flowers: Orchids Anyone? - 08/15/08 10:14 AM
If you are planning a trip to Washington D C make sure you stop in the US Botanic Garden at the Nation Mall. The flowers and plants are incredible.
Saturday August 16th is One Planet Ours Family Day from 10:00 am -4:30 pm. There will be cooking demonstrations, tours, and activities.
 The US Botanic Gardens got it's start in 1816. It contains a collection of plants from all over the globe.
 Here are a few pictures of orchids that you can see in the Conservatory.






flowers: Here's Looking at You! - 07/20/08 09:42 AM
Red Cloud Loop Area North of Vernal Utah

We recently went four wheeling up at Red Cloud Loop. It is 14 miles from Vernal Utah. If you enjoy camping, hiking, snowmobiling, petroglyphs, horseback riding, picnicking, caving, boating, and of course wildlife this is a place to check out! If you love flowers like I do you will love the wildflowers in the area. I will post some of the ones I saw in June in a later post.

flowers: Flowers in Washington D C - 06/06/08 04:52 PM
I have been traveling recently and not doing a lot of blogging. I got a change to go to Washington D. C. for the first time. Since I love flowers my favorite places were the Botanical Gardens, and the rose gardens. I thought I would share a few pictures with you. It was hard to narrow them down.






flowers: Spring has arrived in Vernal - Check out the Hawk Moth! - 05/07/08 09:46 AM
Spring is finally here. I took the chance to enjoy nature and photograph the beautiful flowers here in Vernal. It was nice to get outside and relax. I did not worry about things that needed to be done and just enjoyed the beauty of nature.
Hope you are able to just relax and enjoy the view! Check out the Hawk Moth that is in two different picutres! They look like hummbirds, but they are moths.
On the technical end I learned more about my camera today and will use the micro lens next time to get closer to the flowers. … (11 comments)

flowers: Arrangement - 04/14/08 08:51 AM
Carol Smith's blog about tulips inspired me to post this picture on an arrangement I made in February 2008. I love flowers, and really enjoyed this arrangement. I added orange roses, and they seems to make all the difference to the arrangement. It is a color combination I would try again. It really brightened up the winter.






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