home staging: Results You Will Want Too! (Staging Success Story #25) - 12/07/11 03:42 AM
Staging with Just Perfect! Home Staging + More saved this client over $16,000 with a higher sales price and a faster sale than the competition.


home staging: Results You Will Want Too! (Staging Success Story #24) - 11/28/11 07:42 AM
By staging with Just Perfect! Home Staging + More, this client saved in mortgage payments and sold faster than the competition. In addition, this seller was one of  4 other homes that sold in their price range, while 40 didn't sell!


home staging: Results You Will Want Too! (Staging Success Story #18) - 11/14/11 12:57 AM

The owners of this home saved themselves over $18,000 by staging this vacant home to sell! In addition, the sellers realized a sales price that was 9% more than what the competition was selling for!

home staging: Tips for Outdoor Entertaining - 08/15/11 05:04 AM
It's that time of year!  Especially around Wilmington - no one wants to stay in doors.  It's to the decks and docks, for all the outdoor entertainment we can fit in to summer nights (and days).  Here are some tips to make your next gathering one to remember!
1. Start with music - this always puts you in a great mood during set up too!  iPod speakers are the perfect way to do this.  (You can find some steals at TJ Maxx and on Craigslist if you don't already have some.  Your smartphone should be able to plug … (0 comments)

home staging: Going Beyond Every Day Okay - 08/11/11 05:31 AM
Very few people actually live in their homes as if it on display and available for sale on a day to day basis. While it may be the hardest part of listing your home for sale, it is absolutely essential when marketing your home.
Starting from the curb all the way to the most seemingly insignificant closet inside, it's absolutely imperative that your home's appearance go beyond “everyday okay”.
Outside, the lawn should be maintained, flowers and bushes properly pruned and trimmed, and the home should look welcoming.
Inside, dusting and smudges should be taken care of on a daily basis, … (0 comments)

home staging: The Importance of an Online Presence for Your Home - 08/10/11 07:40 AM
Did you know that according to the 2010 National Association of Realtors profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 89 % of people used the internet as on one of the information sources in their home search process?
That amazing statistic alone should convince you that while marketing your home you should not neglect the internet. But many don't know exactly how to go about using the valuable tool of internet marketing.

At the bare minimum, if your home is listed by a REALTOR® it will most likely be placed in the multiple listing service. Many multiple listing services participate … (0 comments)

home staging: "It's Madness Baby!" - 03/20/11 01:05 PM
It’s that time of year, when you can watch basketball pretty much 24 hours a day on four different networks and you never know what to expect. This year has already been crazy with buzzer beaters and huge upsets and we’re only in the second round!So what does it really take to make it to the final four in Houston?Hundreds of analysts spend their entire careers calculating the best picks for the NCAA tournament brackets. There are countless factors that are considered, but I think it all boils down to one key ingredient...a great team.  One superstar can't carry an entire … (2 comments)

home staging: Thinking of Selling Your House the First of The Year? Don’t wait until then to start preparing! - 12/21/10 02:44 AM
[This blog was tagging off of my last blog and was November's exerpt for www.Century21Sweyer.com/blog.  Again, it's a little late, but could still benefit sellers with Christmas gifts and packing up after Christmas! :) ]
So, last month, I talked about some things to consider when decorating your home for the holidays while it’s for sale.  I hope that helped some of you guys.  Now, for those of you who haven’t put your house on the market yet, but are planning to the first of the year… let me give you some tips that can make the holiday season and … (22 comments)

home staging: Holidays for Home Sellers - 12/20/10 12:29 PM
This blog was originally written for www.Century21Sweyer.com/blog in October.  I'm posting it here a little late, but if I wait until next year, I'd probably forget. :)
The Holidays are Coming!  Decorating When Your Home’s For Sale.
Holidays, for most of us, come with decorations.  While it varies in scale from minimal to elaborate, the decor is part of the fun.  What about when your home is on the market?  You probably haven’t even thought about doing anything differently.  But remember that regardless of what time of year it is, or what celebration you’re having… you are still trying to market … (3 comments)

home staging: Green, Blue, Pink Brown... It's Time to Go!!! : The Importance of Neutral Now. - 12/17/10 06:50 AM
Whether it's wall color, floor color, counter-tops, or bathtubs... bold colors, or even muted colors that are out of the ordinary are in need of an overhaul before putting your house on the market.  "I'll Just Give The Buyer An Allowance"How many times have I heard sellers say they will give the buyer a carpet allowance, a painting allowance, an update allowance... their reasoning is so the buyer can 'get what they want'... but often a subconscious reason is that they'd rather pay fake money (that they don't have yet because the house hasn't closed), than real money (right now).There are … (7 comments)



home staging: Why Buyers Prefer Staged Listings... - 03/28/09 10:06 AM
When speaking with sellers, I always talk to them about how staging their house will benefit them... the truth is, it also benefits buyers, which is why sellers are able to close the house more quickly and for higher offers.   How is it mutually beneficial?  Staging ensures buyers that a lot of the work has already been done for them.  When a home is staged, repairs and updates are typically recommended and carried out.  This means less work for the buyer, and presents them with a home they can move in as-is without being frustrated.  Below is an example of a recent home we … (7 comments)

home staging: Builders are Catching on to Staging! - 03/28/09 09:52 AM
I was recently at a Live South Show in Burlington, MA that was full of developments in the south, predominantly NC & SC.  I met a few builders/developers there, and had spoken to several back in Wilmington over the past few weeks as well. The concept of the "Model Home" caught on years ago, and has made a big difference in the world of development and real estate. It really started the technique of adding life, creating warmth and inviting a connection with the home. In the past, most model homes have been decorated by interior designers and decorators. They are always … (5 comments)


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