plainfield il market reports: Dunmoor Estates Market Reports | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 12/23/13 03:31 PM
The following single homes have closed in the Dunmoor Estates Subdivision in Plainfield IL over the last 6 months of 2013:
13428 Kerr St. closed at $365,000 25919 Campbell Ln. closed at $414,000 13439 Skyline Dr. closed at $425,000 25837 Campbell Ln. closed at $440,000 13416 Skyline Dr. closed at $443,000 25933 Campbell Ln. closed at $505,000 If you are looking for a stately custom home in the Plainfield area, Dunmoor Estates is a beautiful neighborhood with plenty of custom appointments.   Call me at 630-673-6233 for a complimentary market analysis of your home if you are in the market to buy … (0 comments)

plainfield il market reports: Plainfield IL Market Reports | Week of October 6th, 2013 - 10/18/13 01:17 PM
  During the week of October 6th, 2013, there were 21 closed real estate transactions.
The following single family properties closed throughout Plainfield last week:

9836 S. Carls Dr. sold for $110,000 (F) 21221 Chastworth Ln. sold for $115,000 (S) 7506 Burshire Dr. sold for $160,000 (S) 1210 Alene Dr. sold for $169,000 (F) 2712 Stonebridge Dr. sold for $175,000 20901 W. Barrington Ln. sold for $181,000 1919 Harvest Ln. sold for $187,000 (F) 1902 Pebble Beach Dr. sold for $193,500 15318 Michael Dr. sold for $197,500 11344 S. Churchill Dr. sold for $200,000 (S) 13926 S. Kelly Ave. sold for … (1 comments)

plainfield il market reports: Plainfield IL Short Sales - 12/16/11 06:04 PM
In the month of November 2011, there were 77 new properties that began the foreclosure process in Plainfield, IL.  In November 2010, there were 79 new properties that began the foreclosure process.  Not really much of a change when comparing  market snapshots for the same time year to year.
Illinois is a judicial state, meaning that the lender must take legal action against the homeowner in a court to regain ownership of the property.  From the time the Lis Pendens is filed the owners have anywhere from 6 months upwards of nearly 2 years before the lender takes back the property.  … (0 comments)

plainfield il market reports: Plainfield Foreclosures up 30% in 2011 | Plainfield IL Short Sale Realtors - 12/16/11 06:03 PM
The amount of foreclosure proceedings for 2011 are up from 660 new pre-foreclosure filings in 2010 to 944 new filings in 2011. These numbers are from January 1st through November 30th for both years.  Until the end of this final month of the year I won’t have the final yearly totals, so I compared both years through the end of November to keep the comparisons consistent.
This is not good news for anyone looking to sell a home as a regular residential sale in Plainfield IL anytime soon. These homes will most likely sell at discount through either short sale or … (1 comments)

plainfield il market reports: 38.9% of October Single Family Home Sales Were Distressed | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 11/30/11 01:05 AM
In October, 74 single family homes sold in Plainfield IL.  The homes ranged in price from $89,000 all the way up to $635,000.
While the number of distressed home sales is still holding steady at an alarming 38.9%, we are down from the 50% ratio that consumed most of these reports in 2010 and earlier this year in 2011.
Of the 74 single family homes that closed in Plainfield, 18 of these homes were bank foreclosures that made up 24% of the total sales for the area in October.  Another 11 single family homes that … (0 comments)

plainfield il market reports: Clearwater Springs and Aspen Falls Market Reports | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 08/29/11 05:48 PM
The following single family homes have closed in the Clearwater Springs and Aspen Falls Subdivision in the last 6 months from February 2011 through August 2011.
6706 Langsford Ln. closed at $110,000 (F) 7015 Waterway Ct. closed at $127,100  (F) 7013 Pyramid Dr. closed at $130,000 (F) 7008 Desert Dr. closed at $135,000 6985 Sierra Ct. closed at $170,000 2517 Sierra Ave. closed at $170,000 (F) 2705 Mirage Ave. closed at $177,000 2912 Horizon Ct. closed at $193,000 2655 Stonebridge Ct. closed at $196,000 2804 Discovery Dr. closed at $200,000 (F) 2605 Clear Creek Ct. closed at $255,000 The combined subdivision … (1 comments)

plainfield il market reports: Market Report for Heritage Oaks Subdivision in Plainfield IL | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 08/26/11 03:17 AM
The following properties have closed in the Heritage Oaks subdivision in Plainfield IL between February 26th, 2011 and August 26th, 2011:
24853 Winterberry Dr. closed at $221,000 (F) 12116 Winterberry Dr. closed at $271,000 (S) 12125 Winterberry Dr. closed at $305,000 Heritage Oaks is a luxury custom home community located in Plainfield IL.  Heritage Oaks subdivision is a highly sought after neighborhood due to it's close proximity to Rt. 59 for commuters, and the convenience of shopping, dining and entertainment.  Plainfield IL is a quick 45 mintues into Chicago via I-55 to Lake Shore Dr.  The train stations in Aurora, … (1 comments)

plainfield il market reports: June 2011 Single Family Closed Comps | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 07/31/11 05:36 PM
The numbers of distressed sales are holding steady from the same time last year with only a slight increase in the amount distressed home sales from up from 37.8% in June 2010 to  38.2% in June 2011.
There was also an increase in the amount of sales in Plainfield IL totaling 110 closed single family homes up from 95 closed single family home sales last year.  In addition average market times decreased from 190 days in June of 2010 to 165 days in June 2011.
Unfortunately the average single family home value in Plainfield continues to decline.  The average single family … (0 comments)

plainfield il market reports: Housing by the Numbers 2010 - Spotlight on duplexes, condos and townhomes | Plainfield IL Market Reports - 05/02/11 04:58 AM
It's hard to know where we are going if we have no idea where we are coming from.  In order to make sense of the numbers year to year and month by month, we have to have something to compare the health of the real estate economy in Plainfield IL to, and last year, only 199 attached single family properties sold.  In 365 days, that's not a lot of property... but to put in into perspective, Plainfield is mainly comprised of single family homes, so those numbers do not alarm me as much as those figures might suggest. 
What always alarms … (0 comments)

plainfield il market reports: December 2009 Closings vs. December 2010 | Plainfield IL Real Estate Closings - 01/21/11 06:09 AM
A shimmer of hope.  A spark?  A flicker of light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel?!  Say it’s true… oh, someone say that it’s true.
In what is often thought to be one of the slowest months in real estate here in the Midwest, there is a positive trend in the real estate numbers here in Plainfield that can be seen when we compare the numbers in real estate closings from December 2009 with the numbers from this past December 2010.
Home sales were up 8% from the same month last year!
Average single family … (1 comments)

plainfield il market reports: Plainfield IL Townhome and Duplex Real Estate Values 2008 & 2009 | Plainfield IL Homes for Sale - 04/25/09 02:51 PM

With all of the news on t.v. and talk on the radio, you might be wondering how the value of your Plainfield IL townhouse or duplex is doing.  Many homeowners today are keeping a close eye on their Plainfield IL property values with good cause.
While there is definitely depreciation going on in the market, there are other factors contributing to the health of the Plainfield town home and duplex market.
The volume of sales for the attached single family market in Plainfield IL is down drastically from March of 2008 when compared to March of 2009 by approximately … (0 comments)

plainfield il market reports: New Construction Home Sales in Plainfield IL | Plainfield IL Homes - 04/25/09 02:42 PM

Many analysts believe the number of new home sales is an indicator of the health of the real estate market.  Today I contacted the Village of Plainfield to get some figures on the number of permits requested by new home builders in Plainfield IL.
New permits issued for new construction:
2007 = 404 permits 2008 = 172 permits In the last 6 months only 26 new permits were requested through the village.  As you can see there has been a drastic reduction in the amount of permits that have been applied for between 2007 and 2008, which shows … (0 comments)

plainfield il market reports: Plainfield IL March 2009 Market Report | Plainfield IL Homes - 04/14/09 05:42 PM
The Spring real estate is in full swing. What can Plainfield IL home sellers expect to see in this market? To start, volume of single family detached home sales in Plainfield IL this March is down by about 11% compared to the same time last year, while the depreciation in the price of single family detached home market is up by about 17.2%.  Single family homes in March of 2009 are selling for about 17.2% less than they did just 12 months prior, on average.
The average sale price of a Plainfield IL home was about $280,133 last year, compared to … (0 comments)

plainfield il market reports: Recent Closings in Kensington Club Subdivision in Plainfield IL | Plainfield IL Homes - 03/21/09 02:49 AM
The following homes have recently closed in the Kensington Club subdivision in Plainfield IL: 13040 Stockton Ave. closed on 1/07/09 for $268,000 24231 Bristol Ave. closed on 11/24/08 for $303,000 13053 Stockton Ave. closed on 11/03/08 for $315,000 24137 Newcastle St. closed on 2/24/09 for $320,000 The Kensington Club subdivision is located off of 127th St. just west of  Rt. 59.  The subdivision does have a $670 per year association fee that is paid annually that covers the neighborhood amenities such as the clubhouse, pool, and ponds.
The homes in Kensington Club were built between 2001 and 2004, and are … (0 comments)

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