plainfield il: Plainfield IL Short Sales - 12/16/11 06:04 PM
In the month of November 2011, there were 77 new properties that began the foreclosure process in Plainfield, IL.  In November 2010, there were 79 new properties that began the foreclosure process.  Not really much of a change when comparing  market snapshots for the same time year to year.
Illinois is a judicial state, meaning that the lender must take legal action against the homeowner in a court to regain ownership of the property.  From the time the Lis Pendens is filed the owners have anywhere from 6 months upwards of nearly 2 years before the lender takes back the property.  … (0 comments)

plainfield il: Plainfield Foreclosures up 30% in 2011 | Plainfield IL Short Sale Realtors - 12/16/11 06:03 PM
The amount of foreclosure proceedings for 2011 are up from 660 new pre-foreclosure filings in 2010 to 944 new filings in 2011. These numbers are from January 1st through November 30th for both years.  Until the end of this final month of the year I won’t have the final yearly totals, so I compared both years through the end of November to keep the comparisons consistent.
This is not good news for anyone looking to sell a home as a regular residential sale in Plainfield IL anytime soon. These homes will most likely sell at discount through either short sale or … (1 comments)

plainfield il: 38.9% of October Single Family Home Sales Were Distressed | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 11/30/11 01:05 AM
In October, 74 single family homes sold in Plainfield IL.  The homes ranged in price from $89,000 all the way up to $635,000.
While the number of distressed home sales is still holding steady at an alarming 38.9%, we are down from the 50% ratio that consumed most of these reports in 2010 and earlier this year in 2011.
Of the 74 single family homes that closed in Plainfield, 18 of these homes were bank foreclosures that made up 24% of the total sales for the area in October.  Another 11 single family homes that … (0 comments)

plainfield il: Closed Comps for Wesmere Subdivision | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 08/26/11 02:43 AM
The following property addresses have closed in the Wesmere subdivision in Plainfield IL in the last 6 months between February 26th, 2011 and August 26th, 2011:
1717 Emerald Pointe Cir. closed at $112,500 (F) 1607 Lake Pointe Ct. closed at $114,010 (F) 1903 Arbor Fields Dr. closed at $115,001 (F) 5815 Emerald Pointe Cir. closed at $122,000 (F) 1712 Whispering Oakds Dr. closed at $130,000 (F) 2055 Winding Lakes Dr. closed at $132,000 (S) 5813 Emerald Pointe Dr. closed at $132,000 2222 Candlewood Dr. closed at $136,000 (F) 2202 Wesmere Lakes Dr. closed at $140,600 (F) 5508 Hickory Grove Ct. … (2 comments)

plainfield il: 5004 Syracuse Ct. in Plainfield IL - 07/13/10 04:33 PM
5004 Syracuse Ct. | Plainfield IL 5004 Syracuse Ct., Plainfield, IL 60586 View Map This townhome is GORGEOUS! Wood floors, GIGANTIC LOFT, 2 car garage, 2nd floor laundry... seconds from shopping, dining and expressways. Shopping is literally within walking distance! Immaculate condition, just move right in. Neutral decor, cozy patio, master bathroom bedroom... this one has it all! NO SHORT SALE HERE!!! :o)
Details Asking Price: $139,000 MLS: 07577551 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2.5 # of Floors: 2 HOA/Maintenance Fees: 128 Garage Size: 2 Subdivision: Hampton Glen Year Built: 2005 Contact Info Julie Ferenzi Realtor Main 708-452-0021 Cell 630-673-6233 Dir 630-673-6233 Email … (0 comments)

plainfield il: Plainfield IL Fireworks for 2010 | Living In Plainfield - 07/03/10 10:49 AM
Tonight is the annual Plainfield IL fireworks display for 2010 at Plainfield Central just off of Beggs St. and Rt. 59.  Fireworks start at dusk and it's quite a display! (think 9:30)
If you are looking for a great place to park, you might consider Renwick Park on Renwick Rd.  There is tons of open space in the fields for blankets and chairs, just make sure to get there early... AND bring the bug spray!
Summer is tons of fun in Plainfield IL!  Don't miss the fireworks tonight! 
Happy 4th of July!

Julie Ferenzi | Realtor®Plainfield IL Homes for Sale630-673-6233

plainfield il: Fine Dining at The Melting Pot in Naperville IL | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 06/21/10 05:12 PM
My in-laws offered to babysit for us this weekend so that Tony and I could go out for dinner.  Despite our favorite downtown Plainfield IL restaurants like Baci’s, The Front Street Cantina, and Bin 48… we opted to try something different.
It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to eat out sans kids, so we decided to take full advantage of not having to order from a children’s menu, cut up food into tiny pieces, or ask for extra napkins.  We could never “foudue” with our crazy crew with hot burners in the middle of the table, but it’s … (2 comments)

plainfield il: Plainfield Summer Fest 2010 | Living In Plainfield - 06/21/10 05:08 PM
Nothing says summer like a heavy dose of festival food, carnival rides, and cotton candy.  I’m sure you’re sick of me posting about the many fests that take place in Plainfield IL, but I can’t help it… they’re my favorite.
This summer, the Plainfield Summer Fest is taking place in downtown Plainfield starting on Friday, July 16th at 5:00 pm and running through Sunday, July 17th to 6:00 pm.
This is the biggest of the three seasonal Plainfield Fests, and probably the most fun!  Bring the kids, slap on some sunscreen, and get ready to enjoy summer!
See you at the … (0 comments)

plainfield il: Grande Park Luxury Homes | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 06/11/10 04:34 PM

The following luxury homes in the Grande Park subdivision in Plainfield IL have recently sold:
12825 Grande Poplar Cir. sold for $210,000 (S) on 2/12/10 26531 Rustling Birch Way sold for $230,000 (F) on 1/8/10 26609 Silverleaf Dr. sold for $238,000 (F) on 5/20/10 13323 Morning Mist Pl. sold for $270,000 (F) on 3/12/10 26232 Whispering Woods Cir. sold for $280,000 (F) on 12/30/09 12830 Grande Poplar Cir. sold for $285,000 (F) on 1/26/10 13318 Morning Mist Pl. sold for $285,000 on 1/15/10 26515 Silverleaf Dr. sold for $287,000 (F) on 4/7/10 13008 Grande Poplar Cir. sold for $295,000 … (0 comments)

plainfield il: Hazards of the Profession: A case of what the grass is like on the other side | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 06/08/10 06:43 PM
Last week my sellers at 2212 Candlewood Dr. in Plainfield IL sold their home, and they needed to find a new home on the double!
One of the hazards of my profession is wanting to move into a vast majority of the homes I preview with clients.  Like... real bad.
It depends on the price range, and the sellers taste in decor of course, but I get a really bad case of "keeping up with the Jone's" when I see something I like. 
The awesomeness of home shopping with the Farrows is that they have 5 kids too.  They were looking … (0 comments)

plainfield il: How long do short sales take to get approved… I meal like, REALLY take? | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 05/18/10 04:56 PM
Now that the home buyer credit has expired for qualified buyers, those that missed out on the opportunity to get the credit will now be looking to save some money on the purchase of their new home. Short sales were overlooked during the frenzy to purchase a property before the credit expired because of the length of time it took to get them approved, but they are now back in the game.
But exactly how long do short sales to get approved?
Knowing that I wasn't going to get an easy answer, I decided the most objective way to … (2 comments)

plainfield il: Our first home... Now a shell of what it once was. A Foreclosure revisted. - 04/12/10 04:40 AM
I'm a Realtor in Plainfield, Illinois. I specialize in short sales and foreclosures, so I'm no stranger to the aftermath that can be found within the confines of a former "home". I've seen some really destroyed places; sledge hammers to the walls, feces on the floors of every room, rotting food on the floors and counter tops, obscenities on the walls, roaches, abandoned pets, burst pipes, and the worst thing I've ever seen done by a homeowner who lost their home to foreclosure... they completely booby trapped the entire house. It was a disgruntled homeowner in my neighborhood who pulled … (88 comments)

plainfield il: The Pain Behind a Short Sale | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 08/21/09 03:50 PM
Ugh, I HATE short sales… and no, it’s not because of the all the extra paperwork or problems that come with the process.  It’s heartbreaking to see families have to leave their homes behind and start over.
I have 5 kids, and because of what I do, I lay awake every night wondering what we would do if we had to pack up everything we have, and give up everything my husband and I have worked for simply because our house was no longer worth what we paid for it, and we could no longer afford it.
I have listed … (5 comments)

plainfield il: 51% of Plainfield IL home sales in the last 30 days were short sales or foreclosures | Plainfield IL Homes - 05/25/09 03:07 PM
The Plainfield IL home sales for the last 30 days from April 15th, 2009 through May 15th 2009 are now more than 50% short sales or foreclosure sales.
That's great news for buyers... but it's bad news for the economy and the real estate market in general.  It means things aren't getting any better for homeowners in foreclosure, and homeowners who are current on their mortgages are losing the value of their homes at warp speed.
42 of the 82 homes sold were either foreclosed or bank owned homes, or short sales.
The price of homes sold in the last 30 … (0 comments)

plainfield il: Plainfield IL Short Sale Information | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 04/25/09 02:58 PM
Short sales offer a pretty fair discount on single family homes in the area and right now there are many homes in Plainfield IL available to chose from, but the banks aren’t going to give them away for pennies on the dollar. Here are a few things you can expect when writing an offer on homes that require 3rd party lender approval:
Short sales take time.  If you are not willing or able to wait the 6-10 weeks required for lender approval, a short sale is probably not the right choice for you. The lower the price, the less likely your … (1 comments)

plainfield il: Plainfield IL Townhome and Duplex Real Estate Values 2008 & 2009 | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 04/25/09 02:51 PM

With all of the news on t.v. and talk on the radio, you might be wondering how the value of your Plainfield IL townhouse or duplex is doing.  Many homeowners today are keeping a close eye on their Plainfield IL property values with good cause.
While there is definitely depreciation going on in the market, there are other factors contributing to the health of the Plainfield town home and duplex market.
The volume of sales for the attached single family market in Plainfield IL is down drastically from March of 2008 when compared to March of 2009 by approximately … (0 comments)

plainfield il: Some of The Strangest Search Terms That Will Apparently Lead You To My Website - 04/15/09 02:50 AM
I've really been focusing on directing traffic to my website, so this morning I was looking at the backside of my website to see what search terms people are using to find my site.  What I found was not only pretty funny, it reminded me of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  I guess your only 6 degrees from just about anything... no matter how ridiculous!
Recent Search Terms That Will Take You To
illegal dolls without human faces (this shows up several time on the backside... who knew so many people had an interest in this?!) play-dough flavored ice-cream … (9 comments)

plainfield il: Plainfield IL March 2009 Market Report | Plainfield IL Homes - 04/14/09 05:42 PM
The Spring real estate is in full swing. What can Plainfield IL home sellers expect to see in this market? To start, volume of single family detached home sales in Plainfield IL this March is down by about 11% compared to the same time last year, while the depreciation in the price of single family detached home market is up by about 17.2%.  Single family homes in March of 2009 are selling for about 17.2% less than they did just 12 months prior, on average.
The average sale price of a Plainfield IL home was about $280,133 last year, compared to … (0 comments)

plainfield il: Recent Closings in the Eagle Ridge Subdivision in Plainfield IL | Plainfield IL Homes - 04/04/09 04:47 PM
The following homes have recently closed in the Eagle Ridge subdivision in Plainfield IL:
October 2008
5710 Brosam Ln. closed on 10/17/08 for $235,000 November 2008
1401 Martin Ct. closed on 11/17/08 for $160,000 as a short sale 5708 Brosam Ln. closed on 11/26/08 for $175,000 as a short sale January 2009
1414 Meyer Ct. closed on 1/2/09 for $222,000 The Eagle Ridge Subdivision is located off of River Rd and Theodore just west of Rt.59 in Plainfield IL.  The neighborhood is part of the Troy school district.  There is a $130  Homeowners Association fee that is paid once yearly.  Eagle … (0 comments)

plainfield il: Recent Closings in the Hampton Glen Subdivision in Plainfield IL | Plainfield IL Homes - 04/04/09 03:11 PM
The following single family properties have recently closed in the Hampton Glen subdivision in Plainfield IL:  
February 2009 1308 Bridgehampton Dr. closed on 2/25/09 for $141,000 as a short sale December 2008 5202 Pontigo Glen Dr. closed on 12/05/08 for $193,000 as a short sale October 2008 1409 Bridgehampton Dr. closed on 10/15/08 for $225,000 September 2008 5105 Gardiner Glen Dr. closed on 9/25/08 for $195,000 as a short sale The following towhomes have recently closed in the neighborhood: March 2009 5130 Freeport Ct. closed on 3/2/09 for $173,000 November 2008 5005 Norwalk Ct. closed on 11/24/08 for $129,000 as … (0 comments)

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