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When speaking with a Realtor yesterday, she said something that I have heard a few times now.  She is working with a client who has chosen a local lender for her financing (not myself, but we're still working on that!).  The loan officer calls her, the Realtor, to let her know that the client nee...
I'm sure that everyone has had the experience of having a certain song stuck in their head throughout the day.  What makes it even worse is that it is usually a dumb song that you wish you never heard in the first place.  This can range from 80's songs like "Whip-It" by the one hit wonders Devo t...
 I read this article on CNN yesterday, it's interesting to see that home prices are finally easing off a bit.  We've definitely seen a change in eastern NC compared to the last few years.  Enjoy! NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- It may be the best time to buy a house in more than four years. Home price...
 I am hosting a FREE 1st Time Home buyer seminar on Thursday, February 21st from 6pm - 7pm.It will be held at 4607 Franklin Avenue, Ste. 217 in Wilmington, NC. It's near the intersection of Market and Kerr Avenue.We're giving away a $100 Visa gift card and a digital camera and serving food as wel...

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