recruiting: Building a Salable Book of Business - 03/30/16 08:45 PM
How You Can Help Agents Succeed at a Higher Level
Recent NAR predictions state that nearly 70% of active real estate agents will exit the business over the next 5 – 10 years, most intending to simply walk away from thebusiness they have spent years building.  Of the agents that would like to sell their business most don’t know how and without help would likely experience problems with tracking, second party referrals, the buying or selling agent going to another company as well as trying to determine who is responsible for keeping the business going through advertising, marketing and mailing.  Understanding how … (1 comments)

recruiting: Why Use Lumpy Letters When Recruiting? - 02/17/16 09:51 PM
Because They WORK! Lumpy letters are a great way to get your correspondence to potential recruits OPENED, NOTICED and TALKED about because they are different, stand out, and include something in the envelope that is bulky so it piques the curiosity of the agent and makes them want to OPEN it to see what’s inside. Each month, we deliver up new lumpy letter ideas for members to try. We get really creative with these and brokers love them because they are fun to use, but even more so because they get RESULTS.  They are a great way to have agents buzzing about … (2 comments)

recruiting: Recruiting Experienced Agents? - 02/04/16 08:13 PM
What You Need to Know
First thing’s first.  Ask yourself – “Do I have what experienced agents are looking for?  How do I compare to my competition?”
Experienced Agent Hot Button List:Let’s take a look at some key deciding points for experienced agents:
Technology and Tech Support Advanced Training and Coaching Comparative Commission Structure Marketing Support Quality Support Staff Personal Assistants or Systems That Help Remove Detail Work From Agent Agendas Agent Promotion A Professional Image and Office Environment Calls Off Their Own Signs How many of these components do you have in place?  What about your competition?  If you … (1 comments)

recruiting: Free Webinar: Recruiting Rescue with Floyd Wickman & Julie Escobar - 09/11/09 07:26 AM
Tap into some of the best tools in the business for growing your team of agents.  
Join us October 6, 2009,12:30-1:30 Eastern!
You'll discover:
 Inexpensive social media advertising for effective recruiting and company branding FREE new licensee lists in select states Best practices for creating your recruiting "hit list" Hands-free, set-and-forget, fits-any-budget system for direct response recruiting and lead incubation Creating the BUZZ in your market area - how to best leverage your recruiting efforts for quick results Floyd Wickman shares his powerful dialogues and techniques to close more recruiting leads, choose the right agents and build an award winning … (1 comments)

recruiting: Recruiting Network Conference "Rocks the Recovery" - 03/16/09 11:14 PM
Industry icon Carol Johnson hosts the annual Recruiting Network Conference April 22-24, 2009 in Scottsdale, Arizona with eight power-house keynote speakers, industry renowned "think tank" brainstorming sessions, and the opportunity to connect with a veritable who's who in real estate recruiting. 
Held again at the magnificent FireSky Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, spa amenities provide a tremendous backdrop and bonus for today's top professionals as they focus on hot topics such as:
Facing Fears Handling Change Lead Generation Inventory Control How to Stage a Comeback How to Build a Winning Organization Attraction and Retention Master the Market of the Moment Merger … (0 comments)

recruiting: Leadership Lessons From the Top... - 10/31/08 07:14 AM
Eleven Industry Experts Lend Their Insight on the ‘Must-Have' Leadership Skills for Today's Market
By Julie Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing, ProspectsPLUS!
"In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." This Eric Hoffer quote succinctly illustrates the importance of changing and adapting to and with our ever-shifting industry. 
To that end, we looked to some very learned industry experts who also happen to be some of our favorite "learners" (and teachers) to explore their best advice for brokers and managers facing today's challenging times. 

recruiting: ProspectsPLUS! Addresses "Leadership for a Changing Industry" - 09/29/08 11:01 PM

Industry leader ProspectsPLUS! is proud to announce its new Management Webinar Series, "Leadership for a Changing Industry" with Dr. Cliff Baird. 
"This series is just the thing for brokers and managers seeking new recruiting solutions for building their organizations in our changing economy," shared Director of Business Development Ramona Williams. "Clients have begun to realize that the ‘old way' of doing business and recruiting doesn't give them the competitive edge it once did. Dr. Baird's unique blend of wit and wisdom helps managers understand the underlying psychology of recruiting in today's market."
The four-part series is scheduled for consecutive Thursdays … (0 comments)

recruiting: Are You Using Your Relocation Department to Recruit? - 05/16/08 07:50 AM
Strategies and solutions from industry icon and our friend, Carol Johnson of 
The relocation process provides many opportunities to establish the value of your firm to the agent community as well as corporate and relocation clients. Not only is your relocation department interacting with the top producers in your own company; they are in regular contact with your competitors' top producers.  It should operate as a bridge rather than an island.
Relocation business is a recruiting and retention benefit. It should be reserved for those who meet pre-defined skills and levels of experience. Established agents appreciate a reliable source of … (0 comments)

recruiting: ProspectsPLUS! Announces Free New Webinars for May & June - 05/08/08 08:46 AM
Industry leader, ProspectsPLUS! offers new Webinars through June for both agents and brokers. 
"Offering diverse and timely training has become such an integral part of what we do here at ProspectsPLUS!," shared Director of Corporate Marketing, Julie Escobar. "Our customers have found both the live Webinars as well as our On-Demand series entertaining, informational and best of all, results-producing." 
Here are the upcoming ProspectsPLUS! Webinars for your learning pleasure:  
May 12, 1:30pm Eastern: BusinessBASETM with Tanja Kor- Ready to earn your EXTRA 6 COMMISSIONS IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS?  We're here to help!  Regional Director Tanja Kor takes you through … (0 comments)

recruiting: How to Motivate in a Melting Market - 03/31/08 08:29 AM
Broker strategies for creating momentum in a changing economy     
With a constant barrage of negative news and tough market conditions in many parts of the country, brokers and managers are seeking new ways to motivate their associates.
How do you get independent contractors out of the negative fog, or worse, a state of quit, to realize their full potential despite market twists and turns? Here are some proven ideas for doing just that:
1. Congratulate them! Most people don't have the guts to tell the world, "Pay me what I'm worth!" Being in real estate, however, puts your agents in that category. It … (2 comments)

recruiting: National Recruiting Conference Focuses on Reinvention - 01/31/08 06:44 AM
Schaumburg, IL, January 28, 2008:  Carol Johnson and Recruiting Network bring what many industry leaders consider the most intuitive event they attend all year to the FireSky Resort & Spa April 16 - 18, 2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Reinvention is the theme of this year's conference, which features a powerful program for top recruiters and real estate VIPs who will gather to learn new methods for reinvigorating, recruiting, retention and of course, profits. The event literally kick-starts with a sunset motorcycle ride of the stars lead by Dr. Cabot Jaffee, President & CEO of AlignMark.  Tom Hopkins then tops the special … (1 comments)

recruiting: Recruiting for Results in a Shifting Market - 12/18/07 12:51 AM
Industry expert Carol Johnson shares valuable recruiting and retention insights for today's management professionals.
Third in a series of Q&A articles focusing on current tough-market challenges.
By Julie Escobar
Our current economy and market shifts present challenges as well as opportunities to brokers and managers across North America. As part of our ProspectsPLUS! series of conversations with industry experts, I sat down with recruiting expert Carol Johnson of to discuss how top managers can develop the right mindset, systems and strategies to build better businesses.
I have long admired Carol's clearheaded, straightforward approach to recruiting innovation and always look forward to learning … (1 comments)

recruiting: Should You Stay or Should You Go? Five Factors to Consider When Deciding to Change Offices - 12/11/07 06:54 AM
It's that time again.  As we close out one year and begin the next, many agents are breaking open their planners and making resolutions to build a better business in the year ahead. And for some associates, it's a time to question whether their current office is the right "home" for them.
If you are thinking of changing offices now or in the near future-or you're a manager trying to stay forward of what's on the minds of your agents-carefully consider and weigh each of the following five factors when asking, "Should I stay or should I go?"
 1. Training. While commission split seems … (4 comments)

recruiting: Fishing for Recruits? - 12/06/07 01:58 AM
Check Your Tackle Box for These Proven Secrets to Baiting Your Hook
By Todd Robertson, National Speaker & Regional Director, ProspectsPLUS!
Our shifting market has spurred an active breeding ground for blame. I continually hear agents blaming the economy, their environment and even their company for their lack of success.
Forecasting and countering that "grass is greener" mentality during your recruiting efforts-and providing umbrellas for your current school of agents-can earn you top-manager kudos and help you land the big ones.
As every fisherman can tell you, success lies in selecting the right bait for the right fish in the right season. This season … (1 comments)

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