consulting: MYTH-information - Competition for Finding a House is Great for Buyers!!! - 01/01/09 10:29 AM
It "sounds" logical, right?  If you're a buyer looking for a home, why not do your own shopping (properties abound on the web - listed properties, By Owner properties, New Construction!  There's virtually no end to the choices.  And you can talk to some agents, too, have them do some of the leg-work for you.  After all, they likely know more about the areas or the floorplans, so if you get their help you might even do better, right?
You've heard it all before - "two heads are better than one" (so four or five must be even better, right?).  Buyers frequently say things … (11 comments)

consulting: Changing the Landscape of Real Estate - It Must Make Sense!!!! - 11/30/08 06:12 AM
I've long believed that the way real estate is practiced across this land makes very little sense.  I'm not exactly sure who came up with the idea, way back when, that nobody paid anybody a single penny, despite whatever work was performed, or how much time and money were invested, until and unless there was a certain specific outcome that occured - an outcome, by the way, over which the person investing the time and money had very little, if any, control.
Consider this, for example.  Houses often don't sell.  Sometimes it's because they're not marketed well (and of course, the … (0 comments)

consulting: The Landscape of Real Estate is Changing - One ACRE at a Time!!! - 10/18/08 11:57 PM
It's no secret.  Our industry is being transformed.  With online venues cropping up faster than warts on a toad offering the consumer the answers to all their real estate needs for the price of a wing and a prayer, our industry is being challenged as never before. And those challenges are increasing exponentially.
For years now I've believed that we, as an industry, have to be more pro-active in listening to what the consumer wants and in transforming our businesses in ways that better meets their needs.  The fact is, we ARE being transformed whether we like it or not.  And … (0 comments)

consulting: Welcome to our ACRE Group - 03/18/08 01:41 PM
For many years I've lamented about some of the outside influences impacting our Real Estate industry and have long believed that, if we don't do something as an industry to better fill the needs of the consumer, someone else will!  And we may not particularly like what those things are.  What's worse, many/most won't even be a good thing for the consumer!
We're all traveling at lightning speed on the 'information superhighway'...but I learned a long time ago that "information" isn't the same thing as "knowledge".  Much of the "information" is simply wrong...and even more often it's out of context for … (10 comments)

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