real estate: Progress On 453 W 70th (Project Brookside) Part 4 - 07/20/09 02:29 PM
So much has happened at 453 W 70th Ter since my last progress post.  This home is really starting to take shape and I must say its looking great.  In fact great is an understatement.  This home looks amazing.   I won’t bore you with the technical details…lets just get to the pictures.
Lets start things off in the kitchen.  As you can see we have more than just a few cabinets.  Just in case you couldn’t tell from the pictures these cabinets are very tall and did I mention amazing.  Whoever ends up purchasing this home will never have a problem … (8 comments)

real estate: 2901 Norwood Ave Independence, MO A Vizion Home Remodel - 06/06/09 12:33 PM
Vizion Properties has brought affordable housing to Independence, MO.  2901 Norwood Ave is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house with a full basement and a fenced yard all for under $900.  That’s a price that hard to beat.  Did I mention that this house has also been fully remodeled?  If your looking for a rental property in Independence don’t leave this off your list.  At a price like this I’m sur this property won’t be sitting for long.

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real estate: Progress On 11401 Jackson (Project South KC) Pt. 3 - 05/12/09 03:22 PM
There really is nothing quite like watching a Vizion remodel take place.  It doesn’t matter if its a flip or a rental rehab like 11401 Jackson Ave. It’s just a good feeling knowing that were making a difference not only on this one property but in this whole neighborhood.  This particular property is located just down the street from our brokerage Glad Heart Realty and much like 4408 Grandview Rd this will make a great house for IHOP.
As you can see the kitchen cabinets have been set.

This is a shot of the bathroom.  From the looks of things … (0 comments)

real estate: When The Vizion Sign Is In The Yard… - 04/04/09 11:23 AM
People are seeing our signs in yards all over the city.  This is what those signs represent.

We are dedicated to providing the people of Kansas City with the home of their dreams. We take pride in transforming the worst house on the block into the nicest home in the neighborhood. All of our fully-remodeled homes feature new high grade carpet, tile, solid granite counter tops, maple cabinets, windows, interior/exterior paint, and stainless steel appliances! You can own a “brand new” home for a “used home” price! Give yourself peace of mind living in a Vizion home located in a … (3 comments)

real estate: Why Should I Invest With Vizion? We Understand Your Fears (Part 1) - 02/10/09 01:53 PM
I’m always surprised with how many people want to invest in real estate and simply never pull the trigger.  Sure lots of people will pay money for weekend seminars and even buy books and instructional DVD’s but only a small fraction of those people will take the next step and actually purchase an investment property.
While I’m sure everybody has their reasons for not investing I think the real reason so few people pull the trigger is because of fear.
Fear that they will lose money.
Fear that they don’t have enough time.
Fear that they will do something wrong.
Fear … (5 comments)

real estate: What Do You Think About Home Staging? - 12/04/08 01:12 AM
I’ve been considering staging a few of my rehabbed properties but I’m worried that it could be a complete waste of money.  I’ve seen a few before and after photos of staged properties here on AR and have always been impressed but is it really worth it?   Earlier today I spoke to a local stager I found on AR and was informed that on average she charges $1,000 per month to stage a property.  Is it just me or does that seem a bit excessive?
The only reason I’m even considering staging is because a couple agents have shown a … (32 comments)

real estate: First Look at 444 W Dartmouth (Project Brookside) - 11/28/08 04:39 AM
With 425 W 70th wrapping up early next week our crews have alread started work on our second house in Brookside this year at 444 W Dartmouth.  This house will surely qualify for a place in our series Nastiest to Nicest Remodels.
The property in 30 seconds
When I first saw this house I was immediately reminded of a remodel we did on James A Reed in Raytown, MO.  The previous owners did the best they could removing all the junk from the house but in the end a great majority of their items were left in the property.
This … (6 comments)

real estate: First Look at Project Shawnee - 11/22/08 12:30 AM
Everyone in the office is very excited for our first project in Johnson County in nearly two years.  The rehab will start on this house in Shawnee, KS in Early January and should be ready to list by the middle of February.  Take a good look at these before pictures because you won’t be able to recognize this house once were done with it!
Quick 30 Second Video
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real estate: 17110 E. 35th Tr. Independence, MO 64055 - 11/21/08 05:14 AM

real estate: Project Shawnee - 11/18/08 01:14 PM
Project Shawnee
Location: 10416 W 63rd Tr. (Shawnee)
2 Bedrooms / 1 Bath / Granite Counters / 1 Car Garage
Estimated Time of Arrival: January
Estimated List Price: $120,00O

Two years ago Vizion did a house on Chester St in Olathe, KS.  Other than that house Vizion has primarily focuesd on real estate in Kansas City, MO and stayed away from Johnson County.  With Vizion’s recent acquistion of 10416 W 63rd Tr in Shawnee, KS we are officially returning to Johnson county.  I hope we do more houses here soon.
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real estate: A Few Updates On Project Brookside - 11/15/08 09:04 AM
We’re about 2 weeks out from the remodel being done on Project Broookside and everybody is eagerly anticipating its completion.  I stopped by the property this morning just to check and see how things were coming along.  I was surprised to see that the exterior had been mostly painted.
The interior paint is just about finished and the new tile floors have been set in both the kitchen and bathrooms.  The new doors and windows have also been installed.  From the looks of things cabinets and coutertops will be installed early next week.  This kitchen is going to have tons of … (12 comments)

real estate: Two More Houses In Brookside For Vizion - 11/15/08 08:08 AM
Finding the next investment property is a never ending pursuit for Vizion.  Even after we find the perfect investment property for a client we’ve already started looking for the next one.  Why?  Because the opportunities are out there and if we don’t get them someone else will.
Vizion is looking at picking up its 3rd property in the Brookside area this year and if the rumors are right we might be be looking at picking up a 4th.
These are the next two Vizion projects in Brookside.
424 W. Dartmouth Kansas City, MO This house  will be a 3 bedroom 1.5 … (0 comments)

real estate: Progress on Project Independence - 11/11/08 12:50 PM
I stopped by Project Independence today after hearing that the new solid surface granite counter tops had been installed. Carpet got installed yesterday and the house should be finished by Friday.  This is the first house we’ve done in Independence, MO so everyone in the office is very excited for its completion.

I was rather surprised to see that the garage doors had been set.  This house didnt have a garage when we go it.

This is the new solid surface granite that will go in all of our properties under $140k or less.  We’ve got a grade of … (5 comments)

real estate: Progress On Project Brookside - 11/08/08 12:45 AM
Things are moving along at 425 W. 70th also known as Project Brookside.  I stopped by the property earlier this week and took some pictures of the progress.

The above pictures is of the kitchen in process at Project Brookside. It looks a little rough right now but if you look closely you can see that the new plumbing and electrical work is almost complete. Its hard to believe that in just about 2 weeks this kitchen will be one of the nicest in the neighborhood.

This is a picture of half of the master bath at Project Brookside.  … (6 comments)

real estate: Project 76 is Back Raytown Here We Come - 11/03/08 11:42 AM
After weeks of rather comical negotiotions the property on 9808E. 76th St in Raytown, MO has officially been acquired by Vizion.  I guess the bank finally realized that they might as well sell the property to someone who actually wants it and has the means to pay for it.
Vizion’s last property in Raytown was 7416 James A. Reed and while that property was unique in its own right.  Its hard to beat a newer generation Vizion home.
This property is slated to close around the 20th of November and will be ready by the first part of January.
A Quick … (0 comments)

real estate: “We find ‘em…We flip ‘em…You profit” Possible Company Motto? - 10/28/08 01:33 PM
Over the past few days I’ve been working on a new commercial for attracting investors.   The one I’ve posted below is 1:11.  Take a look and tell me what you think.

The company motto for quite sometime now has been “The Key to Home Ownership”.   This was a great motto when we were doing lease options. 
But our business has changed. 
Instead of focusing on lease options we are now focused on investing in real estate for our clients.
The majority of these individuals have always been interested in investing in real estate and have the means to do … (11 comments)

real estate: Project River Oaks - 10/24/08 02:02 PM
Project River Oaks
Location: 14500 Craig (Grandview)
4 Bedrooms / 2.5 Baths / Granite Counters / 2 Car Garage
Estimated Time of Arrival: Late December Early January
Estimated List Price: $140,000

Vizion did a home in the River Oaks subdivsion last summer.  A lot has changed since then.  Even though these two houses are in the same price range its hard to beat a newer generation Vizion home.  And if that wasnt enought how about this….It backs up to a golf course.  The finished basement and open floor plan will make this a great house for entertaining.  I … (3 comments)

real estate: First look at Project Brookside. Before The Remodel - 10/22/08 01:30 PM
Crews are scheduled to start work on Project Brookside this week. I’ve been waiting on Vizion to do a Brookside home ever since Project Dartmouth last year.  Vizion homes in Brookside are done with solid surface granite and stainless steel appliances.  Upon completion this home is expected to list for $325,000.

Project Brookside will be a four week job which mean this home will be ready well before Christmas.  Get your pre approvals taken care of today.  I will keep everyone posted on the progress of the remodel.
What is Project Brookside?
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real estate: North Kansas City Aquisition is in The Works. - 10/18/08 02:03 AM
Word on the street is that Vizion will be closing on a property in North Kansas City by the end of this month.  This is very exciting news since Vizion has never done a property north of the river.  I should have details on this property by Monday and I will post an update around that same time.   Stay tuned for details.
What is a Vizion Home?
– Justin of Vizionkc

real estate: Two Vizionkc Grandview, MO Acquisitions Are In The Works - 10/14/08 03:07 PM
Everything is still up in the air at this point but it looks like Vizion is in hot pursuit of two properties in Grandview, MO.  One property is located on 122nd and the other would be located in the very desirable River Oaks subdivision.  Specific details such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and price ranges are not yet available but what we do know is that these homes will be incredible.  Features such as solid surface granite, tile showers, and refinished hardwood floors are becoming standard amenities in Vizion homes so it is safe to assume that these Grandview acquisition … (0 comments)


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