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Wow, the city I live and work in selling real estate was recently voted number one on Newsmax. Wichita holds the number one ranking of the "Top 25 Most uniquely American Cities and Towns." Not sure what that's worth, but what I found interesting, and I agree, was that we were rated  a 9 on cultur...
I like slow days like today in real estate. On days like this, after all my work is finished, and there is really nothing left to do at the Wichita office, it's time to go to school. Time to take advantage of a little down time and learn something. Learning is a lifelong process. We start as soon...
      April 3rd, 2005, 3pm at Century Two concert hall at home here in Wichita KS I experienced my first opera. I have been hooked, some say obsessed, ever sense. It just happened that the performance was Puccini's La Boheme, one of the greatest all time Operas ever written, in my humble opinion....
You have saved your money, planned, made a list of all you want, and had plans drawn up. The new home you have always dreamed of is now ready to be built. Next task is finding a builder. Do your research throughly. The best way to find a builder is through referrals. Find other people who have bu...
     The daily newspaper here in Wichita yesterday brazenly reported that the recession may be soon over sighting the most recent news about housing starts and and housing in general. Many economists and analysts believe the recovery rests on the shoulders of the housing industry. Great! No more ...
Good news for housing could mean bad news for home buyers. Those sitting on the fence waiting for prices and rates to drop are taking a pretty big risk. Interest rates are to low as it is to support this debt ridden economy and raising them could put a damper on the recovery. Know what "catch 22"...
If ever there was a good time to invest in real estate, it's now. Seriously. We happen to believe the bottom is in. Regardless of whether it is or isn't there are several factors that bring me to the conclusion that it is time to buy now. The first is that the banks need money. Banks are in troub...
When thinking about services or employment in real estate an agent or sales come to mind. Selling residential real estate is a big part of the real estate business of course, but there are many other services offered. Services that revolve around investing in or buying real estate. There are many...
Are you still throwing your money away on rent? Really, think about it. Every month you write that check and give to the landlord, never to be seen again as it disappears into his pocket Being a land lord has got to be one of the easiest jobs there is. He buys a house, just like you could, then ...

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