motivation: MAGNIFYING THE POSITIVE - 10/04/20 11:00 AM
By Darryl Davis, CSP
When I was a kid, my Father had a magnifying glass, and I thought it was a toy. I thought it was the coolest invention ever created, and I loved to play with it. I loved the curved glass and way it enlarged everything more than what else was around it. My father passed away about 20 years ago, but I still have this magnifying glass.
I remember seeing my father using that magnifying glass to read the newspaper every day, and it got me thinking. There are a lot of terrible things in the news today … (2 comments)

motivation: How to Increase Sales Even in Tough Times - 01/10/12 11:32 PM
An Interview with Motivational Speaker Connie Podesta
by Julie Escobar
Is your sales team crying the “tough times” blues?  “I can’t sell in this economy.”  “The buyers have all dried up.”  “Our market is different.”  Maybe it’s time for a reality check and a solid dose of perspective.
There’s no arguing that times have been turbulent for many industries – but like any market, there will always be those companies and sales professionals that seek out the opportunities and thrive, and those who take the “I’m just waiting for things to get better” attitude.  Which direction do you choose for yourself, … (0 comments)

motivation: Move in the Direction You Want to Go...Be wary of the obstacles you THINK are in your way - 07/21/08 10:57 AM
By Roberta Ross, National Real Estate Speaker
On my regular commutes from Pittsburgh to Maryland, I try to keep my mind open to new experiences, opportunities and people that cross my path. I was inspired and grateful recently when I again was seated next to "Doug," a fellow frequent flyer on my morning flight.
Doug travels each week from his home in Pittsburgh to his job in the Baltimore area. People are often amazed when they learn how often I fly into Maryland and that, as a practical matter, I bought a car on eBay and leave it at the Baltimore … (2 comments)

motivation: How to Motivate in a Melting Market - 03/31/08 08:29 AM
Broker strategies for creating momentum in a changing economy     
With a constant barrage of negative news and tough market conditions in many parts of the country, brokers and managers are seeking new ways to motivate their associates.
How do you get independent contractors out of the negative fog, or worse, a state of quit, to realize their full potential despite market twists and turns? Here are some proven ideas for doing just that:
1. Congratulate them! Most people don't have the guts to tell the world, "Pay me what I'm worth!" Being in real estate, however, puts your agents in that category. It … (2 comments)

motivation: Going Green...Not Just for Environments Anymore! - 02/27/08 11:22 AM
Global warming, landfill shortages and dwindling natural resources are all key topics of conversation among the ecologically conscious. Knowing where to start doing your part can be tough. My advice? Start with the man (or woman) in the mirror.
With all the pressures of a career, life, a shifting market and family responsibilities, you might be surprised at just how many toxic thoughts can take root and influence your perspective, production and momentum. Just as our bodies look and feel different when we remove much of the chemical-laden food and drink from our diet, our minds also work better when they're … (1 comments)

motivation: The Telltale Traits of Top Producers - 8 Common Denominators That Equal Success - 02/21/08 03:53 AM
You've seen them-the mega-producers who seem impervious to the market peaks and valleys felt by mere "mortal" agents. They continue to work day in and day out, usually with a smile to share and the time (and money) to even take their families on nice vacations each year. How do YOU become one of THEM? Start by recognizing eight traits that superstars embody, embrace and constantly improve upon in order to maintain forward momentum and a healthy balance-and then adopt them as your own:
1. Positive attitude. That's right! Attitude is critical to top producers. They greet their days with confidence and … (8 comments)

motivation: Out of the Shadows and Into Success - 02/04/08 02:51 AM
You have seen the agents (or perhaps even been one) who seem to always hang in the shadows and keep to the fringes of business success.  Whether by fear, indecision or inexperience these individuals find themselves more stealth agent than sales agent. 
So where do you stand?  Skulking in the shadows or firmly in the light?  While many may want to stop and deeply analyze what is keeping them from stepping up and moving forward, might I suggest a quicker approach?  Not that digging deep to the root of problems is a bad thing, it is just that I have seen … (2 comments)

motivation: Make Way for the Holidays - 11/08/07 10:22 PM
It's All in the Preparation! By Julia Escobar, Director of Corporate MarketingFrom marketing and meal making to everything in-between, surviving themad holiday dash while maintaining your momentum (and sanity) requires the same common sense and careful planning needed before a big feast, a houseful of company or the exam of a lifetime. It's ALL inthe preparation! 1. Find your center. That might soundlike a lot of new-age hot air to some, but there is real power in finding and keeping your focus when your world is spinning at lightning speed. Knowing who you are and where you are going gives you the energy you … (6 comments)

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