marketing: Perception Is Key In Delivering Successful Results - 04/13/09 11:23 AM

Do you see a Old Woman or a Young Woman in this picture?
Many of you have seen this picture before and there is no right or wrong answer.  We see what we want to see or believe.  Both women are actually shown here and it's up to you whether you want it to be a Young Woman, Old Woman or both.
I think, Therefore I am........
I have done a couple presentations these past few weeks and when talking about Technology and Change, some recipients tend to speak like this
"I am too old for this … (8 comments)

marketing: The Media Needs A Back To The Future Reality Check - 10/26/08 09:43 AM

The Media Needs A Back To The Future Reality Check
Lets compare the Great Depression to the present
25% were unemployed in the United States 60 yrs ago Only 4-6% is the current unemployment rate Banks in serious trouble
1 in 3 Banks were in serious trouble in the great depression Only 1-2% of Banks are in serious trouble throughout the US Stock Value
Over 60yrs ago The Stock Value lost 90% of its value Just recently the The Stock Value lost only 40% of its value (But is almost back to normal now)  
Hellooooo Mcflyyy, Wake … (9 comments)

marketing: What is a #Hashtag? Is #Hashtags Dying? Twitter Search Wins? - 09/28/08 02:44 PM
What the heck is a #Hashtag?
Ever notice in Twitter World that people have been using "#" signs in front of "Keywords" or "Groups" or "Locations" ?
Well these so called # groups are called "Hashtags" what is a hash tag you may ask?
Hashtags are used to create real time track records of creating groups on twitter. Placing the # sign in front of keywords or targeted groups, makes it easier to track all conversations in the twitter timeline via search.
Hashtags were most notable during the San Diego forest fires in 2007 when Nate Ritter used the hashtag "#sandiegofire" … (43 comments)

marketing: Microsoft Helps Turn A Negative Into A Positive - 09/21/08 04:56 PM

For the past couple of years, Apple has been aggressively advertising Macintosh's Brand as young, hip and trendy with the famous Im a Mac vs Im a PC ads.
I don't know what happened with Microsoft over the years they just stood there taking a beating from Apple with the domination of the Ipod and Mac sales recently.
If anyting we thought Microsoft was done.....or are they?
Just recently Microsoft has been pushing back to the extreme with.....
* The mojave project ads (an experiment playing off that most people just have that vista sucks in their head … (58 comments)

marketing: Deceptive Spam Protection - 08/10/08 04:31 PM
Most people understand what SPAM is and have developed some ways to prevent SPAM.  Email filters, blockers and even getting new complete e-mail addys.
What most people don't know is the difference between Marketing Spam and Deceptive Spam.  Marketing Spam is the least threatful but still annoying.
Marketing Spam deals with advertisments or marketing information mass mailed to consumers.  The Best Protection against these threats is to simply just forward these e-mails to your Host or IP provider like AOL, MSN or Verizon.
Deceptive Spam can be very dangerous as the whole main goal is to get personal information from you … (3 comments)

marketing: Are You A Texter? - 08/09/08 03:34 AM
The Early Text
The communication devices over the years have been rapidly increasing and evolving.
Remember when pagers/beepers were really popular?  This was the form of communicating with someone without actually talking to someone.

As a teen when the Pager era blew up, I would remember the hype of Pager Code or Beeper Talk.
Since you can't actually page someone with letters, people around the world developed a code to speak to each other via paging with numbers.
For Example:  143 meant I love you, 43110 spelled out hello.
This era was an early sign of how Texting/Instant Messaging will … (34 comments)

marketing: Being Consistent - 07/23/08 01:17 PM

Consistency and practicing your core fundamentals is a strong trait to have.
Many times especially in this business professionals tend to become cumbersome in following through a complete transaction process and tend to find shortcuts or alternatives in doing their job.
I have had recently came across golden opportunities through the misfortunes of my competition in their costly mistakes.
One client was 90% done with the purchase process with another lender and during the closing conditions of the loan (homework that needs to be done before closing a loan)
The client was asked to provide bank statements showing … (6 comments)

marketing: Multi-Task Social Networks, Im's & E-mail Accounts With Digsby - 06/16/08 03:38 AM

With Social Networking on the Rise and plenty of new sites out there to get yourself more exposure and more in the mix with all the online Buzz, it seem that it's harder to keep up with all your Social Networks than joining one.
Combination Clients
I recently began my crusade by joining as many Social Networks and Social Media out there.  The problem is I rarely have time to jump from site to site to check update, to do updates and basically maintain the networks.
The main contenders are Instant Message Clients like Yahoo … (36 comments)

marketing: Google & Digg Hook-Up Might Give Real Estate An Extra Boost - 06/14/08 10:43 AM

Marissa Mayer known as Google's Princess is the VP of the Search Engine dept of Google.
Kevin Rose known as the Playboy of the Webhead World is the founder of
The Word on the Web: Few days ago this couple have been in talks behind closed doors, not Romantically, both are currently dating other people, but behind a secret deal.
The word on the street is that Google's Princess is trying to push for Digg's buyout priced at $200 Million
How will this marriage work?  Apparently Google is still trying to improve Google News lately and with the … (26 comments)

marketing: Returning Phone Calls Spells Success - 06/07/08 04:50 AM

I just had an interesting week of coming across misfortunes of clients who had explained to me that the effort in their Mortgage Broker / Loan Officer getting back in touch with them or even to touch base was unbelievable.
I know we are not at a time where business is too much to handle or that we portray ourselves as the part time experts where we only get back to clients at our convenience.
I do understand that its nearly impossible to be available to recieve every phone call and will inevitably reach your voice mail at some … (9 comments)

marketing: "Help Me, Help you!" get your loan approved! - 04/28/08 03:15 PM
The Beautiful Thing about FHA loans
FHA loans are truly unique because every Loan is different  There are guidelines that we follow in submitting the loans but the bottom line is that every loan submitted gets a chance to be looked at by the overall big picture.
The Big Picture
Myths are out there that the Underwriters are out to find ways in turning down every loan out there thats not picture perfect.  This is far from the truth, the underwriters are just trying to grasp the big picture on every loan and determines the customer ability to repay the loan.
For the loans that … (11 comments)

marketing: Generation Next won't be spoiled like Generation Now - 04/27/08 02:24 PM
Back when times were normal
Rewind about two decades ago and we were accustomed to double digit interest rates on mortgages. Now a days people will cry FOUL if they were ever quoted a double digit rate on a mortgage.  Back then though it was completely normal.
There was no such thing for 100% financing (For the average home buyer) People were accustomed to SAVING up 20% to put down on the house.
Again, now a days you tell a future home buyer you ask the home buyer to put 20% down, they will laugh and will find another lender.
It was the … (19 comments)

marketing: When One Door Closes, Another Opens..... - 04/07/08 04:02 PM
Alexander Graham bell said it best " “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
There is so much truth to that quote we should not be dwelling on the negative and the things we can't control in our lives, we should focus on the opportunity and new pathways in life.
The Door Closed in the Real Estate Market 
Many doors closed are present now in the Real Estate Market.
We are in a RecessionThe Market is TerribleToo Many ForeclosuresNegative PressEtc Etc … (22 comments)

marketing: What is a Trigger list and how to stop it!!! - 03/09/08 10:48 AM

Ok So I am probably going to get a lot of flames for writing about this blog especially from the Mortgage Brokers and other Loan Officers who rely heavily on trigger lists :)
This is just awareness information for a lot of the consumers who were unaware that your personal and financial information is not quite that private as you think. I know I am a Loan Officer and are probably wondering why am I sharing this information besides being a good awareness promoter, its because I actually don't call the trigger lists and I don't like myself or my clients being … (4 comments)


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