gardening: Serendipity Sunday ... Spring Fever is In the Air!!! - 01/18/15 05:59 AM

It was so beautiful here in the Carolinas today that I had to get out into my flower gardens and spend some quality time.  I think spring fever is in the air.  It was a sunny 58 degrees.
My focus today was to deadhead all of the dead frozen tops from all of the peonies in the peony garden.  The biggest surprise was seeing the new growth beginning to show in the soil.  I hope the peonies do not come up so soon that they get frozen back for we are still in winter.
Today was definitely a serendipity … (17 comments)

gardening: Plant Bulbs Now for Future Harvest! - 11/12/14 08:27 AM

It was such a beautiful day here in Charlotte, NC.  The sky was oh so blue, it was sunny and the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees. 
Tomorrow it is to start cooling down and to be quite chilly for many days.
I thought I had better enjoy this day and take the opportunity to plant a few bulbs.  I actually planted 100 tulip bulbs and they will be gorgeous in the spring.
As I was enjoying my time digging in the soil I thought about my business.  I need to be sowing seeds now for harvest in the … (1 comments)

gardening: Silent Saturday .... Enjoying the Mums! - 10/11/14 09:41 AM

It just finished storming here in the Charlotte area so I went outside to check on everything.  I ended up weeding the garden around the mailbox and preparing it for some winter flowers.
On the way back up the driveway the front entrance caught my attention and I thought ... how very pretty.  I am definitely enjoying the mums.
These little touches make a house a home.
Are you ready for fall and do you have your decorations out to enjoy?
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI

gardening: Each New Day is a Gift and There are Treasures to Be Discovered! - 07/11/14 01:07 AM

Each New Day is a Gift and There are Treasures to Be Discovered!
Every morning is a gift and I so enjoy the still and calm of the early morning.  Each am I love to take a walk about our yard with our dogs and check our gardens to see if there are any new treasures to be discovered.  Today I discovered more beautiful white lillies and had to bring a few in to add to the bouquet that I brought in yesterday.  The white lilly pops in the vase along with the star gazer lillies. 

gardening: One Is Never Alone When You Share Your Home With Fur Friends! - 04/06/14 06:49 AM

One Is Never Alone When You Share Your Home With Fur Friends!
The other day I was asked by clients if I feel lonely or alone when outside working in my flower gardens.  I had to laugh for I never feel alone or lonely for I have the company of one if not four fur friends.  In fact this was the face I saw as I was busy setting geraniums in the garden.  I looked up and there was our sweet girl Corina.  She stayed at the edge of the garden, just like the picture for the entire time I … (49 comments)

gardening: The Enjoyment of Spring's First Iris in Charlotte, NC - 04/26/13 08:53 AM
The Enjoyment of Spring’s First Iris in Charlotte, NC
There is such pleasure in coming home after a busy day and just taking time to go outside and walk around the yard.  I so enjoy looking to see what may be blooming.

Well, to my surprise and pleasure I discovered our first Iris.  I have planted many Iris of many colors and in several gardens.  These are two early blooming Iris and they are lovely.

I have found that this quiet time just helps to take away … (15 comments)

gardening: My Garden Wants to Know/ Getting Rid of Grub Worms Without Pesticides? - 04/23/13 09:47 AM
My Garden Wants to Know ... Getting Rid of Grub Worms Without Pesticides???
This week I was busy weeding my peony and lilly garden and was finding a lot of those grubby Grub worms.

I hate to use pesticides for our three dogs play in our back yard all of the time.  I also hate to use pesticides for it is harmful to the birds that frequent and enjoy our yard.
I visited a gardening center and asked some questions about this grubby Grub worm.
First the Grub worm is the larvae of the beetles or what we … (16 comments)

gardening: One Way I Get Lots of Exercise ... Gardening!! - 04/20/13 01:46 PM
One Way I Get Lots of Exercise … Gardening!!
Today was a beautiful day here in Charlotte, NC.  I decided to schedule a day for me and I spent the day working on my flower gardens.  I have several, so there have been a lot of beds to weed and prepare for planting.
I weeded this garden and then decided to divide iris plants and had to re-set them.   I also planted geraniums for they thrive and bloom all summer even in the heat of the south.  There will be a huge splash of color out in that garden … (21 comments)

gardening: The Many Gifts From My Garden in Charlotte. NC - 10/16/11 02:07 PM
Today was a beautiful day here in the Carolinas.  I have to agree with the song ... Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Be in Carolina in The Morning!
I enjoyed my day and it was nice to take a break and spend time at home.  Nothing beats a great cup of hot coffee early in the morning.  This morning it was a little cooler (sweat shirt weather ) so thoroughly enjoyed just sitting outside, sipping my coffee and enjoying the solitude of the day.  One thing I love on Sunday morning is the sound of church bells ringing and they are … (15 comments)

gardening: What Flowers are Blooming at This time of Year in Charlotte, NC ? - 08/26/11 01:14 PM
This morning as I did my morning walk to check out the different flower beds I came upon the Dahlia bed and with the recent rains and heat they were looking pretty sad.  Over grown, lots of grass which needed to be pulled and the bed desperately needed mulch.  I decided to roll up my sleeves, grab my garden gloves and dig in.  Several hours later it was all groomed, cleaned, weeded and mulched.
I did cut back the Dahlias for they were out of control.  I will do a better job at staking them next year as they begin to … (14 comments)

gardening: An Enjoyable Day in The Garden in Charlotte, NC - 05/28/11 03:15 PM
Today it was a beautiful day in Charlotte, NC and I took advantage of this beautiful day. 
I had gardens to weed...
I had gardens to feed...
and I had gardens to mulch.
I never feel alone when out working in my gardens for as you will see I always have company...Lady Lilly.

I then moved to another garden and here she was once again.

Lady Lilly stays close by no matter where I am working and keeps me company. 
It was a great day and "nothing can be finer then to be in Carolina in the morning!"
Judith … (15 comments)

gardening: Salvia, Clematis and Peony...Spring Flowers are Here in Charlotte, NC! - 04/18/11 01:36 PM
Salvia, Clematis and Peony...Spring Flowers are Here in Charlotte, NC!
Today I enjoyed a walk around our lovely yard and checked out the gardens.  I was thrilled to see this beautiful Clematis and Salvia blooming and the Peonies are sending out buds.  Spring is so lovely and everyday there is a new gift as I walk about and enjoy the yard.  Whether it is a new bud or a blue bird starting to nest in the blue bird house.  Life is definitely good!

Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
Keller Williams

gardening: Planting Herbs so I Can Make Ernest Hemingway's Favorite Drink - 04/11/11 03:52 PM
Today I stopped and purchased some of my favorite herbs to plant in our garden.
Basil Parsley Rosemary Oregano Catnip 4 Tomato plants Mint This year I decided to plant 2 mint plants, so that I have fresh mint on hand all summer to make Ernest Hemingway's favorite Cuban drink...Mojito's.
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
Keller Williams

gardening: Pay it Forward...A Kindness for A Kindness!! - 03/22/11 02:38 PM
Last evening only my 87 year old mother was at home and the lawn man stopped to cut the grass and trim.  He had a man with him who is new and in training.  After they left my mother opened the screened door and left my three Boxers out.
My Boxers are... Lady Lilly


Guthrie...He weighs 105 pounds!

My mother did not know that the gate was open, so the gang was off and running.  Our neighbor was outside and saw that Lady Lilly, BABE and Guthrie were out.  He was able to get Lady Lilly and … (20 comments)

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