social media: I will be speaking at Social Media @ The Beach January 23 2010 in Virginia Beach - 01/02/10 05:59 AM

Hello Everyone!
I am honored and pleased to announce that I will be speaking at Social Media @ The Beach event in Virginia Beach on January 23rd 2010.
I will be in the presence of some really great people like Tina Merritt (NAR Technology Winner), Jeff Turner (Real Estate Shows) and Dakno Marketing.
I hope I can see everyone there! :)
Target:Anyone looking to learn about Social Media. Whether you are completely new to Social Media or you have advanced experience, you'll find value in the large variety of topics to be discussed. Event Date:Saturday, January 23, 2010 Event Location:Peabody's211 … (3 comments)

social media: A Good Cause in Social Media - Please Help Us Help Daniela's Family - Organized by David Armano - 01/06/09 04:02 PM
Please Help Us Help Daniela's Family
Twitter has been many things...A micro blog, A quick instant messenger, a networking tool, a business tool and also a good communication tool to spread awareness.  This is what has happened in the web 2.0 community on the spread of the Daniela family.


A fellow blogger and tweeter David Armano had this to say below...via blog
""I've been at this blog for nearly 3 years now and have never asked for something like this—I hope I've earned enough trust to be able to ask something back from you. Above is … (0 comments)

social media: What is a #Hashtag? Is #Hashtags Dying? Twitter Search Wins? - 09/28/08 02:44 PM
What the heck is a #Hashtag?
Ever notice in Twitter World that people have been using "#" signs in front of "Keywords" or "Groups" or "Locations" ?
Well these so called # groups are called "Hashtags" what is a hash tag you may ask?
Hashtags are used to create real time track records of creating groups on twitter. Placing the # sign in front of keywords or targeted groups, makes it easier to track all conversations in the twitter timeline via search.
Hashtags were most notable during the San Diego forest fires in 2007 when Nate Ritter used the hashtag "#sandiegofire" … (43 comments)

social media: Facebook for your business is on the move - 09/10/08 05:00 PM

Social Networking has played a major role in Business Networking in 2008.  Network Giants Myspace, Facebook and LinkedIN have all been contending for the #1 Spot.
June 2008 Comscore reported that Facebook has officially dethroned Myspace with 132 million unique visitors compared to Myspace 117 million.  Facebook had tripled its visitor count from last year with only 52 million visitors.
Facebook has been on the prowl for the #1 spot for the longest time slowly gaining momentum over the years and attacking the competition at their strong points.
Previously I didn't focus too much in Facebook because at the … (20 comments)

social media: Wedding Proposal 2.0 - 08/25/08 04:32 PM

No don't Adjust your computer screen, that is Google's Map Street View and that is a guy holding up a sign proposing to his lover Leslie.
This was hyped up via Digg 2 days ago and tweeted all over Twitter.  Because well its a pretty cool idea.
Digg link found here
Google Map Link found here
The new online age of 2.0 is coming at us fast.
Just 2 months ago I witnessed a Twitter Proposal [Article here]
This goes to show how fast and powerful web 2.0 and an agressive online age is here.
1.)  Tweet / Blog … (8 comments)

social media: Multi-Task Social Networks, Im's & E-mail Accounts With Digsby - 06/16/08 03:38 AM

With Social Networking on the Rise and plenty of new sites out there to get yourself more exposure and more in the mix with all the online Buzz, it seem that it's harder to keep up with all your Social Networks than joining one.
Combination Clients
I recently began my crusade by joining as many Social Networks and Social Media out there.  The problem is I rarely have time to jump from site to site to check update, to do updates and basically maintain the networks.
The main contenders are Instant Message Clients like Yahoo … (36 comments)

social media: Google & Digg Hook-Up Might Give Real Estate An Extra Boost - 06/14/08 10:43 AM

Marissa Mayer known as Google's Princess is the VP of the Search Engine dept of Google.
Kevin Rose known as the Playboy of the Webhead World is the founder of
The Word on the Web: Few days ago this couple have been in talks behind closed doors, not Romantically, both are currently dating other people, but behind a secret deal.
The word on the street is that Google's Princess is trying to push for Digg's buyout priced at $200 Million
How will this marriage work?  Apparently Google is still trying to improve Google News lately and with the … (26 comments)


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