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It is common for potential Buyer Clients to tell me that they "don't want to waste" my time by phoning me or emailing me when they see something they like and need more information. There is a big difference between wasting my time and letting me do my job. If you know that you are not going to b...
"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan"  Eleanor Roosevelt said that. One of my fellow agents likes to say that real estate is either an easy low-paying job or a difficult high-paying job.  The difference is commitment and work.  It takes more than wishing for clients and closings.  ...
I told a seller today that an offer is like Age, it is just a number.  The trick is to not take it personally, to not react emotionally.  An offer is (usually) just a way to measure the motivation of the Buyer.  They are telling us that they are willing to pay $X for an asset we may have priced a...
Two ants on a bar are singing "We've Only Just Begun". A man leans over to the bartender and says, "Hey, What's up with the singing ant?" The bartender replies, "Those are Carpenter ants."
It is common for condo associations to limit the size and breed of dogs that can be kept in the complex.  In the last 6 months I have helped 2 clients who had large dogs get permission to move into a complex that had restrictions on pet size.  Here is what we did.    1.  Before we went under cont...
An agent at our office is expecting her first baby.  Her gift wishes are registered at the usual places.  I won't be shopping there.  Instead, I will be gifting the new baby with books, along with a copy of the poem reproduced below.  I had a Mother who read to me.  If I were asked to describe th...
My part of the world is functionally on lock-down.  I got out of the house yesterday for the first time since Monday.   I had to go get catfood.  The cat got up yesterday morning, did an inventory on his larder and then stood by the back door and pointed toward the street.  It is just best to do ...
I took a fair amount of "Me Time" in January.  First I spent over 2 weeks pretending that a case of Poison Ivy wasn't making me Nutz.    Then I spent part of every day for an entire week celebrating my birthday.  I got fed dinner by someone every night.  I was booking lunches.  My actual birthday...

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