pets: Pet Feature ~ Meet Bear and Bella - 11/10/08 05:39 AM
I just had to share this story from my AR friend - Teresa Harris-Lake Norman NC Residential Real Estate Broker  Teresa and I both are animal and dog lovers! I am praying that the Lord will touch someone's heart that can help these precious puppies.  God bless,

Pet Feature ~ Meet Bear and Bella Today I received an email from Melissa, a local lady that read one of my blog posts. As most people who subscribe to my blogs know I blog a lot about localism in the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas, about living green, and about pets. I am a … (17 comments)

pets: Do YOU Take Your Dog On Vacation?? Maybe You Should.. - 07/01/08 05:53 AM
Who Needs A Vacation, Me Or My Pooch ??By Cheryl Gilliam - Published in the "Pet O' Mine Magazine" Well, you just finished a 50 hour work week, cleaned off your desk for the first time in 3 months, answered the last email, called your mom and packed your bags. FINALLY - You are ready for a VACATION !! Hey, but what is a vacation without your best canine friend Fido or Boo Boo?? How can you leave home without the one who greets you at the door every night wagging his tail with that "special" look on his face .....More and … (29 comments)

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No Longer Active in Staging. No Longer Staging

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