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The good news about Charlotte real estate just keeps getting better. One of the strongest indicators is the number of Charlotte NC homes on the market in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill NC/SC Metro area, which has dropped yet again as of October 31, 2013. The decrease of 7.7% to 15, 366 homes co...
Looks like the summer heat is affecting Charlotte real estate. Take a look at these stats: The number of Charlotte NC homes on the market in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill NC/SC Metro Area was 14,597 as of 6/30/2013. The average sales price was $239,842 or 95.1% of the list price, which is $11,...
When you start searching for your dream home, here’s the one thing you have to know about Charlotte, NC homes: They’re going fast. Here are the numbers: In last month’s report, we noted the amazing 18.7% decline in inventorty from the same period of the previous year. But as of May 31, 2013, ther...
The whole story of Charlotte real estate is in one number this month, and that's the inventory of homes for sale. It's only 19,633 as of 3/31/2013, a drop of 18.7% from last year at this time. Last month we saw a decrease of 28.9% decrease from last year. This is what we call a trend - so big, no...
The number of homes available in the Charlotte real estate market was 13,258 as of 2/28/2013. There’s both good and bad news in the fact that this represents a 28.9% decrease from last year at this time. So while Charlotte home prices continue to firm, buyers have less to choose from. So while th...
Before I pass on the great news, I thought I'd review my archived Charlotte Real Estate Market Reports for a bird's eye perspective. I realized that it was in August, 2011 that I first reported on what I then called our "sputtering recovery" from the 2008 drop. Since that time, improvement in the...
The evidence couldn’t be clearer – the Charlotte real estate market has roared back to life, and is not only proving it’s alive and kicking, but showing strong signs of continued vitality into the future. The trends are unmistakable. The number of homes in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill NC/SC M...
While we’ve been enjoying the steady improvement in the Charlotte real estate market, we have also been reminding our readers that sustained, authentic recovery from the doldrums of 2008 required positive growth in other markets as well. As we’ve been saying for some time now, folks in New York a...
The numbers echo what you can't help but notice as you drive around town - Charlotte real estate has bounced back. The latest report from the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association notes that 14,218 homes are on the market, reflecting a 27.5% drop in existing inventory! As inventory drops, the in...
It’s enough to make you light-headed. But the confirmation of the rebound in the Charlotte real estate market is nearly universal. The Charlotte Observer’s latest report signals a robust recovery from the doldrums that hit the entire country in 2008. Mark Vitner, a senior economist with Wells Far...

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