, and the latest numbers will reassure any potential homebuyer that they can’t go wrong buying the Charlotte home of their dreams.Let’s start with the average sales price, which ...
As of 11-30-2014, the average sales price of Charlotte homes grew once again to $227,104. That’s an increase of $3,386, or 1.5% from last year at this time. That average sales price for a Charlotte home is a very healthy 94.0% of the original list price, an increase of 0.2% from last November. An...
I often talk to potential buyers who think their dream of owning a piece of Charlotte real estate is beyond their grasp. “I qualify for a loan, but I can’t swing the down payment” is one lament I hear. And then there are those who have outgrown their present home, but believe available assistance...

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