rescue: Serendipity Sundays .. I Got My Wish .. A Furever Home for Christmas - 12/28/14 09:56 AM

Today I was looking through our Christmas pictures and discovered this sweet picture of Archie which was taken on Christmas morning.  He made me laugh for he was the first one up and under the tree.
I started thinking about last Christmas and at that time Archie was not in our lives.  We were not even considering getting another family pet for we already had three great dogs and a cat.
It is amazing how things happen and how our lives change and are impacted by many wonderful things.  For us this happened with Archie.  He was … (10 comments)

rescue: Me and My Shadow! - 12/04/14 08:29 AM

Me and My Shadow!
We have four dogs which are all rescued and loved.  This is Corina and she is definitely my dog and my shadow.  Wherever I am you can be sure to find Corina.  This morning I was working in the kitchen and there was Corina on the couch which we have in the sun room/breakfast area. 
I had just given her a taste of peanut butter which she loves.  If it is spelled ... food ... she loves it.
I adopted Corina from Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue after my female boxer died several … (19 comments)

rescue: Someone's Trash is Our Treasure ... Offer the Gift of Life! - 11/18/14 11:11 PM

In January 2014 this beautiful and very sweet dog was found wandering all over our neighborhood.  He had no collar and was oh so thin.  He was also very shy and would only allow you to get so close and then he would walk away.
A snow storm was to hit our area that evening and I knew that we had to help this dog. 
I saw many neighbors look out, but they all returned to their homes and closed their doors. Not their problem or concern. One even suggested that we call the pound. That made … (5 comments)

rescue: Fun Day Saturday .. Cruisin For The Boxers .. Mooresville, NC - 08/15/14 11:53 AM

Fun Day Saturday .. Cruisin For The Boxers .. Mooresville, NC
Three of my current boxers .. Guthrie, Corina and Archie were all adopted through Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue.  This organization does an incredible job in pulling so many boxers from desperate situations and many times these dogs are on death row in high kill shelters.  Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue pulls them, gets them to a vet and treats these boxers for all kinds of issues and fosters them until the perfect home is found. 
Tomorrow is the perfect day and way to give back to this … (9 comments)

rescue: Wordless Wednesday ... Check Out This Smile!! - 08/13/14 11:30 AM

Wordless Wednesday ... Check Out This Smile!!
This is Corina ... one of our four dogs and she was rescued by Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue and I adopted her from them.  She is a mix ... I think she is part boxer and part bulldog, so they call that a Valley Bulldog.  Whatever she is we love her.
Check out this smile ...
Judith Parker, CRS, GRI
ProStead Realty

rescue: Helping a Great Dane by Purchasing an Awesome T-shirt. - 07/27/14 05:42 AM

Helping a Great Dane by Purchasing an Awesome T-shirt.
Helping rescued dogs is definitely a passion of mine.  I have done things such as transport dogs for vet visits, for rides to their new approved home, to give them their freedom ride to safety from a high kill shelter, have done home visits to see if the family is approved to adopt, and fostered dogs myself in our home.  I have to admit that I am a very proud foster failure and it has happened many times. 
I have attended several events such as WoofStock as well as events … (17 comments)

rescue: Giving the gift of a second chance .. what a pleasure it has been! - 07/11/14 12:44 AM

Giving the Gift of a Second Chance ... What a Pleasure it Has Been!
In January 2014 I received a phone call from a neighbor at 8:30 am to see if one of our dogs had gotten out.  I said no ... why?  She informed me that a white dog ... possibly a boxer was at her neighbors house.  Of course I looked out our front windows and saw this little white dog down at the neighbors house hanging out with their two dogs.
Our first major snow storm was coming in that afternoon and we were already in the … (5 comments)

rescue: One Is Never Alone When You Share Your Home With Fur Friends! - 04/06/14 06:49 AM

One Is Never Alone When You Share Your Home With Fur Friends!
The other day I was asked by clients if I feel lonely or alone when outside working in my flower gardens.  I had to laugh for I never feel alone or lonely for I have the company of one if not four fur friends.  In fact this was the face I saw as I was busy setting geraniums in the garden.  I looked up and there was our sweet girl Corina.  She stayed at the edge of the garden, just like the picture for the entire time I … (49 comments)

rescue: Pay it Forward ... In Memory of Giant George in Charlotte, NC - 11/14/13 08:19 AM
Pay it Forward  ... In Memory of Giant George in Charlotte, NC

This Sunday (11/17/2013) from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm the rescue group ...
Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love  will be doing a meet and greet and are asking people to stop by and say hello as well as contribute to their great cause in saving Great Danes.  They will be meeting in the center court at The Promenade Shopping Center off Providence Road.
This event is being held in honor of Giant George who passed away in October 2013.  Here is what they had to … (6 comments)

rescue: Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue, Hickory NC - 11/02/13 10:32 AM
Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue, Hickory NC

Today Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.  In these 10 years they have saved over 2000 Boxers and have helped to heal, foster and find these animals their furever homes.
I have adopted 4 Boxers from Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue over the years and am always amazed at the passion these volunteers have for these Boxers.  I have learned so much from these wonderful women and men. 
If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, please consider going thru a rescue … (10 comments)

rescue: Which of Our Dogs is Camera Shy?? - 04/28/13 04:56 AM
Which of Our Dogs is Camera Shy??
It is amazes me the different personalities that our pets display throughout the day.
This is Corina… Does she look Shy?  LOL … in fact she runs to me when I bring out the camera. (She is a rescue).

We have three great dogs, Guthrie, McGrew and Corina.  I was out in our yard the other day and wanted to capture a few new pictures of the gang.
This is McGrew…Does he look Shy?  (He is a rescue).

Two of … (21 comments)

rescue: Get Your Pets Involved in Earth Day!! - 04/20/13 01:18 PM
Get Your Pets Involved in Earth Day!!

This is one of my dogs that was re-cycled and saved.  Her name is Corina and we love her.  Thank goodness for rescue groups.  She came to me from Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue.
Doesn't her face show joy in being loved and having a home to call her own? 
Earth Day is a good day to look at ways to save energy as well as re-cycle.  It helps if we all look for ways to do our part.
I am a huge animal lover and … (8 comments)

rescue: This FurBaby Can Make You Smile!! - 04/10/13 12:23 PM
This FurBaby Can Make You Smile!!

This is my little female Boxer named Corina that I adopted last August.  By her size and shape I think she is a mix between a Boxer and English Bulldog.  She has the round body and short legs.  I don’t care what her geneology is for I love her.

Go rescue when you are ready to add a fur member to your family.  You will not be disappointed!!
I adopted Corina from Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue.
This FurBaby can make you smile!!

rescue: My Boys Having a Boxing Match this Afternoon!! - 04/07/13 10:01 AM
My Boys Having a Boxing Match this Afternoon!!
My 3 year old black Labrador named McGrew loves to play and play and play.  When I rescued and adopted him last year my 7 year old male Boxer named Guthrie (also a rescue) was not very pleased.  Guthrie was very aloof for the longest time but McGrew just kept on following and hanging out with him.
Here they are heading out through the yard.  I see this all of the time.  McGrew is definitely a herding dog. 

They are now best buds and I actually find … (18 comments)

rescue: Carolina Raptor Center is #6 in a list of 10 of Charlotte's Best To Do - 03/23/13 01:32 PM
Carolina Raptor Center is #6 in a list of 10 of Charlotte’s Best Attractions
“The Carolina Raptor Center, located just north of Charlotte, has been home to 11,000 rescued hawks, eagles, vultures, and owls. One of the largest raptor treatment facilities in the country, the center cares for some 6,000 creatures each year. Visit the 20-plus species on the shaded nature trail, take part in educational classes, or enlist to become a rescue volunteer for the betterment of the environment.”
                                                                                                 Per 10
If you are into bird watching, walking tours and education, volunteering … (8 comments)

rescue: Here Are The Results of Tender Loving Care!! - 03/18/13 09:35 AM
Here Are The Results of Tender Loving Care!!
In December 2011, in fact the day after Christmas, I lost my beautiful male Boxer named BABE to cancer.  I was heartbroken, my mother missed him and our two other dogs were also mourning his loss.
In January 2012 I began to search for a new dog.  Would it be another Boxer?  I really saw one in a high kill shelter that needed rescued, but with my mother’s health condition and the unknowns of this Boxer, we had to pass.  Fortunately he was pulled by Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue and was … (18 comments)

rescue: Just Waiting to be Rescued!!! - 01/13/13 08:34 AM
Have you ever considered fostering or adopting from your local animal shelter or rescue group?
Last year I had the very painful experience of losing two of my Boxers that I had for many years.  One passed after Christmas 2011 and my female Boxer passed in July 2012.  To say I was heart-broken is an understatement.
Not only was I mourning their loss, but my male Boxer named Guthrie was also very down and sad.
I knew that I could not replace BABE and LadyLilly, but I could open my heart and home to other dogs in need of a loving … (20 comments)

rescue: Helping Another After Losing One That You Love Here in Charlotte, NC - 01/10/12 12:38 PM
As many of you know I had a real heart break on December 26, 2011.  My Boxer named BABE died that day.  It was such a shock as well as a major loss.
The past two weeks have been sad for my family and my other pets.  Everyone is fine but everyone is experiencing the loss.
I gave a donation in honor of BABE to Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue for that is where I first met and fostered my sweet Boxer and have enjoyed having him in our lives for over 8 years.  BABE can never be replaced, but … (17 comments)

rescue: Waxhaw, NC Agrees Upon and Adopts the Final Animal Ordinance on 9/13/11 - 09/20/11 12:56 AM
In January 2011 a 5 year old boy was mauled and killed by a couple of dogs.  Since then there have been many meetings to discuss appropriate measures and ordinances for the people who live in Waxhaw, NC.  The first draft in March was overly restrictive.  After several more meetings and discussions there was a vote and all agreed.
Here are the final agreed upon ordinances for Waxhaw, NC.
You are allowed 5 dogs per acre. License fees are set on an annual basis. Professional breeders and animal rescuers are excluded from the restrictions concerning the number of dogs allowed. Escalating … (12 comments)

rescue: Come Out and Enjoy WOOFSTOCK on Saturday, 09/10/11 in Charlotte, NC - 09/07/11 04:33 PM
This Saturday will be a fun day for it is Woofstock.

                                        September 10, 2011                                        
  Amos' Southend
1423 Tryon StreetCharlotte, NC 28203
Saturday, September 10th WoofStock 2011
"Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love and Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue are teaming up to bring you this great event! There will be cool vendors...several rescues...AWESOME silent Suction.....60's themed photo op for your and drink and great music....and lots of adoptable dogs! Tickets $5 Donation."
I will be helping at this event.  I owe so much to Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue for they pulled both BABE and Guthrie on … (12 comments)

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