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Did you know that you are an expert at measuring?  No really, you are!  I guarantee it.  Now before you dismiss me as a snake oil seller, here me out.When you walk up steps, have you unexpectedly tripped on a step?  Or have you been to an old stadium, and there's that ONE step that almost everyon...
We are seeking a full time Lead Carpenter/Working Crew Leader for immediate employment.  The Crew Leader will work under the supervision of Field Supervisor, and will likely have a helper assigned to them to supervise & lead hands-on in the work. The position has potential for long term stability...
Happy Independence Day, everyone!  It's technically not celebrated as the 4th of July, but again that's a technicality.  So those of you that know that, don't be a jerk about it, Ok? :) As for the rest of you, grill out, spend time with family and friends, be THANKFUL to God and country, and cele...
Yesterday it was Angry Cookie looking at you. Today, it's Smiley Sledgehammer!  He's really, REALLY happy to see you.  Can you tell? Do you have any funny faces that you have seen around?  If so, you KNOW I'd love for you to share them.  So please do!! Remember, faces are everywhere!
In continuing my "I see faces everywhere" series, I bring you "Angry Cookie". This fellow was not pleasant to behold, but he did taste delicious.  And he sort of reminded me of a fellow with a ski mask, perhaps a professional wrestler. CHOMP!  
It's a new year, so how about a new face?  Well, I guess it's actually quite an old face on this one. No, it's not your grandma.  But it is a grandfather. Take a look, and you might even catch the old grandfather with his closed, snoozing the day away.  Or maybe he's watching you with his sly eye...
From the Town of Wake Forest: Over 60 Stolen Storm Drain Grates Creating Safety Hazards in Several Wake Forest Neighborhoods    Wake Forest Police now say they are investigating over 60 storm drain grate thefts from several Wake Forest subdivisions, including St. Andrews Plantation, Stonegate, Ca...
Oh boy, it's still happening.  I can't give it up.  I can't stop myself.  Yes, I'm still seeing faces in inanimate objects. Let's see if you can see it with me, or if my mind is just a LITTLE overactive.  Well, ignore that last point, it's alread proven.But I looked up in a house recently, and th...
I'm sure you've missed seeing faces with me.  I know I have.  But I've been really busy, and had to keep my entertainment internal for a bit. But don't fear anymore!  It's back for your entertainment value and fascination. Below you'll see what I think of as an angry face or perhaps some ancient ...
Sometimes when visiting a home, I have that moment of surprise when damage is a direct result of how the home was built (and possibly designed).  This was such a home.   These nice folks are getting ready to possibly list their home for sale.  And they have this mysterious staining and mildew/mol...

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