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So before I left for vacation for all of last week (yes, that's why I was so quiet!), I had a chance to watch a train in downtown Wake Forest right after my local BNI meeting.  So I stopped and took the chance, as so often I don't have the chance. So below is a video of the train, nothing complex...
So my mind makes up funnies to entertain itself.  This skill has been sharply honed as a single child over many years, so I urge you to use caution when trying to entertain yourself.  You may want to leave it to the professionals.  But I digress...   As part of that, I see faces in inanimate obje...
Well, the CSX Railroad is still at it, working on the crossings in Wake Forest. And according to the email  today from the Town of Wake Forest: "A CSX Railroad official says the Brick Street, Elm Avenue, and Holding Avenue railroad crossings will likely be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traff...
Most of us have a clothes dryer.  If you do, read this article below from Jay Markanich's blog about your dryer vent run, and how it should be installed.  If it is longer than what is recommended, either in length or in bends (or a combination of both!), then change it so you are safe! In the com...
This is a very important subject, as it may save your life if you make this small change! Steve Stenros blogged about two types of smoke alarms, and which one is no longer recommended after decades of research and statistics. Please read the below, and check to make sure you have the right kind! ...
I subscribe to the APOD, or the Astronomy Pictue of The Day.  If you're a fan of stars and all things astronomy, or just like pretty pictures of amazing things, then I'd recommend you check out that page daily!   A day back, I saw a type of picture I've never seen before.  It's a normal star pict...
Drivers in Wake Forest be alert!  The railroad crossing on Ligon Mill Road will be closed today through Saturday 8/6/11.  Here's a screenshot of the email the Town of Wake Forest sent out about the closing.                                                         CSX is working on all the crossing...
  Here's a lovely picture of some garage trim on a house in a really nice neighborhood in Wake Forest.  The house is only 10 years old, and since the house is probably worth about $500,000 or so, it's got to be good, right?  I mean, they construct houses that are that expensive differently than ...
Garbage disposals are great things to homeowners.  Nestled right under your sink, with a convenient connection right from the sink to the drain line, vegetative matter can be ground up and sent into the sewer system and right out of the house.  No smelly garbage, no hassle for the homeowner.   No...

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