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It started snowing here yesterday evening, on Christmas.  We'd been awaiting it all day and wondering if it would make it.  It did, and before we went to bed we had a white Christmas.  The first one I've been a part of here in Wake Forest, and the first in this area since 1947!!  Here's what it l...
Ok, I like painters, at least some of them.  They make your house better looking and protect all that wood and cardboard, I mean hardboard siding.  (Yes, I have it on my house, too.)  They caulk things and make the gaps go away and keep water out of the house.  And that's a VERY GOOD THING. But h...
This is very difficult, so be careful if you try this at home. Especially notice the position of the hands. Be careful!
Little leaks are really big problems! A recent client (just outside of the Wake Forest/Raleigh, NC area) contacted us after they had an inspection done that found some water damage under the hall toilet.  It was pretty bad! We pulled back the vinyl...   ...and there was some damage!  Both to the ...

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