Whether you found this article by chance or actively looked for it, if you felt the need to open this post it means you are questioning your current relationship. And I know very well how that feels. That’s why today I’m sharing with you the 5 signs your relationship won’t last.  There are many t...
As a single Christian woman, it can sometimes feel like you are the only one struggling with your season of singleness. You don’t want to complain and act like you are ‘fine’. But in reality, you are wondering why your season of marriage hasn’t come yet.  While obsessing over marriage and finding...
Sometimes it’s hard to make a wise decision when we are faced with a lot of options and a lot of information. Suddenly something as simple as choosing a new phone becomes a nightmare. In this post, I explain simple but effective ways to make wise decisions and overcome decision fatigue based on d...
Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect all the time. It’s a mindset that realizes that happiness comes and goes in waves. It’s something that makes you feel more confident, stable and at peace.In order to become this person, you have to do the work and practice controlling your mind...
Hi, this post is just to introduce myself. I am Justine Mfulama, a dating, and relationship coach over on and have made a good amount of money the last few years as a blogger and life coach. I am now ready to start investing my money into real estate and being that I'm in a...

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