value: "Recompiled Market Value" .... HUH???? Still ANOTHER Version of VALUE??? - 06/11/09 06:08 PM
Must admit, this was a new one.  In the midst of following up on the status of "short sale" I have in progress, I was informed by the bank that they were still waiting for some "internal documentation".  Hmmm...I wondered.  Didn't they feel they had enough by now?  After all, I'd sent them 167 PAGES of all sorts of documentation!  Everything from soup to nuts (SPEAKING OF NUTS!!!!!....)  At any rate,I kept my cool and politely asked "could you be more specific...I want to be sure I understand where we are in the process".  At first my contact said "well it … (2 comments)

value: In the Eye of the Beholder - 12/30/08 10:38 AM
Today's real estate marketplace is challenging some well-seasoned perceptions.   Think about one of the cliche's you grew up with ... "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  Actually, from a real estate perspective the phrase is more aptly put "value is in the eye of the beholder".  Over the years you've probably seen some very clever "Your House as Seen By" messages.  They might have left you with an impression something like:
Here's Your House as Seen By .....      You     Your Buyer         Your Lender      The Appraiser        The Tax Assessor  Today, however, it's getting harder and harder for … (13 comments)

value: A Lesson in Value - 11/29/08 09:51 PM
My daughter Shannon is a very independent, self sufficient young lady.  She has a job that she loves, writing and editing for her local online newspaper.  Last year, as one of her work assignments, she trained for and participated in a local marathon race.  Right from the start, she knew she had to replace her running shoes...they were old, and worn, and simply not up to the task ahead.  Now, I will say that was not an easy decision for her.  She's frugal.  She watches her budget.  And she doesn't replace things just willy nilly.  So when she said she needed … (0 comments)

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