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What do you get when you combine great value in real estate prices, excellent forecasts for appreciation, and the quality of life you can only find in Charlotte, NC? You get the best place to live, that’s what. Money Magazine looked at cities all over the country with 500,000 or more inhabitants ...
The August numbers show a healthy and growing Charlotte real estate market, but it’s the long-term picture that’s especially encouraging. First, let’s look at this month’s figures. The average sales price for August, 2014, was $242,121, an increase of $14,727, or 2% from last year. This slow but ...
No, I’m not talking about the weather, but the growing demand in some of Charlotte’s hot neighborhoods. By “hot,” we mean neighborhoods that win high marks from home buyers for their affordability and desirability. What we especially want to look for is those neighborhoods that are just now start...
Here's some great news for Charlotte home buyers who have postponed or even given up on the home of their dreams. FICO ( Fair Isaac Corporation), the company that analyzes and scores consumers' ability to manage debt, is revising its credit scoring sysem. The goal is to make consumer credit scor...
The Charlotte real estate market continues to reflect the overall progress of the Charlotte economy. First, let’s look at the numbers: As of 7/31/2014, the existing inventory of homes for sale in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill NC/SC Metoro area dropped again, this time to 15,709 homes, a decrea...
One of the reasons why Charlotte, North Carolina, is a great place to retire is the experience of the “halfbacks,” retirees from the North who move to Florida only to discover it’s too hot, and relocate halfway back home to North Carolina.   It’s a story we hear frequently. And it’s no mystery – ...
The best way to evaluate the vitality of the Charlotte real estate market is to see where new home buyers are headed. That’s the primary business of Welcomemat Services, which sends direct mail packages to people who have recently changed their address. As reported in the Charlotte Observer, the ...
One of the services we provide clients who dream of staking their own claim to a piece of Charlotte real estate is to provide financing options. The most common concern we hear from potential buyers is that they fear they cannot get the home of their dreams because of their credit score. Your cre...
Although Charles Dickens never wrote about Charlotte real estate, not to mention that he lived 150 years ago, his most famous line from A Tale of Two Cities still has some real insight into what home buyers are seeing these days. I could summarize the latest housing market report from Freddie Mac...
We know the demand for Charlotte real estate comes from the Charlotte area’s unique blend of quality of living and economic opportunity. But why take our word for it? In an article entitled “Stretching your money: The best cities for high pay and low expenses,” CNBC/Yahoo Finance ranks the areas ...

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