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Life in Southeast Oklahoma - The people, the places, events, ideas...we're a unique place. Let's talk about this great area that we live in. I love where I live, so let me share it with you.



If you are shopping for a good buy in a home in Oklahoma, you might want to check out the HUD foreclosed properties that are available.  First, those homes are listed with Pryamid Real Estate in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Click on "Hud Properties For Sale" in the menu on the left side of the page. That wi...
Everywhere I've been today, I've caught an earful of griping.  The whole world is griping.  BUT I didn't hear anyone griping about themselves or what they did.  It's always someone else or something that someone else did that just chaps our heels.  The thought hit me when I heard neighbor A gripi...
My phone numbers are registered on the "DO NOT CALL" list.  But occasionally I will receive a phone call from some type of telemarketer that wants to sell me something and doesn't want to take "NO" for answer.  There's a simple little thing that I have learned to do to tell me if an incoming call...
The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission began July 1, 2007 to offer online renewal of licenses for Professional Real Estate Licensees in Oklahoma.   I know that this is available in many of the other states. I am also licenses in Arkansas and they already offer this service to their licensed professi...
I don't curse!  I very seldom if ever even use a slang word, BUT DANG IT I'M MAD!!  I'm on the laptop today because I've been fighting a virus on my  office computer all week and it ain't dead yet.  Someone stole my week and McAfee hasn't even been able to clean it yet.  The blankety blank (side ...
I have always been told that the two most relaxing things are: 1.  Watching a campfire (fireplace will do). 2.  Listening to flowing water (creek, river, or waterfall sounds - an aquarium will do). So it stands to reason that the most relaxing homes would have a fireplace and an aquarium.  What a...
Time and time again, I run across problems with a home not being where it's supposed to be and it could have been avoided! Get a survey before you build.  A home is too large of an investment in time, money, and dreams to take the chance that you could be building on someone else's land. I recent...
I keep reading about particular features that buyers are looking for. But are the articles correct?Do these lists come about due to surveys that are filled out (which would meant that the majority of consumers that will fill out a survey ranked certain features as more desirable, not consumers in...
I do my own domain website and other websites.  I AM NOT A  COMPUTER GURU.  I did a search for "property for sale Choctaw County" and one of my domain websites is #1 on Google and I have the top 5 sites in a Yahoo search and then also number 9 on that the front page. Ok, Whatever I am doing right...
Ok, folks in: Idabel, Oklahoma McCurtain County Valliant, Oklahoma Pine Creek Lake area Hugo Lake area Sawyer, Oklahoma Swink, Oklahoma Fort Towson, Oklahoma Choctaw County and Lake Raymond Gary Your home and property deserves the best chance to sell.  Let me tell you what your home deserves: A w...

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