wallpaper: Wallpaper Removal Really Does Make a Difference - 03/02/09 04:15 AM
You've no doubt heard it before, but it always bears repeating... Remove wallpaper prior to putting your house on the market.  I recently did a Walk & Talk Consultation for some sellers who had their house on the market for a very long time, 175 days. Overall, their house was in pretty good shape.  They had decluttered and maintained it well.  I suggested a few additional decor items, repositioned some furniture, etc.  Unfortunately, their previous agent told them it was okay to leave up the wallpaper that was in the diining room and entry (sorry no before photo of that space).  … (16 comments)

wallpaper: Sellers - Listen to the advice your home stager gives you! - 11/23/07 08:58 AM
Sometimes I just don't get it!  Why would someone hire a professional home stager to tell them how to properly prepare their house for sell, then not follow through with the recommendations?  Well, I do know why.  It's either too much work, too much money or they're too emotionally attached to make the recommended changes.  But when they do follow through, the results are well worth the effort!
Wallpaper in my area of the country is a big problem and equally a big problem to convince sellers to remove it.  Here's a couple examples where the sellers chose not to follow through on the … (7 comments)

wallpaper: I did something I hope was okay! - 11/21/07 09:41 AM
I recently completed staging a challenging project.  This house was challenging for a number of reasons - paint and wallpaper that needed to be changed but wouldn't be.  Valances that should have come down,but won't, etc.  The sellers would not approve any of my recommendations concerning those items. It was vacant with some items left behind that I was to use first before I added anything else (and only to add if really necessary!)  This house is an expensive home for our area - 1.3mil. in need of a lot of attention.   One of the  best selling features of this home (besides location) were the gorgeous hardwood floors.  Unfortunately, in … (18 comments)


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