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All about low down payment Jumbo Home Mortgages. 90% and 95% Jumbo financing. VA Jumbo Mortgage.
 Jumbo home financing with only 5% down payment is now available for qualified home buyers throughout Missouri. If you plan to purchase a home $2,000,000 or less, you may have financing options up to 95% loan to value. Buyers with 10% down have options to 3.0mil. These programs are especially goo...
Financing a higher end home typically means taking a jumbo loan instead of a conforming. Current conforming loan limits issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are currently $484,350 in Texas and should remain the same through 2020. Loan amounts above this limit in Bexar County are considered high b...
Many homeowners are unaware that FHA offers 203(h) disaster loans through approved FHA lenders and banks. If you have been a victim of a major disaster (Hurricane, Fire, Flood) declared as a disaster area you may be able to qualify for 203h loans which allow you to purchase a home with no money d...
Are you in the early stages of buying a higher end home? Perhaps you’re thinking of getting a jumbo home loan to finance a property in Los Angeles, San Diego or San Jose?  Or, maybe you already have a jumbo loan and you’re thinking about a refinance.  Jumbo loans are more common in such areas as ...
Many Veterans today are not aware that VA Jumbo "high balance" loans are available in the marketplace.  Traditional VA loans limits are capped at the standard conforming loan limit for a designated area. In most locations across the U.S. that limit is $484,350.  However, many locations in Califor...

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