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Events in North Carolina's central east coast. Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station and Camp LeJeune. Havelock, NC.
Regardless of the real estate news in other parts of the state and the country, Havelock, New Bern, and surrounding areas are still growing.  Admittedly slower, but still making progress. National news has exerted some downward pressure on home prices but our immediate area is relatively stable. ...
Fall is upon us.  It's the perfect time for recreation.  The joggers, tennis players, and golfers can play without passing out, and the fishing is the best it'll be all year.  If you're coming to our area and need local information to find your way around, stop by my office or call.  If you'd lik...
A new pier is in use on the Beaufort side of the Morehead/Beaufort bridge.  It's on the opposite side of the bridge from where the old Causeway Pier used to be.  Fishermen (or should that be fisherpersons?) are already taking advantage of the great weather of the past week and using the pier to f...
Why O why do the links not work???   Try this one for the Air Show.
The Marine Corps Air Show is at Cherry Point this year in the first week of May.  If you've never attended an air show you're in for a treat.  Words can't describe the performances presented by our Marines.  Some things need to be seen to be believed and this show deserves that description.  Plea...
Sorry folks, the links for the Coast Guard and BoatUS in my previous blog don't work.  Do your Google thing for those. 
The weather temperature and the number of trailered boats coming down NC Hwy 70 are directly proportional.  The higher the temp the more boats of all kinds.  Red, blue, brown, camoflage, large, small, I've even seen some checkered paint jobs.  It's that time again.  When blowing the dust out of y...
     Eastern North Carolina has plenty of wildlife; deer, wild turkeys, foxes, bear, you name it.  And I've seen birds of all kinds but yesterday (Sun. Mar. 11, '07) I saw the Rolls Royce of birds.  I tip-toed quietly to get as close as I could and saw for the first time, a magnificent full-grown...
Regardless of where we live, we all want to have fun.  The Havelock area is perfect for fishing and outdoor activities which is my kind of life.  Since springtime is knocking on our doors it's almost time to break loose, let the hair down, and get some fresh air.My blog will update you on where t...

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Events in North Carolina's central east coast. Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station and Camp LeJeune. Havelock, NC.