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I had a customer call me today, and not actually for our services.  But to get a referral.  I love it! Everytime the phone rings with someone calling us to ask for a referral it means two things to me: They remember us!  We must have done good work and we're in their mind. They trust us!  This is...
I'm back from a week's vacation to Emerald Isle with my family.  It was a blast, and the kids loved playing in the surf.  Digging up mole crabs (sand fleas to some of you folks) and coquina clams was a blast as well! And now I'm back, and it's full throttle as if we never took a day off. Wow!  I'...
As a home improvement contractor, I bid lots of work.  Some we get, some we don't.  It's to be expected. But it always bothers me when sellers or selling agents are only concerned about the price of the repairs, and not concerned about the quality of the work in addition to price.  If the sellers...

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