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Good morning to all on this beautiful Arizona Sunday!  I got to thinking about a few ideas for my realtor friends who live in Arizona.  This is the time of year you need to be motivated and moving every weekend to find more buyers.  Every winter we have an influx of winter visitors from other par...
The Vaught Team is sponsoring a continuing education class on using Social Media effectively in real estate.  This is a FREE class for all realtors in Arizona that are looking to learn how to make more money in 2011 by using social media effectively in their business plans.  There are so many fan...
We have great news to announce!!  We are now available to offer a 3% down conventional home loan to buy a home in Arizona.  We can offer this because of our "Platinum" status with a major mortgage insurance company.  Previously, 5% minimum down payment was required to purchase a home with traditi...
I strongly believe Real Estate is a great investment in this market.  I always say you should grab the investment now, even if it is not at the Rock Bottom, as at least you will be there for the whole ride up!  Invest Now if you can, it just makes sense!
I am sitting in my kitchen at approx. 10 pm after a late dinner and a long day at the office.  I signed in to Active Rain because I wanted to post a blog all day but hadn't gotten to it until now.  I started thinking about the fact that it is late and I could always write a post tomorrow instead....
Here is a very interesting post that will give you the insight on why Fannie Mae has suffered so many foreclosures.  It is a real shame that nobody was able to keep these "bets" to a minimum...hindsight is 20/20 I guess!    Arizona neighborhoods are filled with foreclosed properties touted as Ban...
This is a long time coming for sure!  Now being a loan officer can be a respectful position with consequences for taking advantage of people.  I remember a few years ago, you would go to a restaurant and your waiter would be trying to refinance your house!  Now being a good loan officer that is l...
Hello everyone, We at The Vaught Team @ Sun American Mortgage Co. want you to know what a great option the FHA loan is in the Chandler, AZ area.  The FHA loan will give a borrower an option to put down as little as 3.5% of the purchase price; it has very flexible payment ratio guidelines; it can ...
I read an article today that stated mortgage banks were going to spend more on technology this year than many years before.  Technology in the mortgage world was on hold as everyone was making money with the systems they had in previous markets.  Now lenders have to be more creative, get deals cl...

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