staging consultation: Wallpaper Removal Really Does Make a Difference - 03/02/09 04:15 AM
You've no doubt heard it before, but it always bears repeating... Remove wallpaper prior to putting your house on the market.  I recently did a Walk & Talk Consultation for some sellers who had their house on the market for a very long time, 175 days. Overall, their house was in pretty good shape.  They had decluttered and maintained it well.  I suggested a few additional decor items, repositioned some furniture, etc.  Unfortunately, their previous agent told them it was okay to leave up the wallpaper that was in the diining room and entry (sorry no before photo of that space).  … (16 comments)

staging consultation: Before & Afters of a Staging Consultation - Part 2 - 02/05/09 08:50 AM
In my previous blog, Before & Afters of a Staging Consultation - Part 1, I wanted to show the results of a client that took my suggestions from a consultation and implemented them themselves without having me come back to do some final staging and "tweaking".  The point I wanted to make was that, while a staging consultation is a fantastic tool to get your property ready for showing, for most sellers it's hard to see their property the same way a professional stager does.  So while they usually make tremendous improvements to the showing condition of their property, it may … (6 comments)

staging consultation: Before & Afters of a Staging Consultation - Part 1 - 02/04/09 02:16 AM
My approach to staging a property that will be occupied while it is on the market always begins with a consultation.  I talked about this in my blog "What a Difference a Consultation Can Make" and truly believe great results are possible!  This is the first step in the staging process and gives the seller so much information that they can do it all themselves, or have me complete the tasks.  Sometimes I get called back to complete the work, sometimes the sellers try to do it all themselves.  Either way, the property always looks better than it did prior to … (17 comments)

staging consultation: What a Difference a Consultation Can Make! - 01/14/09 07:30 AM
The first step every seller should take BEFORE putting their house on the market is to hire a Professional Home Stager for a staging consultation.  This is the most affordable, cost effective solution to getting your house market ready.  A good home staging professional will provide you with a "roadmap" to prepare your home for sale.  For the DIY seller, the consultation is a valuable resource to guide you in the right direction.  If you are a seller that wants a little more hands on help, a home staging professional will be happy to do the actual work needed to make … (20 comments)


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