mt juliet real estate: Safety Tips that can protect Homeowners and Realtors - 11/08/11 08:19 AM
Open house safety
An open house can be a great way to advertise that your home is for sale, and Realtors have been holding Open Houses for as long as people can remember.  However, homeowners and Realtors need to be careful and put some thought into safety before they open the doors to the home.
A few safety tips that can keep everyone safe:
Realtors should bring another agent or friend with them in order to not be in the house alone. If the Realtor must be alone, they should make sure that family members and co-workers know where they are and what … (4 comments)

mt juliet real estate: I am thankful for low interest rates! - 11/02/11 09:32 AM
According to Freddie Mac, 30 year fixed rates are averaging 4.10%.  Which means they are remaining near their 60 year lows. 
This time last year, rates averaged 4.23%. Obviously not a lot different than 4.10%, but if you use a mortgage calculator you find that it means a difference of close to $20 per month on your payment for a $250,000 house.  What could you do with that $20 a month?
As Thanksgiving approaches, maybe we should all be thankful for such low rates.  In some areas of the country the low rates are what's keeping the market alive.  Plus, buyers … (0 comments)

mt juliet real estate: Is your agent using social media to sell your house? - 11/01/11 09:44 AM
Use social media to sell your house!
            We are in the age of social media.  Over 800 million people use facebook.  Not to mention Twitter, Linked In, you tube and dozens of others.  Retailers and manufacturers are using social media to advertise and sell their product, so why not use it to sell your house?
            If your Realtor is not using websites like facebook and twitter to advertise your house and their business, you may want to think twice about using that agent.  Social media is used by every demographic, from teenagers … (2 comments)

mt juliet real estate: Fall Spruce up! Use the cooler temps to add some warmth to your home - 10/27/11 05:44 AM
What you can do this fall to spruce up your home
            Fall is here!  What a great time to spruce up the front of your home with a few easy fixes:
Plant some mums.  They come in the most gorgeous fall colors, so use those colors to your advantage. Add some new mulch.  One of the easiest things that packs the biggest visual punch. Place some solar lighting around the garden areas to highlight the new flowers and plants. Lots of garden and yard supplies are on sale or clearance this time of year.  It’s a great … (0 comments)

mt juliet real estate: Homeowner Associations-you should know about them before you buy! - 10/25/11 06:27 AM
Homeowner’s Associations
If you are looking for a new home, one question you will want to ask, but may not have thought about is, “Do I want to buy a house in a neighborhood that has a homeowner’s association?”
In order to know the answer to this question you will have to ask yourself even more questions like, “Do I want someone telling me that I can’t park a boat in my front yard?” and, “Will I mind if my neighbor installs a huge storage shed in their back yard?”
Homeowner’s Associations are created in order to … (6 comments)

mt juliet real estate: Fun road trip destinations within a few short hours from Mt. Juliet, TN - 08/26/11 10:24 AM
Theme Parks close to Mt. Juliet, TN
Nashville is centrally located with access to 3 interstates, making it an easy spot to travel from, and Interstate 40 runs right through Mt. Juliet.  So, why not jump on the interstate and head out to one of the many theme parks within a few hours drive.  Some you might want to consider:
Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Approximately 3.5 hours from Mt. Juliet.  Dollywood is a large theme park with rides for all ages.  It has a good reputation for having lots of rides and activities for little ones.  In recent … (0 comments)

mt juliet real estate: What a great time to buy! - 08/16/11 04:07 AM
Mortgage interest rates from some lenders in Tennessee dropped below 4% for a 30 year loan in the past week!  What a great time to buy!
Current interest rates are at the lowest they have been in the past 20 years.  Looking back at the rates during that time period, you can see that ten years ago, buyers would have paid approximately 7% on their 30 year fixed rate loan.
If you look back even farther, buyers in 1991 paid a whopping 9.25% on average.  And, don't even ask the baby boomer generation what they paid when they bought their first … (1 comments)

mt juliet real estate: Ways to keep your home safe while you are out of town - 05/18/11 08:34 AM
Ways to keep your home safe while you are out of town
It is easy to believe that since you live in a nice, safe community, your home will be safe when you have to go out of town.  The reality is that any house, no matter its location, can be a target for crime.  Here are a few tips that will help you have a little more peace of mind while you are away:
Put a hold on your mail.  Ask someone to pick up your newspapers.  Mail piling up is a sure sign that no one is … (4 comments)

mt juliet real estate: A neighborhood with a picturesque drive welcomes you home - 05/04/11 06:45 AM
Few neighborhoods in the Mt. Julietarea have the added benefit of an entranceway lined with Bradford pear trees spaced every few feet alongside dense greenery.  As soon as you turn from Lebanon Rd. into the neighborhood, you realize that there is not a home in sight.  All you can see is tree after tree.  If you are lucky, you are driving down this road on a sunny March day where the trees are covered with white blooms, a welcome sign of Spring.  Continuing down the road, the neighborhood sprawls out in front of you, and you are greeted by a pond … (0 comments)

mt juliet real estate: Fortune outlines a better future for real estate. I HOPE they are right! - 05/02/11 05:54 AM
Fortune magazine outlines a scenario for an upward shift in housing
A recent article in Fortune magazine has Realtors smiling and sellers hopeful.  The title, “Real Estate: Its time to buy again” says it all.  The nation’s housing market may have taken a huge hit in recent years, but this article outlines the way a scenario is falling into place that will allow the housing market to shift upward.
New construction has steeply declined in many areas of the country.  According to the author of the Fortune article, Shawn Tully, the lack of building and steep decline in home … (1 comments)

mt juliet real estate: Opry Mills will be back! - 04/25/11 12:41 PM
Opry Mills will be back!
During a news conference, representatives from Opry Mills revealed that the mall will be set to reopen in the Spring of 2012.  The popular Nashville shopping center has been closed since the May 2010 flood, with only Bass Pro Shops opening so far. 
There have been lots of rumors about which retailers will return once the mall is reopened.  Representatives have commented that some new stores will be added including Calvin Klein outlet, Coach, Under Armour and White House Black Market.
For people in the Mt. Juliet community, the reopening of Opry … (0 comments)

mt juliet real estate: When is the best time to put your house on the market? - 03/29/11 12:27 PM
            No one can tell you when the exact right time for you to put your home on the market is.  That is a very personal decision since you may be affected in several different ways.  An experienced Realtor can guide you through the market in your area and help you decide what works best for you.
            In the Mt. Juliet, TN market spring is definitely a popular time for buyers to be out looking for a home.  After a long, hard winter, all areas of … (0 comments)

mt juliet real estate: Its YOUR home, you may know exactly how to market it... - 03/24/11 07:29 AM
While you may not have a degree in Marketing, or really even know very much about how to market a house for sale, you know EXACTLY why you bought your home.  Those reasons may be the very same reasons a buyer would want to buy your home.
It is a Realtor’s job to know the community they work in and the real estate market in their area, but only you know all the little interesting tidbits about your house and what it is like to live there.  SHARE THESE THINGS WITH YOUR REALTOR.  They could possibly … (0 comments)

mt juliet real estate: Sneaky tricks for getting ready for a showing in just minutes. - 03/21/11 01:40 PM
When your home is on the market, you may not always have hours to spare before a showing.  Here are a few sneaky tips that will help you get your home showing-ready in just minutes:
Pick up any dirty laundry.  You can always hide laundry in the washer or dryer if you are short in time. Keep one cabinet in your kitchen empty at all times so you can quickly toss counter top clutter in and shut the door. Grab a laundry basket and fill it … (1 comments)

mt juliet real estate: In Real Estate, CMA has nothing to do with country music! - 03/14/11 10:50 AM
What is a CMA?
A CMA is a Comparative Market Analysis.  This is the information your Realtor will present you with when you sit down to list your house or decide to put an offer in on a new house.  The CMA is a list of for sale and sold properties in your area in a given time period.
When listing your house, the Realtor will look at a CMA from the past 6 months to a year in order to decide what homes in your area are listing and selling for.  This is a valuable tool when trying to … (1 comments)

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