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CHIMNEY CORNER BOARD REPAIR IN WAKE FOREST, NC   We recently performed some closing punchlist work for a new customer through a referral from a real estate agent in Wake Forest, NC.  We did a good job, and the customer asked us to come back to repair all of his rotted trim. This house was foreclo...
...Pollen Season!  The time of year here in NC, where everything turns yellow until it rains!   What do you see when you look at this picture?  A beautiful blue sky?  Me too, and that's why I took the photo.  But I also see some of the most annoying trees God ever made:  pine trees!  As if pine c...
They're all around!  Signs of Spring that is.  Birds are chirping & frogs are singing.  I even heard the Spring Peepers out in the wet woods behind my back yard just late last week.  Heck, Spring is even in their name!     And of course flowers are blooming, like these little wild violets in one ...
If you think all fasteners are the same, you're wrong.  Just ask Jay Markanich.   For instance, staples work great for things like carpet pad.  But not for fascia!  If you see a board with these sticking out of it, your house ain't built right!   Staples just aren't made to hold up pieces of wood...
    I took this picture last year at a crossroads not far from my home.  This is Duke's Lake, east of Rolesville, NC.   In the middle of my busy day, I just had to stop and admire the beauty of the lake.  The water was like glass, offered a perfect reflection right up to the dam, and I hope it g...

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