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We all know the value of being a member of ActiveRain - there's so much great information and camaraderie here.  But, today, I become a millionaire thanks to ActiveRain.        One of the newer members of ActiveRain, Irene Durocher Irene Durocher's Blog, a Realtor® in Boca Raton, FL has been writ...
     Because we seldom take days off and have to meet with clients when they're available, today is a particularly busy day for me - two listing appointments.  So, off I head to my first one.  Now, I may live in Scottsdale, but much of the surrounding areas are horse properties/working ranches.  ...
    A typical Christmas in our family includes packing up the animals (my two or my mom's three) and heading to the other's home.  This year, my mom had volunteered to watch Margarita (Rita for short) while a friend of hers spends a month in England with her daughter.  So, we had a menagerie of 6...
Sorry, got back from Tucson a little later than I hoped.  But, if you have family still around, still a good one or you can use this for New Year's. Assume that penguins live with a density of 1,000 penguins per square mile and can run at an average speed of 7 miles per hour on land and swim at 2...
Can you name four days which start with the letter "T"?   I thought this would be a great one to share with the young ones this weekend.   I hope you ALL have a wonderful and safe Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.   PS:  Tuesday, Thursday, today and tomorrow!!!!  I'm not sure I'll have the time to...
 If Fred the Squirrel can find one nut in 15 minutes and Jane the Squirrel can find one nut in 12 minutes. How many whole nuts will they accumulate in a day if they work together. Bearing in mind their daughter, Teresa, takes 20 minutes to eat a nut and she eats all day long!        I'll stop bac...
  One of the great reasons to belong to ActiveRain is the wonderful members who are so supportive of others.  I'd like to, ONCE AGAIN, thank Russel Ray.         There is a reason he's at the top of the leaderboard - he writes wonderfully informative blogs AND he constantly supports other ActiveRa...
  Up selling or code compliance?  How is the typical homeowner to know?      Yesterday, my wonderful landscape crew noticed a leak coming from inside the house - it was the water heater.  He opened the door and the water was spewing everywhere.  Oh GREAT - another expense right before Christmas!!...
     Does humor sell?       Personally, I always LOVE a good joke and a great sense of humor.   While looking for homes to show a client on Wednesday, I came across the following in the showing instructions within MLS and actually laughed out loud - truth in humor.       No lockbox due to 3 small...
  A small dog rescue group here in the Phoenix area has two adorable, well trained, 5 year old mini - dachshunds.  1 male, 1 female - both neutered.  Great with kids, dogs and cats.         These adorable dogs had to be given up because of allergies and are loving, wonderful dogs and they will be...

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