remodel: Progress On 453 W 70th (Project Brookside) Part 3 - 07/15/09 12:37 PM
So much has been done at 453 W 70th Ter since our last progress post.  It’s always amazing to see such a large scale renovation take place.  This is the 4th remodel the Vizion crews have done in Romanelli Gardens over the past year and while all the other homes have been special in their own way this one clearly takes the cake.
As you can see the exterior paint has been nearly completed.  Its hard to believe that just a few weeks ago this house was light brown with a dark brown trim.

Here is a shot of our … (2 comments)

remodel: 9025 Manning Ave Kansas City, MO A Vizion Before and After Home Remodel Video - 07/11/09 03:09 AM
It took our crews just five weeks to turn this simple home into one of the nicest houses on the block.  In addition to be one of the nicest houses in the area its also one of the most affordable.  While this home is currently listed at $120,000 its also available on our rent to own plan for only $1,200 per mo.  Sit back relax and watch the vizion remodel video.

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remodel: Progress On 453 W 70th (Project Brookside) Part 2 - 07/03/09 02:35 PM
Our crews are about a week ahead of schedule on the remodel of 453 w 70th ter.  From the looks of things we should be done with this house by the last week of July.  That means we should have this house on the market right at the peak of selling season.  Right now all I’m thinking about is how many sandwiches we should order for the open house I have a feeling everyone in the neighborhood will be eager to see this home once its done.
According to our interior designer Lisa Davis accent tile is a very popular trend … (0 comments)

remodel: 10411 Manchester Ave A Vizion Before & After Remodel Video - 06/18/09 06:25 AM
While this house was rather cookie cutter it was still a great pleasure to see this home renovation come to and end.  Over the next few months Vizion will be working on several other similar projects including one only a block away from this house.  Enjoy the video!

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remodel: Progress On 5909 Granda (Project Fairway) Pt. 1 - 06/15/09 12:41 PM
More than likely this will be the only progress post for our home renovation at 5909 Granada.  Honestly I wasn’t expecting the renovation to come together so quickly.  By the looks of things this home will be completed within the next 2 weeks.
Here’s a shot of front of the house.  I love the neighborhood this house is in located in.  Fairway, KS has only been a city in Kansas for about 60 years but its still easily one of the nicest suburb cities of Kansas City.

Here is a shot of the kitchen.  We’re planning on using the same … (1 comments)

remodel: Progress On 4341 Wyoming (Project Westport) Pt.2 - 06/14/09 11:45 AM
Things are moving right along on the home renovation of 4341 Wyoming.  I stopped by the property late last week while checking out a few other potential flips in the area.  I’ve gotta say other than brookside the westport area is one of my favorite parts of the city the neighborhood are so beautiful.
When we’re doing a rehab job in an area like this our goal is to update the house while keeping as much of the homes original charm as possible.  Here’s a shot of the living room.  When I was there the new windows were being installed.


remodel: 8801 E 81st Ter A Vizion Before & After Home Remodel Video - 06/02/09 10:33 AM
Well here it is the before and after home renovation of 8801 E 81st Ter in Raytown, MO. An end buyer was already in place for this house before the project even started but that didnt stop our crews from turning this home into the beauty it is today.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy flip this house.  Vizion style.
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remodel: Progress On 10411 Manchester (Project South KC) Pt. 1 - 05/24/09 04:59 AM
After checking out our latest property acquisition a few blocks away on Blue Ridge Blvd I stopped by our renovation at 10411 Manchester Ave. The investor on this home is planning on making this home a long term rental or a lease option which is great since I’ve already found a tenant to move into this house once its been completed.  As far as rental homes go this one is pretty impressive.  3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, finished basement, 2 car garage, and a huge deck.
This is a shot of the house from the front.  As you can see the exterior … (0 comments)

remodel: Progress On 6644 Larsen (Project Shawnee) Pt. 1 - 05/24/09 04:24 AM
After a showing our rental property at 10416 W 63rd Ter I stopped by our custom home remodel at 6644 Larsen also in Shawnee, KS.  We love doing houses in Johnson County especially since this area is so popular among home buyers.  Almost every week we get email from potential buyers and renters looking for Vizion homes in this area of Kansas.
As you can see the tear out has been completed in this house.  I love how much we’ve opened up the kitchen in this house.  After you’ve see several of these home renovation takes place its very easy to … (2 comments)

remodel: 2901 Norwood (Project Independence) Pt.4 - 05/17/09 01:18 PM
We’re in the finishing stages of our renovation at 2901 Norwoood in Independence, MO.  This home looks a lot different with a fresh coat of paint.  If all goes well we should be able to get this home on the market sometime in the next week.
This is a shot of the front of the house.  Lots of folks at this renovation when I took this picture.

Here is a shot of the bathroom I love the fresh look of the white on the tub, vanity, and toilet against the dark laminate.

This is the kitchen.  Lots of great … (3 comments)

remodel: Progress On 11401 Jackson (Project South KC) Pt. 3 - 05/12/09 03:22 PM
There really is nothing quite like watching a Vizion remodel take place.  It doesn’t matter if its a flip or a rental rehab like 11401 Jackson Ave. It’s just a good feeling knowing that were making a difference not only on this one property but in this whole neighborhood.  This particular property is located just down the street from our brokerage Glad Heart Realty and much like 4408 Grandview Rd this will make a great house for IHOP.
As you can see the kitchen cabinets have been set.

This is a shot of the bathroom.  From the looks of things … (0 comments)

remodel: Progress On 8801 E 81st Ter (Project Raytown) Pt. 3 - 05/12/09 03:05 PM
The phone calls and email inquiries continue to pour in for this Raytown property.  8801 E 81st ter sits right on the corner of 81st ter and Spring Valley just north of Raytown South Middle Schoool.  It appears that affordable housing is in great demand in this part of Raytown I hope we’re able to find another property in this area soon.  This weeks post will be a bit shorter than usual.  We had to pull off of this project for a few days to wrap up some inspection issues on 444 Dartmouth.  Next week we will be hitting this house … (0 comments)

remodel: Progress On 11401 Jackson (Project South KC) Pt. 2 - 05/03/09 02:59 AM
The renovation of 11401 Jackson is moving along right on schedule.  The thing I really like about this house is the fact that we have multiple exit strategies.  This home will be available for sale, lease or lease option.
As you can see both the exterior paint and the roof have been completed.  This is a shot of the rear of the house.

Here are the maple cabinets that will be installed sometime next week.  I almost never get a shot of the cabinets in this stage.

The new laminate flooring is also being installed in this house.  We … (1 comments)

remodel: First Look At 9025 Manning Ave Kansas City, MO 64138 - 05/02/09 11:10 AM
Location: 9025 Manning Ave Kansas City, MO 64138
4 Bedrooms / 3 Baths  / Two Car Garage /  Finished Basement /  Shed
Estimated Remodel Completion: July
Estimated Down Payment: $3,000.00
Estimated Rent To Own Payment: $ 1,200.00
Estimated Purchase Price $125,000.00

Looking for the best deal on a rental house in South Kansas City /  Raytown area?  Then this is the house for you.  What are you waiting for?  Click below and apply today!
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remodel: First Look At 4341 Wyoming Kansas City, MO 64111 - 05/02/09 11:04 AM
Location: 4341 Wyoming Kansas City, MO 64111
4 Bedrooms / 2 Baths  / Two Car Garage /  Near The Plaza / Screened Porch
Estimated Remodel Completion: July
Estimated List Price: $170,000

Do you love Vizion Properties but want to live by the Plaza?  Then this is the house for you.   I love the layout of this house and can’t wait to see what are crews do with this project.
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remodel: First Look At 453 W 70th Ter (Project Brookside) - 04/22/09 02:38 PM
Project Brookside
Location: 453 W. 70th Ter Kansas City, MO
4 Bedrooms / 3.5 Baths / Finished Basement /  Loft /  Basketball Court
Estimated Time of Arrival: July
Estimated List Price: $555,000

Well here it is Vizion’s largest flip to date.  If you’ve been following me on twitter over the past few weeks you’ve probably seen me make a few references to this amazing house in brookside.  I even posted a picture once. Truth be told this house is simply amazing and once our crews are done with I assure you it will be the best … (5 comments)

remodel: A Vizion Before and After Home Renovation Video - 04/20/09 02:28 PM
The time has come again for another Vizion renovation video.  1010 W 70th ter was a custom home renovation with pretty strict deadline.  Over $100k went into renovating this house.  Enjoy.

The deadline was so strick on this house that the new homeowners were actually in the process of moving in while I was taking picutures, thus the boxes and rugs.
What is Project Brookside?
More Info On 1010 W 70th Tr
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remodel: Progress On 4408 Grandview (Project South KC) Pt. 6 - 04/04/09 09:49 AM
Our renovation at 4408 Grandview Rd in South Kansas City is just a few weeks away from being completed.  I love how close this house is to Glad Heart Realty and IHOP.  I can’t help but think that this house is going to be quick sale.
As you can see the crews have started painting the shutters on this house.  Whenever I see shutters this color it reminds me of our renovation at 5832 E 99th last summer.

Not much has really happened on this house since last week.  Perhaps the most noticeably difference has been the laying of … (3 comments)

remodel: Progress On 1010 W 70th Tr (Project Brookside) Pt. 7 - 04/04/09 09:24 AM
We’re entering the finishing stages on our remodel of 1010 W 70th Tr.  It’s been a real pleasure watching this project come together.  This was another huge week in the renovation so once again this will be a post with lots of progress pictures.
I’m very impressed with how much got over the past 5 days.  As you can see here the hardwood floors have already been sanded and are now ready for staining.  According to our head contractor the floors will be stained over the weekend.

The covered patio into den area has been completed.  We’ve even installed a … (0 comments)

remodel: Progress On 1010 W 70t Tr. (Project Brookside) Pt. 6 - 03/28/09 06:59 AM
A lot has happened on this renovation since last week.  I’m really surprised at how quickly our crews are working to complete this renovation.  If they continue at this pace we should have no problem wrapping up this remodel by our deadline of April 15th.  Since so much has taken place on this renovation this progress post will be a little bit longer than usual.   On the plus side that means lots more photos!
The new tile flooring has been installed in the kitchen and bathrooms.  This is a shot of the half bath just off of the downstairs living room.  … (2 comments)


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