charlotte: Where Is the Sunshine in Charlotte, NC ??? - 04/16/15 04:18 AM
Where is the Sunshine in Charlotte, NC ???
I had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful sunny day on Saturday and removed everything from the screened porch, swept and washed down everything to get rid of the green pollen and put everything back.
This is how the screened porch looked on Sunday morning with the sun brightly shining.  What a great day to enjoy.
Since that day it has been rain ... rain and more rain.
I am ready for the sun to shine so I can enjoy the porch.
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
ProStead Realty

charlotte: Serendipity Sunday ... Spring Fever is In the Air!!! - 01/18/15 05:59 AM

It was so beautiful here in the Carolinas today that I had to get out into my flower gardens and spend some quality time.  I think spring fever is in the air.  It was a sunny 58 degrees.
My focus today was to deadhead all of the dead frozen tops from all of the peonies in the peony garden.  The biggest surprise was seeing the new growth beginning to show in the soil.  I hope the peonies do not come up so soon that they get frozen back for we are still in winter.
Today was definitely a serendipity … (17 comments)

charlotte: Welcome to Charlotte, NC (1/8/2015) ... It is COLD!! - 01/08/15 01:10 AM

I was just outside at 12 noon and it was a heat wave of 19 degrees.  Wow .. can you say chilly today.
This morning from 6am until about 8 am it was a very cold 12 degrees.
It looks so much warmer for it is sunny but do not let that sunshine deceive you.  It is cold.
I have had several contractors here today and they all have on beanie hats and are bundled up.  They definitely need to be to deal with this cold spell.
It may be cold but am so thankful … (13 comments)

charlotte: So Thankful for Local Businesses .. Balgard Locksmith .. Charlotte, NC - 01/08/15 12:47 AM

This week has been a week of getting little things that need fixed corrected around the house.
I have had keys made for one of our doors on several occasions at Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot and none of them work when I would get home to use them.
I thought ... enough is enough.  I have made how many trips, purchased keys that would not work and just frustrated with the whole process.
This week I decided to call in a professional that deals with locks.  I contacted Peter at Balgard Locksmith.
He was … (5 comments)

charlotte: So Happy to See The Sunshine in Charlotte, NC - 01/04/15 11:30 PM

It is 44 degrees here in Charlotte, NC right now and is to be a high of 50 degrees today and sunny.
This morning when I went outside the sky was pink and I was concerned that we may have another dark, cold and rainy day.  That is what we had all week-end.  It poured off and on and was so foggy.
I am so grateful to see the sun and am enjoying this sunny day.
Enjoy your day!
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
ProStead Realty

charlotte: The Place to be Tonight ... Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC - 01/03/15 07:14 AM

Tonight there is a playoff game between the
Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals here in Charlotte, NC at the Bank of America Stadium.
Right now it is half time and the score is 14 to 13 in favor of the Arizona Cardinals.
The Carolina Panthers ended the season 7 and 8 in the NFC and won their game of the regular season against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome.
The Arizona Cardinals ended the season with a 11 and 5 record and lost their last regular season to the San Francisco 49ers at … (5 comments)

charlotte: Looking Forward to A Wonderful Dinner at Cafe Monte in Charlotte, NC - 12/29/14 08:33 AM

                        Beignets ...  picture from their website.

                                    Picture from the website of Cafe Monte
I am meeting great friends for dinner this week to celebrate our 2014 and offer well wishes for 2015.
I have never been to this restaurant and have driven by it for years.  The restaurant is a French restaurant named
Cafe Monte and it is in SouthPark close to Phillips Place.
It continually receives rave reviews and recently a friend went there for lunch and had the chicken/mushroom crepe and it looked delicious.
They also serve beignets and … (16 comments)

charlotte: A Special Caring Santa for Special Needs Children at SouthPark Mall - 12/12/14 10:27 AM

This Sunday, December 14, 2014 is A Caring Santa at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, NC from 8:30 am to 10 am.
It is an extra special time to meet and greet many children who may need some extra care and understanding.  The magic of Christmas will be shared and enjoyed.
The event is described as ...
"Caring Santa Event provides a subdued environment for children with special needs and their families to visit with Santa. Extra care will be taken to support the sensory, physical and other developmental needs of children so that they can enjoy this … (11 comments)

charlotte: Welcome This New Frosty Day Here in The Carolinas! - 12/11/14 08:20 PM

Good morning and it is definitely frosty out there this morning.  It is 25 degrees and to go up into the 50's today.  It will be another beautiful and sunny day once it starts to warm up.
Right now I need to round up my gang of four dogs and take them outside.  They are all snuggled either on their beds, the couch in my office or on my bed.  The last I looked Corina had snuggled under a blanket.  So cute!
Wish me luck and we will not be outside very long.
Have a great … (27 comments)

charlotte: It It May Be Cold But We Have Blooms Here in The Carolinas! - 12/06/14 08:08 AM

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see that this one Camellia bush is loaded with buds and it is covered with this pretty single flower with a pale yellow center.
This is one of the many reasons that I so enjoy the Carolinas.  There always seems to be something in bloom ... no matter the season.
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
ProStead Realty

charlotte: Staying Warm or Cool Year Around With ComfortMax in Charlotte, NC - 12/04/14 09:09 AM

Having a service contract for our HVAC system ... priceless.
Several years ago we were having trouble with one of our systems during the summer months.  We had a home warranty so I called and they sent this company... ComfortMax out to look at and resolve the issue.
They were so responsive, caring and knowledgable that we purchased their twice a year service contract. 
Today was our winter service visit and all went well. 
Michael and Tom are so respectful when in your home and double check everything.  They never try to push or sell anything if … (0 comments)

charlotte: Light Up A Life ... Charlotte, NC - 12/02/14 02:27 AM

Tonight I am attending a reception for Hospice & Palliative Care ... Charlotte Region.
There will be a reception to mingle followed by a ceremony which will be very touching.
There will also be an opportunity to purchase items in memory of loved ones.
Per the site they stated ...
"Remember and Honor"
"Running through November and December, Light Up A Life offers meaningful ways to recognize the season with opportunities to purchase Remembrance Tree Lights and Commemorative Bells in honor or in memory of your loved ones. Bells can be hand-inscribed making … (7 comments)

charlotte: So Grateful to Have My Mandatory Update Completed! - 11/26/14 11:27 AM

I always try to get my eight hours of continuing education completed before the new year.  Today I took my 4 hour mandatory update with Bill Gallagher, Superior School of Real Estate.  He is the best teacher and he makes the class interesting and enjoyable.  He definitely keeps the realtor community current.
It is very important to take the update course early in the year so that we are aware of any changes.  The changes can really impact how we do business.  We also need to begin implementing these changes into our business as required.
It was a … (6 comments)

charlotte: A Frosty Morning in Charlotte, NC!! - 11/02/14 10:29 PM

This morning we awakened to a very frosty morning in Charlotte, NC.  The low was 26 degrees and the ground was covered with white but thankfully it was frost and not snow.
I took our dogs out and they were quick to return to the warmth of our home.
This is the perfect morning to enjoy a great cup of coffee and work from the comfort of my home office.  I am so grateful.
Have a great day and enjoy. 
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
ProStead Realty

charlotte: Wordless Wednesday .. A Hot Dawg Waiting for a Hot Dog!! - 08/20/14 10:52 AM

A Hot Dawg Waiting for a Hot Dog!!
It was a beautiful eve here in the Carolinas and we decided to grill.  I always throw on a few hot dogs for Guthrie, McGrew, Corina and Archie.
This is Archie giving me a helping paw to make sure all is cooked and ready to be served.  He was looking at me like ... I think the dogs are done.
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
ProStead Realty

charlotte: Seduced by Chocolate or an Evening of Chocolate Seductions - 08/09/14 09:27 AM

Seduced by Chocolate or an Evening of Chocolate Seductions
This is an upcoming event being held at Whole Foods here in Charlotte, NC.
I was looking thru their list of scheduled events for August and was thoroughly impressed by what they offer.  Almost everyday they offer something from cooking classes where you are involved and get to enjoy what you have cooked to demonstrations of cooking, to learning what knives to use and when and weekly wine tastings.
I enjoy chocolate so I thought the classes on chocolate would be interesting.  Here is what they have to … (35 comments)

charlotte: One Is Never Alone When You Share Your Home With Fur Friends! - 04/06/14 06:49 AM

One Is Never Alone When You Share Your Home With Fur Friends!
The other day I was asked by clients if I feel lonely or alone when outside working in my flower gardens.  I had to laugh for I never feel alone or lonely for I have the company of one if not four fur friends.  In fact this was the face I saw as I was busy setting geraniums in the garden.  I looked up and there was our sweet girl Corina.  She stayed at the edge of the garden, just like the picture for the entire time I … (49 comments)

charlotte: Spring Has Sprung in Charlotte, NC - 04/06/14 06:34 AM

Spring Has Sprung in Charlotte, NC
The past few days our back yard has been absolutely beautiful.  The Cleveland pear tree just finished blooming and the Yoshina cherry tree has been in full bloom this entire week.  The Redbud trees are now popping with blooms as well as several plum trees.
When we moved here in the fall of 2008 there was not a tree in the back yard.  I continuously looked and purchased and carried in over 19 trees and planted them myself. 
It is amazing how a yard changes over a 5 to 6 year period.  I am … (14 comments)

charlotte: Who to Call for Any Type of Skin Eruption in Charlotte, NC ??? - 11/18/13 08:55 AM
Who to call for any type of skin eruption in Charlotte, NC ??

Today I had to take my mother in to see her dermatologist.  My mother goes to
Dr. Elizabeth Grattan M.D. 
Dr. Elizabeth Grattan M.D. is an excellent physician and she has a very caring way with each of her patients.  She took time to hear my mother's concerns, checked the issues and gave her diagnosis and ordered prescriptions. 
My mother left that appointment feeling better and looking forward to starting the prescribed medications.
If you are looking for a great dermatologist in … (4 comments)

charlotte: Surprise ... Surprise ... First Snow of The Season in Charlotte, NC - 11/12/13 08:45 AM
Surprise ... Surprise ... First Snow of The Season in Charlotte, NC
I just came in from outside with our dogs and we received a big surprise.  It is snowing and the wind is really blowing.  It looks like winter to me.

The other day I went to Lowe's and purchased a snow shovel and three bags of sand.  Everyone was laughing and making fun of me.  I may be thankful that I have that shovel and some sand.
Seeing this snow this evening really puts me in the Christmas spirit. 
Surprise ... Surprise ... First Snow of … (14 comments)

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