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Don't Forget tonight is the countdown for Earth Hour.  Let's spread this World Wide Awareness and promote this eco friendly idea everywhere!  If you haven't noticed, Google users in the United States will notice today that we "turned the lights out" on the Google.com homepage as a gesture to rais...
When Credit Counseling customers there are a variety of options that I normally offer my clients. The scenario I want to talk about is when a customer has little or no credit and needs to start building a 6+ month history of satisfactory trade lines.  The other scenario for credit counseling of h...
Many people are asking about this type of program since alot of lenders they talked to don't offer it or have no clue on the program.What is the program? The new FHA Secure loan program is a new refinance option that is being offered through the FHA to home owners that have fallen behind on their...
Project LifelineProject Lifeline Will Help Prime And Nonprime At-Risk ConsumersSecretary of Treasury Henry Paulson announced Project Lifeline on Feb. 12, an initiative created in partnership with Wells Fargo and our other HOPE members Countrywide, CitiMortgage, Chase Home Finance, Washington Mutu...
I just watched Dan in Real Life (GREAT movie btw) and in his columns he writes about putting his family first.I thought about this and I can definitely relate because I always believe in putting my family first before anything while balancing work.  I am a single father to a very beautiful 4 yr o...
I was asked a question today that kind of made me step back for a moment and realize that not everyone knows the whole situation regarding points and no points.I did a loan for a customer with Zero Origination Points, Zero Discount Points and of course no Broker and YSP fees ( I am a Direct Lende...
 Word on the Web, There's a new game that everyone seeem's to be playing right now on Zillow that is fun and addictive.The game is called Dueling Digs.  If you ever seen Hot Or Not's website this new game on Zillow is sort of the same concept.Dueling Digs presents you with a constant stream of Zi...
    My office has been getting a lot of success from using our preferredprogram.  Sellers, Buyers and Real Estate agents love it. We all seen seller concession limits and borrowers getting frustrated because of lack of down payment, this is why I love this program because this exceeds the normal ...
  [Photos Virginia Pilot] Several thousand participated in the Shamrock Marathon and half-marathon on Sunday in Virginia Beach. More than 100 runners participated Sunday to honor Mike McGreevy, a Navy SEAL killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. McGreevy was an avid runner. So his wife, Laura, o...
There's too much negativity in the news about the market and finance, I rarely turn on my TV anymore because of that.  My solution is to use RSS feeders to get the news and weed out the negativity and focus on what to bring to the table.The point is just because they say we are in a slump let's s...

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