christmas: So Grateful .. No Need to Travel This Christmas/Thankful To Be Home! - 12/23/14 09:49 AM

For years I drove to Ormond Beach, Florida to be with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Within a month I would make this trip twice from Charlotte, NC and it was always a 7.5 to 8 hour drive depending on weather.  Sometimes longer if issues on I-77, I-26 or I-95.  At times I was ready to spit bullets for the trip was so very frustrating.
This evening it is 44 degrees here in Charlotte, NC and is raining and very foggy.  If I was heading south it would be dark and I would be traveling on wet roads … (10 comments)

christmas: It is The Small Things That Can Give Us The Most Joy!! - 12/20/14 07:42 AM

I have discovered that it is the small things that can give us the most joy.
Today I was out and about on this last week-end before Christmas and I saw more sad faces, frowns, irritable and rude people.  Many were pushing and shoving, upset if someone got ahead them and etc.  They were all rush ... rush ... and more rush.
It saddened me to see that they were totally missing the true meaning of Christmas.  This is to be a season of giving but with joy in our hearts.
I started smiling at people … (13 comments)

christmas: Wordless Wednesday ... Toys for Our Furbabies! - 12/17/14 10:06 AM

Today I had to run into Petsmart and they had the cutest pre-packaged toys for pets for Christmas.  They were all on sale so the perfect time to get toys for our fur-babies.  Each package has 6 toys so there will be much activity on Christmas day.
Guthrie our male boxer is the oldest and he was originally a foster thru Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue but we ended up adopting him.  Foster Failure.
McGrew our black Labrador .. adopted him from Moore Lab Rescue now Peak Lab Rescue.
Corina our female Valley Bulldog we adopted from Blue … (23 comments)

christmas: Still Looking Good For Christmas at 124 Years Old in Matthews, NC - 12/17/14 08:00 AM

There are so many beautiful areas, events and homes in and around Charlotte, NC.  It has been difficult to choose just one to share.
The other day I was driving through Matthews, NC and I drove past the Historic Matthews Reid House and did a double take for it was all decorated and looking so very lovely. 
It has been on my mind so today I drove to Matthews and stopped my car and actually walked around the house and took some pictures.  It amazes me how we can live in an area and know so little … (12 comments)

christmas: Me and My Shadow! - 12/04/14 08:29 AM

Me and My Shadow!
We have four dogs which are all rescued and loved.  This is Corina and she is definitely my dog and my shadow.  Wherever I am you can be sure to find Corina.  This morning I was working in the kitchen and there was Corina on the couch which we have in the sun room/breakfast area. 
I had just given her a taste of peanut butter which she loves.  If it is spelled ... food ... she loves it.
I adopted Corina from Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue after my female boxer died several … (19 comments)

christmas: Inaugural Carolina Panther's Tree Lighting Ceremony in Charlotte, NC - 11/23/14 10:56 PM

Come out and enjoy the festivities on November 26th as The Carolina Panthers kick off their inaugural tree lighting ceremony.  The ceremony will take place outside of the Bank of America stadium.
Th lighting will occur at 7pm and you will enjoy seeing the 51 foot tall Norway spruce light up with 35,000 lights.  They got the tree from a tree farm in Foscoe, NC.
Your family will enjoy face painters and balloon artists, many food vendors and of course Santa will stop by.
The event is free so come out and enjoy.
Judith Parker, … (3 comments)

christmas: The First to Enjoy ... Bright Eyes Under the Christmas Tree! - 11/22/14 07:20 AM

Today I decided to start decorating for the holidays ... Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My mother definitely enjoyed and we got one of the five trees completed that we always decorate.
This evening I walked into our great room to check on the lights and found Archie stretched out beside the tree.  I had to take a picture and it tickled me that his eyes were brighter than the lights on the tree.  He is the first to enjoy the Christmas tree.
It is amazing how the little things can make one smile.
Judith Parker, … (9 comments)

christmas: Surprise ... Surprise ... First Snow of The Season in Charlotte, NC - 11/12/13 08:45 AM
Surprise ... Surprise ... First Snow of The Season in Charlotte, NC
I just came in from outside with our dogs and we received a big surprise.  It is snowing and the wind is really blowing.  It looks like winter to me.

The other day I went to Lowe's and purchased a snow shovel and three bags of sand.  Everyone was laughing and making fun of me.  I may be thankful that I have that shovel and some sand.
Seeing this snow this evening really puts me in the Christmas spirit. 
Surprise ... Surprise ... First Snow of … (14 comments)

christmas: Christmas Photo Challenge .. Here Comes Santa - 12/05/11 02:38 PM
Christmas Photo Challenge ... Here Comes Santa .
The many faces of Santa..


This is such a beautiful time of years and everything is magical.


Are these ornaments or are these toys?  I so enjoy each and every ornament and they look like old fashioned toys.
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
Keller Williams

christmas: Tree Farms in The Carolinas That Welcome You to Come Out and Cut Your Own Christmas Tree! - 11/26/11 12:32 PM
Have you ever had the desire to pack up your family and go on the hunt for that perfect Christmas tree?
Well, here is your opportunity!!

 Here is a list of tree farms in neighboring counties that welcome you to come out and visit.  They encourage you to bring friends and family and enjoy your adventure as you search for the perfect tree.  Once you choose one at the tree farm you can also enjoy the experience of cutting it down.
Santa's Forest
4071 Herter Road
Taylor's Christmas Tree … (6 comments)

christmas: Today is Tuesday and I am Grateful for... - 11/14/11 11:00 PM
Each and everyday there is so much to be grateful for and today I am grateful for the fact that my first batch of Christmas cookies came out great.
Please see my previous post for a great recipe for Springerle cookies.
I got up early this morning for I wanted to bake them, so that they would be fresh for an event that I am attending this morning.
I have to admit I have eaten two with my morning coffee and they are great.  I wish you were here to have some coffee and cookies with me. 

christmas: The Schlumbergera is Blooming! - 11/12/11 02:25 PM
All summer I kept the Schlumbergera outside but in the shade.
You may ask... what is a Schlumbergera.  It is better known as...
Christmas Cactus Thanksgiving Cactus Crab Cactus Holiday Cactus  
I guess our cactus are the Thanksgiving Cactus since they started to bloom this week.


This is a very low maintenance as well as easy plant to care for thru out the year.  As you can see they are going to have many flowers.

Purchase a couple and give them a try.  You will be glad you did.
They come in an … (10 comments)

christmas: There has not been a White Christmas in Charlotte, NC since 1947! - 12/27/10 05:19 AM
There has not been a white Christmas in Charlotte, NC since 1947.  Well, I am happy to say that this year, 2010 has changed that record.  It started to snow late Christmas day and this is what I awakened to yesterday.  Absolutely beautiful. 
This is my female Boxer, Lady Lilly (brindle) playing with a foster puppy, Napoleon.  They had a blast.  Her face made me laugh.  Enjoy!
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
Keller Williams
                                   Enjoy and I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!

christmas: Tomorrow.... the Best Gift that You can Give is Your Time! "To A Child...Love Is Spelled Time" - 12/24/10 02:31 PM
Tomorrow....the Best Gift that You can Give is Your Time! 
I found this video and read these words and thought it very appropriate for Christmas day.  With all of the hustle and bustle, shopping for gifts, decorating, preparing our menus, food shopping, gift wrapping, making cookies, preparing Christmas dinner and is so easy to miss the mot inportant thing.  Spending time and enjoying our loved ones.
This quote really made me think...
       "To the world you may be just one person...but to one person, you might just be the world."
                                                                                                              Mac Anderson and Lance Wubbels
Please watch … (12 comments)

christmas: Christmas Gift Suggestions to Live By!! - 12/19/10 10:55 AM
Christmas Gift Suggestions to Live By!  I received this today and thought I would share.  It is so simple yet so true. Enjoy!
Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.  
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.
~Oren Arnold  
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
Keller Williams

christmas: Visit "The Library" during Christmas...The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC! - 12/15/10 01:38 PM
Visit "The Library" during Christmas...The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC!
During the Christmas season there is so much happening at "The Library."  I checked their website and found some great pictures as to the different events which you can enjoy.  Do you love beautiful lights, carriage rides, singing and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  If so, you will really enjoy your visit to "The Library."
Here is a list of "The Library" events.  Check it out and see when you plan to attend.
"December 1 to 23, 2010 Christmas at the Library"
Open from 9:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m.Christmas … (4 comments)

christmas: Come and Enjoy...McAdenville..."Christmas Town, USA" just west of Charlotte, NC - 12/10/10 12:53 PM
Come and enjoy McAdenville better known as "Christmas Town, USA".  This small town is west of Charlotte, NC and is in Gaston county and lies along the South Fork River. 
This year the magic and transformation of this small textile town into "Christmas Town, USA" is enjoyed from December 1, 2010 thru December 26, 2010.
Speaking of traditions, this tradition began in 1956 when 9 trees were decorated.  Last year more than 370 trees were decorated and they decorate live trees only. 
It is a wonderful way to spend an evening with family for you actually drive thru the town, sipping on hot chocolate and … (14 comments)

christmas: "Wassailing Across the Color Line: An Antebellum Christmas" in Charlotte, NC - 12/08/10 12:58 PM
The historic Rosedale Plantation was built in 1815 by Archibald Frew.  He was a tax collector, merchant and postmaster.  Come visit historic Rosedale Plantation this week-end and enjoy some hot wassail as you enjoy volunteers re-enacting events from that era.

"Wassailing Across the Color Line: An Antebellum Christmas"
December 11th and 12th, 2010
"Come to Historic Rosedale Plantation as we "wassail across the color line." Experience a plantation Christmas and discover how the season was celebrated in the big house and the slave cabins."
"Put on airs with us", learn about Ol' John Canoe and other slave activities during the … (0 comments)

christmas: A Very Touching Story...."Forgotten Dog's Christmas" - 12/06/10 11:42 AM
"Forgotten Dog's Christmas" is a very touching story.  As soon as I read it I thought that I would share.  At this time of year many families are considering a new puppy for their children.  This makes one think of the responsibility for this sweet life.  Enjoy! 
Forgotten Dog's Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the houseNot a creature was stirring, not even a mouseThe stockings were hung by the chimney with careIn hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be thereThe children were nestled all snug in their bedsWith no thought of the dog filling their headAnd mamma in her 'kerchief, … (4 comments)

christmas: Meet the Man in the Norman Rockwell Painting "Home on Leave (Sailor in Hammock)" in Waxhaw, NC just south of Charlotte, NC! - 12/03/10 12:35 PM
Come celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas in Waxhaw, NC just south of Charlotte, NC. 
This Saturday, December 4, 2010 from 10am to 8pm and Sunday, December 5, 2010 from 1pm to 5pm the Waxhaw's Women Club will present "Then and Now", The Holiday Tour of Homes".
"This year's tour features two historic homes and a church in the heart of Waxhaw, and four new homes in Waxhaw's Cureton development."
As a special surprise meet Mr. Leo Maguire.  He is the man in the Norman Rockwell Painting "Home on Leave (Sailor in Hammock)."  Mr. Maguire will make his presentation on Saturday, … (4 comments)

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