facebook: Who would have thought...... - 12/29/12 01:14 PM
Social Media....How many of us have replaced our morning newspaper with checking the New Feed of our Face Book Page?
My space states that in it's survey 40 % of the people would go through root canal than give up their Face Book page.  Yes... it has become part of us, even as an app on our I phone (  that is a whole other post)
           It has distracted us from "  Highly Effective Tactics of Successful People"                                but has brought our focus to " real time"                                               It has motivated & inspired us.
                    but at times … (2 comments)

facebook: and where is the rest of the story ? - 09/17/10 04:09 AM
We have heard it..".like fingers scratching on a black board  "..that annoying little thing that pops up and you cringe ....or at least want to shout.......Who cares?
There are times when my fellow friends and friends of friends,  on  (our ever so present ) Facebook News feed comment ....like so...
Listed 2 houses today..or showed 4 houses today...or had 3 listing 6 closes.........again...... who cares?
hey....I am all for listings on FB..yes.... let me see what's happening in your world of RE but could there be something there that might interest the reader?
Really unless you want to extend  your thoughts in … (4 comments)

facebook: Face book " Where the party is " - 03/19/10 11:33 PM
Sooner or later we are faced with the Face Book dilemma.....yeah I know it's  " where the party is ".  We have become bombarded with reworded comments of....I'm tired, I'm sick, I'm bored and  games games and more games.We smile as we discover  every hidden personality quirks our face book friends have.  Alas ..it's fun...and the explosion of Facebook has hit everyone ...old and young alike.
What a FREE OPPORTUNITY to increase your sphere of influence and make a  huge difference as an agent in the market place. There are tutorials, videos, webinars, camps,...you name it ...the information hot line is … (13 comments)

facebook: .It's called a little bit of this and a little bit of that - 09/07/09 02:34 PM
 I walked across the parking lot to our 5 year old super Walmart Center.   I was looking  at the parking lot markers and noticed for the first time blue signs, quite obvious marking the buggy returns.  Numerous signs dotted the busy parking lot..attached to the return stations about 7 feet in the air......I never noticed them before. thinking out loud, I ask my self " Geezz are you that focused...that much in a hurry...... that it has taken 5 years to notice the buggy return signs.
What else have I missed?   I drove the familiar, frequently  driven route, ...... my focus … (13 comments)

facebook: Motivational Moday ..kicking and screaming all the way - 07/27/09 04:30 AM
No ..I am not signing in on Facebook.  I don't want another time stealing project and party line chatter.
Well ...never say never...I gave in under peers ( not really ) presure kicking and screaming. ans signed on.
Well ..surprise, surprise. what did I find ...family that I have lost contact with for years.
I talked with my daughter and told her it was so great she has all her cousins on her Facebook.
 We never had a chance to talk or see our cousins growing, up unless it was at funerals or weddings.
My daughter Tammy answered the " Well … (18 comments)

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