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Within the last year, I read a great book for entrepreneurs:  The E Myth Revisited Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It (Gerber).  I highly recommend it for any small business owner, especially if you are in your first 3 years of business.  It helped me change a lot about ...
OK, I admit it.  I'm writing this from inside.  I do have a laptop, but I hate taking a computer outside.  So I'll follow my own advice and go outside soon... But we have a 2 day reprieve from the 90s here in Wake Forest, NC, and I hope folks are enjoying it!  It feels like Fall, and I took the f...
I've been working on my own listing my business everywhere I can for the last several years.  I got a website done, and have been linking back to it from all these listings. I recently made a few discoveries, thanks to a friend, on where Google looks for your listing.  I was missing a lot of the ...

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