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Many of you may have heard rumors that I'm sort of a naturalist type. Yes, it's true. I love nature. Guilty as charged. Cuff me and take me away... As such, my backyard is set up in a manner that is most conducive to watching nature.   And as such, God has given me a great backyard to see nature....
I don't know about you, but every once in a while I see or hear about something that really blows my mind.  Something I can't quite wrap my mind around.  Something, in this case literally, too big to understand or envision. Usually this happens to my mind when dealing with astronomy.  At least DE...
This just makes me want to cry.  I met him last year, and he has always been one of my basketball heroes.He was so humble and gentle when I met him, and I think that's how he lived his life. Goodbye Lorenzo, we will miss you.  Our prayers are with your family. Lorenzo Charles killed in bus wreck    
Obviously in our economy everyone sees gas prices going up.  But is that all the price of oil affects?  Of course not! Almost our whole world seems to be made of plastic, and thus ultimately oil.  Many of today's building materials are made from oil products, specifically PVC products that are co...
Apparently a new world record for a blue catfish was caught this past Saturday at Kerr Lake/Buggs Island Lake in Virgnia this past Saturday.  The fish was 143 pounds, and the News & Observer has a nice article about the catch. The current world record is 130 pounds, and was caught last year.  Vir...
If you're in the Triangle area and are wondering where all that smoke/haze is from, it's not your neighbor's burn pile.  Or a local dump.  Or anything local! In fact, it's quite a ways away!  According to some local sources, there are at least 3 different fires that may be contributing to the loc...
Jones Dairy Road to Re-open late June/early July   Our local Wake Forest residents, especially those living on Jones Dairy Road, will be happy to hear the news.  Your long wait is almost over! According to the Town of Wake Forest, Jones Dairy Road is expected to open in the next month.  That coul...
How Should I Nail Lap Siding (HardiePlank siding)? This is a common question that I hear a LOT.  A LOT.  And it's still debated among siding professional to some degree.  Mostly that debate centers around maintenance, and the expectations of what the homeowner will and won't do.     JamesHardie r...

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