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     All professions have different "lingos."  One of the words people in the real estate profession will use is comps - short for comparable properties.  But, what is a comparable property?  Some people seem to have a different perception.        For recent buyers, I pulled up "comps".  The sub...
       I'm working with two sets of pre-approved clients to help them find their next home in Scottsdale and Cave Creek AZ.  After looking at homes over the weekend, both couples found great homes - the homes meet all their needs, they're updated or at least extremely clean and show well, and the...
    When working with potential buyers, I will spend one day "shopping" with them - viewing homes, seeing what's out there, getting a feel for their likes and wants.  But, after that, if the buyers are not pre-approved for their new home loan, then we're just burning tire rubber and wasting preci...
    On Saturday, I was asked to be a guest on the AZ Humane Society's "Pet's On Parade" TV show which airs weekly at 12:30 PM on Channel 3, KTVK.  It was certainly fun and I really learned a lot.       One thing I learned about is the "Leave No Feline Behind" program.  Currently, the AZ Humane So...
      Many of you know I have two wonderful dogs, Cody and Jesse.  About once a week or two, they seem to find things to bring me as a "present" just to show how much they love me.  One week, it's a dead bird, the next a bunny - you pet parents know how it is - they're so proud of themselves.    ...
     The other evening, I was enjoying the wonderfully cool weather on the shaded patio when I heard a very distinct bird call.  It actually sounded like the bird kept saying "pretty, pretty, pretty."  So, I looked around to find what was making this very unique sound.  Here's what I found:      ...
One of the best things about Active Rain are the wonderful people here and the information they provide us.  I was showing homes to home buyers today and three of the homes they liked had hard wood flooring.  They were concerned what their 4 dogs would do to the floors.  I knew just who to turn t...
The same cube is shown from three different points of view. What color is the missing side in the fourth point of view?   If you know it, feel free to write it below and tell your reasoning behind it. Me, I didn't get it, but that's nothing new, LOL. I'll stop back after showing homes today with ...
Can you rearrange the letters below to figure out the list of famous cartoon birds? 1. Wet Yet 2. Bib Grid 3. A Coma Nuts 4. Crowded Pokey Woo 5. Rear Urn Nod 6. Jack Lech Kneeled 7. Chili Cent Kilt 8. Old Dank Cud If you know 'em, go ahead and show 'em.    
Based on the clues in the picture below, can you figure out the name of a well known movie?       Be sure you look at the different clues scattered about.  Some are very subtle. Feel free to share with everyone if you know it. Here's to a wonderful week for us all.  See you next Friday for some ...

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