virginia beach: I will be speaking at Social Media @ The Beach January 23 2010 in Virginia Beach - 01/02/10 05:59 AM

Hello Everyone!
I am honored and pleased to announce that I will be speaking at Social Media @ The Beach event in Virginia Beach on January 23rd 2010.
I will be in the presence of some really great people like Tina Merritt (NAR Technology Winner), Jeff Turner (Real Estate Shows) and Dakno Marketing.
I hope I can see everyone there! :)
Target:Anyone looking to learn about Social Media. Whether you are completely new to Social Media or you have advanced experience, you'll find value in the large variety of topics to be discussed. Event Date:Saturday, January 23, 2010 Event Location:Peabody's211 … (3 comments)

virginia beach: My 2cents on REBarcamp Virginia Beach 2009 - 07/19/09 08:57 AM

My 2cents on REBarcamp
Well I recently had the honor to actually attend a REBarcamp event here locally in Virginia Beach. Thank you so much to Tina Meritt and the rest of the volunteers that has helped make this happen.
I have to admit I was a bit jealous witnessing all the Tweets, Blogs and buzz around the other REBarcamps across the country and I never would of thought of a major event like this will show up in little ole podunk Virginia Beach :-)
We really had some great support for Sponsorships, Volunteers and attendees to make … (7 comments)

virginia beach: FHA Down Payment Assistance Program Alternatives - 10/23/08 01:10 PM

The Bad News…DAPS Going Away The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 eliminates seller-funded down payment assistance programs (DAPs) as an acceptable source of funds for FHA loans for all lenders. Officially, the Act eliminates seller-funded DAPs on FHA loans with final credit approval issued to the borrower on or after Oct. 1 2008
But There is Good News… FHA Alternatives
FHA Cash to Close Savings Plan FHA Sweat Equity FHA Bridal Registry Account 1st Time Home Buyer Tax Credit City Free Grants / Municipal Programs State Programs / V.H.D.A USDA Rural True 100% Loans FHA Cash to … (30 comments)

virginia beach: National Flood Insurance Plan Extends 6 months by Congress - 09/30/08 03:42 PM

The National Flood Insurance Program was developed by congress address both the need for flood insurance and the need to lessen the devastating consequences of flooding.
The program was set to expire today September 30th 2008 but was passed earlier this week for another 6 months by the House of Representatives and must still be signed by President George W. Bush.
This is a temporary measure due to the simple fact of not coming to a permanent agreement in whether we need to add wind coverages to flood insurance and finding a solution to the programs debt.
The National Flood Program … (4 comments)

virginia beach: Saying Goodbye to Summer and Going Old School 80's in Virginia Beach - 08/28/08 03:24 PM
This Labor Day Weekend at the Ocean Front on 5th Street in Virginia Beach will bring back a blast from the past.
Here is the line up
Friday August 29th 6:30 PM:  Morris Day & The Time (with En Vogue and Bell Biv Devoe)
Saturday August 30th 7 PM: Billy Idol (with The Blackjacks)

Sunday August 31st 6:30 PM: B-52s (with The Motels featuring Martha Davis)
You can buy an all ticket pass for $30 Dollars or buy individual tickets between $15-25 each.
Personally I am attending the Show on Saturday to go see Billy Idol, I am an … (8 comments)

virginia beach: Its not FHA - Its VHDA: The FHA Alternative in Virginia. - 08/14/08 03:50 PM

What is VHDA?
VHDA stands for Virginia Housing Development Authority.  Its Virginia's Mortgage Finance Agency. Most every state has their own Finance Agency.
VHDA was created in 1972 by the General Assembly of Virginia to help overcome barriers to affordable housing.
VHDA is not for everyone.  The eligibility requirements does have a few restrictions not limited to the following:
Household income of 65k and below for Virginia Beach County (Does vary for each county contact your mortgage expert) Underserved Minorities Disabilty and Ederly  
The main difference is VHDA is more local driven … (7 comments)

virginia beach: The Waiting Game Simplified - 08/12/08 04:02 PM

We all hear the lines "Now is the time to buy" "Lock in rates now" "Hurry up, Take Advantage now"
These liners all have the same point in which to bring in a sense of urgency but we do we know the whole picture why its a bad idea to wait?
I am going to break it down very simplified and to the point to show you what your options really are.
Waiting for the rates to drop:
Sure rates can drop but rates can also rise.  Its best to lock in your rate now to secure your payment. … (13 comments)

virginia beach: FHA Quick Savings Tip Regarding Increased MIP Change - 07/31/08 04:19 PM

Risk Based Mortgage Insurance Premiums
July 14 2008 FHA implemented a new system for the Mortgage Insurance Premiums.
FHA Premiums has been normally 1.5% and have now increased up to 2.25% based on credit worthiness.
Money Saving Tip
There is a way to avoid paying the max tier of 2.25%.
Participating in a Pre-Purchase Counseling by a HUD approved counseling agency can cap your max tier at 2.0% for First Time Home Buyers.
You can find a list of approved counselors on HUD's main website Hud Approved Counseling
Key-Points to Counseling
Counseling must be completed before … (2 comments)

virginia beach: Positive Spin on Down Payment Assistance Programs Gloom - 07/29/08 12:56 PM

Hud has been playing the Grim Reaper on the Down Payment Assistance Programs lately.
As most are aware the Down Payment Assistance Programs has helped many homeowners in the past acquiring down payment assistance for government loans that required a minimum of 3% down.
Recently HUD has made it clear that the Ban will take place on October 1st 2008 eliminating DAP's.
Another change taking place is the increase from the minimum 3% down payment required to ---> 3.5% now. The increase also will start on October 1st 2008.
The Ticking Time Bomb
Now nothing is … (16 comments)

virginia beach: Tax Incentive For First Time Home Buyers - 07/28/08 03:17 PM

Great News  - Great News - Great News
A new incentive passed by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 allows First Time Home Buyers to receive a $7,500 Tax Credit from the purchase of their new home.
From June 1st 2008 - June 1st 2009 will be in effect. ( Can be retroactive back to April 2008 ) Income restrictions is $75k income for Singles and $150k income for married couples. This is a Tax Credit and not a Tax deduction which means mostly will add to your refund money instead of just another write off.  For … (6 comments)

virginia beach: 5 Tips in Virginia Beach To Save Money And Enjoy Summer - 07/14/08 11:19 AM

Lets face it, we all can save a little bit more money nowadays with the increase in economy rises but that doesn't mean it will buzzkill our summer.
Here locally in Virginia Beach is just 5 simple tips to save some money and still have fun.
1.) Local Gym - If all the fancy Gyms and work out centers are too much try looking into your local Recreation Center.
There is a local City built Recreation center in almost every neighborhood and county.  I currently use the Princess Anne Rec Center and I only paid $35 for the … (7 comments)

virginia beach: FHA 203k Streamline vs 203k Full Renovation - 06/13/08 03:57 PM
Renovation Lending
The main concept behind these loans a.k.a Rehab, Renovation, 203k and Home Improvement loans is quite simple, clients who wants to finance the costs of home improvements through the mortgage for a purchase or refinance.
Financing the costs of the home improvements through the mortgage can be cheaper than high interest credit cards, emergency savings and high interest unsecured loans.

Don't worry about the appraised value if the house is in bad shape, the loan is based on the after improved value of your improvements.
Typically these loans can close in 30-45 days, with contract work started … (15 comments)

virginia beach: Ability Camp Fundraiser For Cerebral Palsy June 23rd to August 22nd - 06/13/08 02:26 AM

A client of mine Scott Doverspike, who I known ever since I got in the Mortgage Business 5 years ago, reached out to me asking for assistance in raising funds for his son Tyler.
Tyler was born prematurely with lungs not fully developed. This has caused lack of oxygen reaching the brain damaging his motor skills and speech.
This condition is known as Cerebral Palsy and currently there is no known cure. It is a non-progressive disorder, meaning the brain damage does not worsen, but secondary orthopedic difficulties are common.

CP is the second-most expensive developmental disability to manage … (3 comments)

virginia beach: A Time to Emerge From Our Past and Move Forward With Change - 06/09/08 03:22 PM

Today was my beautiful's Daughter Graduation for the 4yr Old Class at The Wave Children's Learning Center. Thinking back how much she grown and how fast they grow up has really made me a proud Father.  It's moment like these you cherich and reflect how much your child's life impacts you.
Graduation is a time to celebrate the forthcoming of one phase of life to another. So true in life whether we are just starting out as Real Estate Professionals or graduating from a renter to homeowner, the graduation process or progression of life changes is to move forward.

virginia beach: Hello Fresh Start! Goodbye Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - 05/27/08 12:53 PM

Fresh New Start After A Bankruptcy
Just because you filed for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, doesn't mean that all hope is lost.
Yes! You can obtain a Chapter 13 Refinance utilizing a Bankruptcy Buyout putting all your worries behind you.
Nobody is perfect and many homeowners file for a Chapter 13 for a variety of reasons but the bottom line is everyone deserves a second chance and a chance to get a fresh new start.
There are still many programs out there even on Government loans that can help you obtain peace of mind.
The ABC's of the … (5 comments)

virginia beach: Market Report in Virginia Beach Regarding Mortgage Options - 05/26/08 05:02 PM

Quick Market SnapShot in the 757
As you can see in the Demographic Stats above for the Virginia Beach Area, the numbers has it's Pros and Cons.
We are not in a Declining Market compared to the rest of the Nation and even our brothers and sisters up North in Virginia.  Having a 0.9 Ratio in foreclosures is pretty tame. We are not in a Upside Market compared to the rest of the Nation.  The Median LTV is 85% which is excellent in having that emergency equity. Cons
50% Late Payments in the last 12 months.  Seems like … (3 comments)

virginia beach: Refinance Cashout on your Rental? Use this Free Tool to Decide ( - 05/12/08 01:39 PM
Need to tap into your Rental property?
Investment Properties are hotter than ever with all the current Short Sales anf Foreclosures going in the market. 
So now that you captured a rental property and are utilizing a stable rental income for quite some time now, it has come to attention than an unxepected financial need arises and have to decide if tapping into your investment property is worthwhile.
Analyzing your Rental income, Mortgage and Rental Lease
There's 3 main factors come into play with your Rental are as follows
Rental Mortgage: - Does your investment property have a mortgage tied to … (3 comments)

virginia beach: Balance and Zen in Homeownership - 05/04/08 05:14 PM
Zen in Homeownership 
Becoming a homeowner is the the biggest American Dream there is. Homeownership has great benefits. Homeownership also comes with certain responsibilities.We are in a time that people became too hasty and rushed in the home buyers market without thinking ahead of the percussions.
Yes it was great that there were more new homeowners in the past couple years than ever before but now that the dust has settled the numbers doubled to people losing their homes ever than before.Just because rates are hot, the loan programs made it so that anybody with a decent Fico can qualify or even … (11 comments)

virginia beach: Buyers Don't Fold your Cards, Use Your Ace Up Your Sleeve - 05/02/08 05:12 PM
The Pre-Flop
I work with a couple Real Estate Investors in the Virginia Beach Area and they mainly invest in Short Sales and Foreclosures to sell back to potential buyers.
I had a client pre-qualified up for a $200,000 FHA Mortgage and the client was interested in buying a short sale, I called up my Investor to ask for a few listings in that price range and showed my client the listings.
The Flop
My client was excited to see a house he wanted and worked with his Realtor to put in an offer.  He offered my investor $180,000 for the listed price at $185,000. … (10 comments)

virginia beach: 2600 Heston Road, Virginia Beach, Va 23451 (Gorgeous Waterfront Property) - 04/17/08 12:36 PM

More details available at … (7 comments)


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