plainfield il homes for sale: 10 homes under $150,000 for sale in Plainfield IL! - 02/18/14 03:06 AM
Combined with historically low interest rates, picking up a home in Plainfield for under $150,000 would be a STEAL!
The following properties are listed at $150,000 and under!
20831 W. Brockton Ct. for $105,000
4113 Rivertowne Dr. for $116,000
2318 Woodhill Ct. for $119,900
14057 Front Royal Ct. for $125,000
6908 Great Falls Dr. for $128,000
16337 S. Lily Cache Rd. for $138,900
4118 Rivertowne Dr. for $139,900
16540 S. Mcallister Rd. for $139,900
13716 Redbud Dr. for $142,500
4106 Rivertowne Dr. for $149,900
These homes range between 2-3 bedrooms.  Some are bank owned homes that may need work, but prices are inching their way higher and a fixer upper might be a … (1 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Dunmoor Estates Market Reports | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 12/23/13 03:31 PM
The following single homes have closed in the Dunmoor Estates Subdivision in Plainfield IL over the last 6 months of 2013:
13428 Kerr St. closed at $365,000 25919 Campbell Ln. closed at $414,000 13439 Skyline Dr. closed at $425,000 25837 Campbell Ln. closed at $440,000 13416 Skyline Dr. closed at $443,000 25933 Campbell Ln. closed at $505,000 If you are looking for a stately custom home in the Plainfield area, Dunmoor Estates is a beautiful neighborhood with plenty of custom appointments.   Call me at 630-673-6233 for a complimentary market analysis of your home if you are in the market to buy … (0 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: The most EXPENSIVE listing in Plainfield IL right now.... $1.2 MILLION - 06/20/13 02:33 PM
Today is June 20th, 2013... and as of today, the most expensive active listing currently available in Plainfield IL is located at 25728 119th St. in Plainfield. just west of Rt. 30
It's pretty impressive, I'm just going to say!
The listing says it's fully fenced... and that you can have horses.  LOT's of horses.  AND UNICORNS TOO!  Lot's of unicorns!  If you have one, and I sell you this house, can we come back to visit?  Puh-lease?
Seriously, though... the basement?  It has 12 FOOT CEILINGS!  We are talking basketball courts down here.  While you might be putzing away playing "pool" in your … (2 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Clearwater Springs and Aspen Falls Market Reports | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 08/29/11 05:48 PM
The following single family homes have closed in the Clearwater Springs and Aspen Falls Subdivision in the last 6 months from February 2011 through August 2011.
6706 Langsford Ln. closed at $110,000 (F) 7015 Waterway Ct. closed at $127,100  (F) 7013 Pyramid Dr. closed at $130,000 (F) 7008 Desert Dr. closed at $135,000 6985 Sierra Ct. closed at $170,000 2517 Sierra Ave. closed at $170,000 (F) 2705 Mirage Ave. closed at $177,000 2912 Horizon Ct. closed at $193,000 2655 Stonebridge Ct. closed at $196,000 2804 Discovery Dr. closed at $200,000 (F) 2605 Clear Creek Ct. closed at $255,000 The combined subdivision … (1 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Market Report for Heritage Oaks Subdivision in Plainfield IL | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 08/26/11 03:17 AM
The following properties have closed in the Heritage Oaks subdivision in Plainfield IL between February 26th, 2011 and August 26th, 2011:
24853 Winterberry Dr. closed at $221,000 (F) 12116 Winterberry Dr. closed at $271,000 (S) 12125 Winterberry Dr. closed at $305,000 Heritage Oaks is a luxury custom home community located in Plainfield IL.  Heritage Oaks subdivision is a highly sought after neighborhood due to it's close proximity to Rt. 59 for commuters, and the convenience of shopping, dining and entertainment.  Plainfield IL is a quick 45 mintues into Chicago via I-55 to Lake Shore Dr.  The train stations in Aurora, … (1 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: June 2011 Single Family Closed Comps | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 07/31/11 05:36 PM
The numbers of distressed sales are holding steady from the same time last year with only a slight increase in the amount distressed home sales from up from 37.8% in June 2010 to  38.2% in June 2011.
There was also an increase in the amount of sales in Plainfield IL totaling 110 closed single family homes up from 95 closed single family home sales last year.  In addition average market times decreased from 190 days in June of 2010 to 165 days in June 2011.
Unfortunately the average single family home value in Plainfield continues to decline.  The average single family … (0 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Housing by the Numbers 2010 - Spotlight on duplexes, condos and townhomes | Plainfield IL Market Reports - 05/02/11 04:58 AM
It's hard to know where we are going if we have no idea where we are coming from.  In order to make sense of the numbers year to year and month by month, we have to have something to compare the health of the real estate economy in Plainfield IL to, and last year, only 199 attached single family properties sold.  In 365 days, that's not a lot of property... but to put in into perspective, Plainfield is mainly comprised of single family homes, so those numbers do not alarm me as much as those figures might suggest. 
What always alarms … (0 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Plainfield IL short sale specialist - 04/06/11 05:28 PM
Selling homes in Plainfield these days is not as easy as it once was, but that hasn’t stopped me from selling all of my listing and closing them with my short sale team!
If you are in foreclosure, or owe more on your home that it is currently worth and you are struggling to pay the mortgage, I can help.  I have closed all of my short sale listings in the last 12 months in record speed.
Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing you were protected my an attorney throughout your transaction?  When you list with me you are legally represented … (3 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: January 2011 Single Family Market Report for Plainfield IL - 03/20/11 03:28 PM
Wow, I’ve been neglecting my blog because I’ve been busy working, (which is good right?)  but I have a lot of catching up to do!  I can’t believe it’s March already!  I’ve got the January market report for you for Plainfield ready now, and it’s painting a better picture of something I thought might have skewed the upbeat numbers last month.  December 30th was originally the date that buyers had to close by in order to qualify for the tax credit last year, and there was a mad rush to purchase property in the last quarter of the year.  Unfortunately, January’s … (0 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: December 2009 Closings vs. December 2010 | Plainfield IL Real Estate Closings - 01/21/11 06:09 AM
A shimmer of hope.  A spark?  A flicker of light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel?!  Say it’s true… oh, someone say that it’s true.
In what is often thought to be one of the slowest months in real estate here in the Midwest, there is a positive trend in the real estate numbers here in Plainfield that can be seen when we compare the numbers in real estate closings from December 2009 with the numbers from this past December 2010.
Home sales were up 8% from the same month last year!
Average single family … (1 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: It's a GREAT time to buy a home in Plainfield! - 11/20/10 05:42 PM
48 single family homes closed in Plainfield IL, ranging in price from $132,000 all the way up to $530,000. 
It might sound crazy, but I actually LOVE that range.  It means homes in all price ranges are selling, meaning both starter and luxury family homes!
Of the 48 closed home sales in Plainfield, 24 were distressed sales; either short sales or bank owned / foreclosure sales, and the other 24 sales were regular residential home sales.
50% of all the homes that closed this month offered buyers an opportunity to purchase a home in Plainfield at a discount.  With … (3 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Historic Downtown Plainfield IL Homes | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 11/20/10 05:16 PM
There are a lot of neighborhoods and subdivisions in Plainfield IL.  If you don’t believe me… just take a look at my sidebar, and that’s not even half of them!  I’m getting there though, one neighborhood at a time.  Sometimes it takes me longer to get to the different parts of town when I’m taking pictures and researching the market for a particular neighborhood.  It all depends on where life takes me in a day, and how many kids I have in tow, but don’t forget; if you ever want to know about a particular neighborhood, I’m just a phone call … (1 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Need A Handyman or Contractor in Plainfield IL? I know a guy :o) | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 08/04/10 04:16 AM
Handymen are hard to come by in Plainfield IL.  Good ones anyway... so I'm going to share my secret.  My neighbor was having a new door installed on his house last month, so I stopped over to ask the workers for a business card since we are in the market for a new set of storm doors as well. Actually I have a long list of things we are in the market for... but that day it was the door that caught my eye. 
When he was finished at my neighbors house he stopped over to discuss some of the things … (1 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Dunmoor Estates Luxury Plainfield Homes | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 06/21/10 05:16 PM
Dunmoor Estates is a beautiful custom home community in Plainfield IL located between Ridge Rd and Rt. 30 just off of 135th St.  This beautiful neighborhood is located near shopping and dining, with easy access to I-55 and I-80.
There is  cluster of beautiful custom home neighborhoods near Dunmoor Estates in Plainfield IL, including Grande Park, Shenandoah, and Prairie Ponds.
Home in this neighborhood feature 4+ bedrooms and large homesites with contemporary luxury design layouts.  Many of these homes also have 1st floor dens, full basements, custom kitchens with granite counter tops, full finished basements, and beautifully upgraded exteriors with superb … (2 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Plainfield Summer Fest 2010 | Living In Plainfield - 06/21/10 05:08 PM
Nothing says summer like a heavy dose of festival food, carnival rides, and cotton candy.  I’m sure you’re sick of me posting about the many fests that take place in Plainfield IL, but I can’t help it… they’re my favorite.
This summer, the Plainfield Summer Fest is taking place in downtown Plainfield starting on Friday, July 16th at 5:00 pm and running through Sunday, July 17th to 6:00 pm.
This is the biggest of the three seasonal Plainfield Fests, and probably the most fun!  Bring the kids, slap on some sunscreen, and get ready to enjoy summer!
See you at the … (0 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Fine Dining at The Melting Pot in Naperville IL | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 06/14/10 06:16 PM
My in-laws offered to babysit for us this weekend so that Tony and I could go out for dinner.  Despite our favorite downtown Plainfield IL restaurants like Baci's, The Front Street Cantina, and Bin 48... we opted to try something different.
It's been a while since we've had a chance to eat out sans kids, so we decided to take full advantage of not having to order from a children's menu, cut up food into tiny pieces, or ask for extra napkins.  We could never "foudue" with our crazy crew with hot burners in the middle of the table, but it's … (0 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Grande Park Luxury Homes | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 06/11/10 04:34 PM

The following luxury homes in the Grande Park subdivision in Plainfield IL have recently sold:
12825 Grande Poplar Cir. sold for $210,000 (S) on 2/12/10 26531 Rustling Birch Way sold for $230,000 (F) on 1/8/10 26609 Silverleaf Dr. sold for $238,000 (F) on 5/20/10 13323 Morning Mist Pl. sold for $270,000 (F) on 3/12/10 26232 Whispering Woods Cir. sold for $280,000 (F) on 12/30/09 12830 Grande Poplar Cir. sold for $285,000 (F) on 1/26/10 13318 Morning Mist Pl. sold for $285,000 on 1/15/10 26515 Silverleaf Dr. sold for $287,000 (F) on 4/7/10 13008 Grande Poplar Cir. sold for $295,000 … (0 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: Hazards of the Profession: A case of what the grass is like on the other side | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 06/08/10 06:43 PM
Last week my sellers at 2212 Candlewood Dr. in Plainfield IL sold their home, and they needed to find a new home on the double!
One of the hazards of my profession is wanting to move into a vast majority of the homes I preview with clients.  Like... real bad.
It depends on the price range, and the sellers taste in decor of course, but I get a really bad case of "keeping up with the Jone's" when I see something I like. 
The awesomeness of home shopping with the Farrows is that they have 5 kids too.  They were looking … (0 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: How long do short sales take to get approved… I meal like, REALLY take? | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 05/18/10 04:56 PM
Now that the home buyer credit has expired for qualified buyers, those that missed out on the opportunity to get the credit will now be looking to save some money on the purchase of their new home. Short sales were overlooked during the frenzy to purchase a property before the credit expired because of the length of time it took to get them approved, but they are now back in the game.
But exactly how long do short sales to get approved?
Knowing that I wasn't going to get an easy answer, I decided the most objective way to … (2 comments)

plainfield il homes for sale: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of the Cure... Or a Closing - 01/12/10 01:57 PM

This whole short sale business has my nerves on end.  I've got between 1 and 2 homes closing every month since I've filled the pipeline, but wow... I swear I learn something new every single time.
I've been too busy to blog.  Not only is real estate keeping me busy, but I do have 5 young children that keep me pretty busy too, lol!  Despite the fact that my head is spinning and my nerves are shot, I thought it was worthwhile to stay up a little later tonight to write this post.
One of my properties was supposed to … (2 comments)

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